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  1. Oh wow, that was in 2018? Time FLIES. Thanks.
  2. I remember on Leo's blog there was a tutorial about plugging psychedelics. I just went as far back as the start of 2020 and don't see it there anymore. Was this taken down for some reason? If so, is the info still available anywhere, even in text form?
  3. Could you explain what you mean when you say occasional meat and vegetables? You mean like once per week? And this is part of the fasting regimen? Seems like it would break the fast.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Could you elaborate on what sort of effects you've noticed from this? Was there a clear "aha" moment when you finally felt it?
  5. You need people to prepare meals for you so you can remain totally in the dark. I can't imagine it being doable at home properly unless you really modified your room and had people staying at your house helping you. Well I guess you could just eat pre-packaged food the whole time. May be feasible for shorter periods.
  6. Has anybody come across any reports from individuals that completed Jeffrey's course?
  7. The fact that Jeffery Martin charges such a huge amount of money for the course is HIGHLY suspicious to me. He has tons of incentive to oversell his program.
  8. I agree that the connotations of effort are important in general. What I'm saying though, is that it has nothing to do with my question, which is "Is a guru required?" Delete the word "effort" from my first post and the question remains unchanged. Also please note that I've not made any claims here. I presented the question and the reasoning behind it, but I don't have an opinion either way yet.
  9. Well the word "effort" is not of much importance, you can remove that word and my question still stands. Can the highest realization be had without the "magic touch" of some guru? Seems like a silly question to Westerners, and it's not a question I would consider, if not for the long history of mystics in a variety of traditions saying it is true. And I'm not talking about Eckhart Tolle or somebody like that when I say "guru". I mean an actual guru-disciple relationship, not just somebody that points you to a deeper reality. For example, people these days love to quote Rumi, but it is not very well known that Rumi states in his works clearly that the role of the teacher is essential. Not just "helpful." All the Sufi orders I am aware of say the same thing regarding a teacher, as well as the entire Sant tradition of North India. There is constant harping on the need of a guru.
  10. The importance of the guru is the number one mystery I would like solved in spirituality. Being a westerner, I would much prefer if gurus were completely unnecessary, and that it is possible to reach the highest heights with nothing but your own effort. On the other hand, we have quite a few mystics that say the guru is absolutely indispensable in the process of attaining the highest realization. Note, it is very clear you can attain some level of enlightenment on your own. That is not a mystery. The question is, are these people attaining the same heights as the Buddha (to use a generic example) with their unaided efforts?
  11. Make sure you use a guidebook to learn the proper place for foreigners to buy train tickets, etc. Tons of scammers on the street will try to rip you off, even people that look like they are official and have offices set up. Basically don't trust anybody you meet there, follow a guide book very carefully. As for finding a legit ashram, no clue other than spending time at a bunch and seeing which one had the best effect on you.
  12. I don't think you need to directly associate fear with caution. Being cautious enough to not jump off a building is not the same as senseless fear-mongering. Caution should indeed be given with regard to any psychedelic, ESPECIALLY with mega doses. After that, it is up to each individual to understand the rationale behind the caution, and not turn it into pointless fear. As a side note to anybody reading this, don't even consider doing more than 5 grams of mushrooms unless you really know what you are doing. Meaning you have tons of experience tripping.
  13. Will people never tire of these neo-advaitan word games?
  14. Yes I saw his pendant reviews, they were impressive. I am aware that many reviews could be fake, but even if that were the case, the lack of negative reviews is still quite impressive. I'm open to the possibility that the stuff he is putting in the pendant may have some sort of effect on the human body. I am aware of the trap of being overly skeptical, and don't consider myself one of the countless "professional skeptics" which take pleasure in trying to "debunk" anything out of the ordinary. Nevertheless that fact that nobody other than him has reported any sort of results on this fuel thing is quite odd, and I don't think I am being overly skeptical here. I hope he puts this product, when finalized, into the hands of other people to test and record their results.
  15. @AleksM Thanks, these are more impressive than the other, but I notice that device he is using to record the consumption is the same across all the tests, so it is possible that he knows how to trick the sensor. I see the website he sold them from is not up anymore, but he does have something similar on his Etsy shop. However there are only two reviews of it and neither goes into detail of what sort of results they had. Nevertheless, I'm glad the pendant is working for you.