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  1. @Leo Gura Would you consider doing a video on your expeirences with THC? I am quite supprised you are pro THC. I used to take eddibles years ago, recreationally before I was into spirituality, and all it done was made me feel stupid and paranoid. Yes I was probably stupid back then so it didn't work on me properly, but think I am alot more mature now spiritually speaking.
  2. @Asayake I've taken 2 weeks off taking all supplements and feel a lot better. I am sleeping properly atm. I am going to slowly introduce them back in one at a time. But I am not sure why they have been giving me grief lately, I used to be able to take them in abundance a year ago with no issues. I am wondering if it is a gut related issue, I think I may have SIBO.
  3. Was she not Preety_India and/ or Tyler_Robinson ?
  4. @Leo Gura Do you not test your chemicals? I am assuming you don't make them you're self. To me it seems crazy to get hold of them and just consume them because they 'look alright' or is from a trusted vendor. Whenever I get hold of psychedelics I have to test them, even if it's from a trusted source. Even if clear, I still get paranoid, and almost always my paranoia makes my trips hell as I am scared there's a chance I have poisoned myself.
  5. Could be placebo, not sure though. I want to continue doing Chelation, but worried my body might be rejecting and not absorbing the vitamins. Is that possible?
  6. Just finished watching the understanding the conservative mind and understanding the liberal mind videos. I thought I was liberal, but wow, made me realize I am very conservative minded, a lot more than I realized. Great episodes. Anyone else?
  7. Yes, will reintroduce them one by one. It's not an energising feeling like caffeine, they make me feel restless and agitated . It's just strange that the symptoms show up a day later. Could it be a gut problem? If it is just a sensitivity issue, can I cause any harm to myself? I want to be able to do the Andy Cutler Chelation. Also, I use sodium ascorbate for vitamin C.
  8. Interesting. Could it be some kind of immune response?
  9. For some reason whenever I take ANY supplement or vitamin, my body doesn't like it, and makes me feel irritable, restless with insomnia for several days. I only have to take a small amount of the following, Vitamin C, D, E, Zinc, Magnesium, creatine, Maca root, almost everything I have tried. I have tried different brands and variations etc. What is going on? This is becoming very fustrating, as I want to do ACC. I used to be able to take all of these with no problem what so ever, they used to make me feel better. But now I get problems. It's also strange, because sometimes the symptom show up 24 hours after consuming them.
  10. Ok, so from an illusory perspective, Nahm is possibly awake. But from God's perspective, Nahm's 'awakeness' is just purely an illusion? I can either be in a state of consciousness where Nahm appears to be real, or from God realised where Nahm is an illusion, not both at the same time. Is that what you mean by I cannot have both? It probably looks like I am trying to use logic to understand all this, when really I need to go beyond logic and have a shift in consciousness. ?
  11. I still don't understand. There can only be ONE awakening, the one sat HERE right NOW. There are no other awakenings, including Nahm's, including Leo's, including any other Guru or person that has claimed so. These so called awakenings are just stories this field of consciousness... the ONE right here, is making up to continue tricking itself to believing 'other's' aren't me/ seperate from me (duality)? So no, I don't believe Nahm is awake... as Nahm is me, and I am not awake/ God realised in this state of consciousness. Or am I missing something here?
  12. @Leo Gura If you morph into some alien on a YouTube video, that is still me doing that though? I am you, so it's still MY imagination, right? Or is this alien God stuff more complicated? This stuff is sounding scary. I imagine some evil aliens in a different dimension, controlling everything that happens in this universe lol.
  13. Probably my favorite video. It gave me a sense of liberation.
  14. @Gabith I need help with this also. I experience not just anger, but full blown rage. It hurts when I start feeling this anger arise. I say and act awful things to people close to me. It's almost like I cannot stop it, like I am being controlled by something.
  15. It would seem this lack of understanding and feeling fustrated is EXACTLY what this field of consciousness wants to experience? You are me, but I have some how stopped my ability to recongnize me as you, so you seem like something other than me?