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  1. @CreamCatI did do a summary https://medium.com/@tomlittler/the-9-stages-of-ego-development-and-how-you-can-advance-through-them-18f1ecf919e5
  2. I am personally drawn because my ego loves knowledge, and to think it is at a 'higher level' than everyone else. Actualized provides a way for me to feel this way, as it's self help but at a much 'higher' level than that which my peers consume. Hopefully, this will change in the future, and I will start to embody the deeper teaching of non-duality, determinism etc. but at the moment, unfortunately, this is what appeals to me!
  3. Hi All, The link to the cook-greuter paper is down http://www.cook-greuter.com/Cook-Greuter 9 levels paper new 1.1'14 97p[1].pdf I wonder if anyone had the foresight to download it or save it, if so could you please upload it somewhere and provide a link! Thanks, Tom
  4. @Matt23, glad you liked it, I would agree with your comments on SD v CG, I see more similarities than differences, and there seems to be this individualist to integrated swapping and shifting as you move up. @Matt23 and @SerotoninluvRegarding the internet helping v hindering development, this is my own musings that I've noticed in friends, and myself. The internet basically has the ability to massively reinforce certain elements of each stage, for example at SD Orange - CG Expert, it is so easy to only use the medium of the internet to expose yourself to rational, individualistic, ambitious tendancies, and media platforms such as google, youtube and facebook are only going to serve to amplify this echo chamber. I.e if you follow garry vee on youtube, you are going to be suggested all other videos of this kind etc. I've written some more about the effects of technology on the human condition in some of my other articles, so you can check them out.
  5. Hi all, In Leo's videos he sometimes touches on the topic of the process that goes into creating actualzed content, including steps such as: - Compiling multiple sources - Deep inquiry - Direct experience -Note-taking an linking of ideas in a commonplace book I was wondering if it has been described on this forum or in a video or blog post what this process usually looks like in slightly more detailed steps. For example, I imagine it may look something like: - Weeks / years of reading - initial exploration into a topic - Hashing out first ideas in commonplace book, based on books read and 'original' ideas - Continue to refine ideas / thoughts over a number of weeks, - Compile some sort of script for a video - Film the video with pointers from the script. Even though the process may look slightly different for each video, I'm sure the general framework is similar, but the process I've outlined above may be way off the mark. The reason I'm asking is I'm starting to explore deeply topics around how technologies impact on the human condition, and am looking for advice on how to better improve my research and writing. Also if you have your own methods - please do share! Thanks, Tom
  6. Hi guys, Leo posted a great article on the 9 stages of ego development a few weeks ago, I thought it was great and wanted to try and cement my learning by summarising. If you are interested in reading a condensed version, have a look, if it piques your interest, make sure to read the full paper! https://medium.com/@tomlittler/the-9-stages-of-ego-development-and-how-you-can-advance-through-them-18f1ecf919e5
  7. Hi Guys, I'm obsessed with how technology has both the potential to rapidly move forward ego development (biggest case I wouldn't have found actualized.org without it, most likely would judt be sitting at the same stage as my family and peers) However, I'm also acutely aware that the way most people use technology and the internet is actually maybe making it harder to escape their own echo chambers and really advance. People's who's lives are so caught up in social acceptance via Instagram, and 'tribe' like culture will surely find it very difficult to evolve. I'm wondering what everyone here think technologies role in ego development is? Should it be viewed as an oppurtunity? A threat? Both? How do we best promote ego development in the connected world? Thanks, Tom
  8. great thread, I personally find techno music to be incredibly spiritual, really help connect me to myself
  9. @Wisebaxter cheers for this post mate. I’m literally in the exact same position. Been meditating religiously for 4 years now, done some long retreats on my own but my currently my position is the same as yours; things have recontextualised but no mystical experience. I have also been of the opinion that I didn’t want to ‘cheat’ with physcohdelics but have come to the conclusion that the combination of being a wage slave and the society we are living in is really not conducive to mystical experiences. ive just ordered some mushrooms and my plan is to take 0.5g (micro dose) and then work up in increments of 0.5g till I get a mystical insight. Seems to me like a fairly reliable method, but would be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this. good luck with it all man and let me know how it goes!
  10. Of course he’s manipulating us, isn’t manipulating just altering someone’s viewpoint? You can be manipulated and still be conscious of it MLK was perhaps the biggest manipulator of all time If you speak or act, you manipulate. We are all manipulators. It’s just whether we do this in a positive way But everyone thinks they are doing what they are doing for positive reasons...
  11. Ok thanks a lot for the input. I believe I need both these things to actualise my life purpose so I will keep them. Regarding the medium, you are correct. I’ll simplt change it to start ups Be concrete. What do you mean by "raising consciousness" and why is that meaningful to you? Leo, when I did the visualisation exercise of giving a speech I envisioned speaking about using business as an accelerator for bringing people up the ladder of spiral dynamics. Clearly business took people from blue to orange. In London where I live now, the trend is that start ups have a ‘green’ focus. These pioneering businesses permeate society and, in my opinion, are fundamental to the shift from orange to green. I believe business can also be used to now continue lifting people through the spiral, weather that be through higher value products / services or ethos. Maybe business will have a limitation in this use on the spiral at higher levels but, unless we try, can we know? Does that make sense? I initially wrote ‘... to raise consciousness using the spiral dynamic framework’ but cut out the last bit as it was too long and seemed superfluous Why is business meaningful to you? What is the point of business? Part of me can’t explain. It’s just in my gut. I love business and it’s a perfect myriad of my key strengths, creativity, leadership, bravery and learning. Everything that inspires me most is business related, I get incredible inspired reading about Elon musk, Steve jobs, Richard Branson etc. Business in my eyes is any engine that is self sustaining. In order to employ people (and yourself) to carry out great work, you need to pay them, I just see that as a basic truth. Why is business being used to achieve this impact and not something else? Looking at the improvements that have occurred materially in the past, and the improvements I see occurring on a deeper societicial level in the future. I vision business and entrepreneurship will be the biggest driver
  12. You are right, they are quite different, But I think are both areas I am in the process of mastering / very passionate about. Do you think I need to pick one? Startups would also work, but as I currently work in tech, and that is the specific medium I find most interesting I thought I’d use that as my medium currently, I can always change it in the future?