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  1. @Viking Yep. There's a possibility that there is a table. There is an infinite number of possibilities. And they are all valid. And yes, you can't prove there is no table. How can you prove the non-existence of something? To prove that something doesn't exist implies the existence of that thing in the first place.
  2. @Moreira Enlightened ones realise that what people call "desires" are false desires. Your true desires are all you currently are and have. If you have cancer - it's your wish right now to have cancer, if you are fat and ugly - it's your wish to be so, if you wish a lot of money and success - it's your wish to wish a lot of money and success. Then he put his hand on their eyes, saying, As your faith is, let it be done to you. Matthew 9:29
  3. I've been reading some Osho recently and he says: "Not a single buddha has remained in the forest. If he stays in the forest then buddhahood has not yet happened - because the moment bliss happens, simultaneously the longing to share it happens." Comparing this idea with the saying "Happiness only real when shared", it makes sense to me. I hope it does to you too!
  4. @Leo Gura Leo, thank you very much for everything you've done ! I wish you a lot of well-being and love in your life! For the last two or three weeks a thought couldn't escape my mind. I've stumbled across a teacher with a very broad perspective on life. I remember how you like it when "everything comes together", "the big picture thing", "the pieces come together", "lots of perspectives" and I'm getting the same feeling when I read his work. So, for the last weeks I've been thinking "I've got to write Leo about this, he's got to know". I think mentioning this guy is the best thank you I could ever give you. His name is Валерий Синельников (Valeri Sinelnikov) and the book I would suggest you to read is named "Возлюби болезнь свою" (Love your disease) [it's an introduction to his work]. I hope you remember how to read in russian, as I strongly suggest to read the original, not the translation. I'm sure you're going to enjoy the shit out of it and will crave, like a little bitch, for more. I love you, Leo!
  5. @Soulbass Beautiful example, thank you! The power of our consciousness is purely amazing. It really feels like we were gods once, but something happened and we forgot our true nature, foolishly dove in the "ego swamp". Or is it the other way around? Are we just children who're learning their path of becoming a god? Or is it happening in the both ways simultaneously? (#mindfuck)
  6. @faith First of all, remind yourself that it's totally normal. Because - hey, it's happening! All the fears come from the victim position. Remember that you are the Master of your life. And now, when you have doubts/fears - you've just forgot it. It's perfectly alright! Just remind yourself that you've created the situation you're in. And try to ask yourself: How have I created this situation? Why do I need this situation? What does this situation try to teach me? All the answers are there, trust me. After you've found your answers, thank your mind. It's just trying to help you. If you haven't found your answers, thank it anyways - it's alright, just try again, you will succeed. Nothing is hidden from you. You've just forgot how to take ownership of your life. Peace!
  7. It doesn't matter. There's really no need to create expectations of "what it has to be like?". It has to be exactly the way it is. But certain doubts have you, padawan. Advice seek you. (sorry couldn't help ) I think that your questions arise from a place of not being sure of something related to meditation. Try to ask yourself the following questions: a) Why do I need to know how is the experience of the meditative state? b) Where are my doubts coming from? c) Why do I need those doubts? What are they trying to tell me ? d) How have I created this question? All the answers are inside you. You're far more intelligent than you think! Peace!
  8. There's no person there anymore after enlightenment. And... SPOILER!... there never was. (if you know what I mean ) Thoughts like "Is he still enlightened after a motor bike accident?" and "Can brain damage make a person unenlightened?" come from a place of not understanding of what the concept of enlightenment points to. There's no "he" and "person". Those are labels you create/were taught. It's time to realize there's something more than labels to life.
  9. @Empty It's not a bad thing that you're moralizing. It's just that your unconscious mind thinks that moralizing is the best behaviour for you for now. It just doesn't know better. Can you see that there's no point fighting yourself here? Begin to have discussions with your unconscious mind. Start asking yourself these three questions: 1. YOUR NAME/GOD/LIFE/UNIVERSE, how have I created my moralizing? 2. YOUR NAME/GOD/LIFE/UNIVERSE, why do I need my moralizing? 3. YOUR NAME/GOD/LIFE/UNIVERSE, what can I do instead of moralizing? You see, by just TRYING HARD TO STOP moralizing, you're not giving yourself an alternative behaviour. You create an unnecessary conflict with yourself. What is really happening is just a misunderstanding between you and your unconscious mind. It's not your enemy, it's your biggest friend. Bring unity. In fact, there's no such thing as "you" and "your unconscious mind". It's all one thing. We fragment "you" with a purpose of bringing understanding. Which is nothing wrong with, until you are unconscious of it.
  10. Only if you think so. The idea is - you created, either consciously or unconsciously, suffering for yourself. There's no intrinsic suffering in Life. Life is a dance. Life is a song. Human beings were given this beautiful gift by the Universe - the mind. But, as Sadhguru so on point says it, have we read the user's manual? Peace!
  11. You reminded me of something I've read from Osho. He claimed that most of the people who become enlightened before they're 35 leave their body. He justifies that as follows: before the age of 35 your bike goes uphill, after the age of 35 - downhill. If you stop pedalling before you're 35, you're bike is not going to go by itself much longer. If you stop pedalling after you're 35, your bike, by inertion, will continue pedalling a lot of time ahead. He says that, in most of the cases, the body of a human being who is younger than 35 cannot handle the magnitude of such an event as enlightenment. P.S. I guess Leo has to postpone his enlightenment for at least 3 years, if he doesn't want to die. Oh, wait...
  12. @Leo Gura That's exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you. "I haven't given enough" This resonates with me really deep. Let's start my "giving" adventure!
  13. @LaucherJunge I don't know.. I think it's because life doesn't generally make me happy. I'd say I'm in some form of a mild depression. I think practicing gratitude and love would help in my situation. Maybe those powerful emotions are telling me that it's possible to feel this beauty in my everyday life. Maybe they show me my potential.