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  1. A lot of the yoga poses out there stretch along fascial planes. Yoga class would do the trick.
  2. @Katerina Riverside @flowboy I'm in NL taking a dip in the cold water out here as well. Ive been taking cold showers for years since learning about the Iceman. I'm actually planning on taking a dip in the vliet tomorrow. Last time, people were watching me. It's fucking cold!
  3. Organic meat in the very least will ensure the accumulated harmful chemicals ingested by the animal over its lifetime will be kept to a minimum, which includes heavy metals. This is doubly true for predators like tuna. Organic fruit and vegetables are more nutritious since they need to develop ingrown defenses against pathogens and consumers without the aid of pesticides. It really is better.
  4. Life itself is a prayer. Prayer is about connecting yourself with god. Your perspective of that connection can change given the context in which you pray, but ultimately that connection with god is persistent without your intention. -Prayer can be ideologically based, but those are not the prayers you want. .-Low consciousness prayers will have you submitting to institutions and people. Be wary of anybody teaching you the "right" or "true" way to pray. -High consciousness prayers will encourage that direct connection with divinity that is always with you without equivocation. You are an expression of god and god's love is eternal.
  5. It doesn't have anything to do with the moment of awakening though if it's all "now". So then being awake is a continual process that appears to contract and expand based on what is happening now. And if you've awoken to your nature, then there's nobody to be awoken. Wow, non-duality is really hard to talk about isn't it?
  6. If you are a part of reality that is 100% perfect, then you too are part of God. So with this knowledge... why not ask yourself? Your intuition will give you an answer.
  7. @Inliytened1 Thanks! Do doubt, dude. Lots of meditation and loving-kindness. @Fearless_Bum Thanks for the advice. This has left me curious about what more there is to this experience.
  8. @catcat69123 The Friday before last. @Leo Gura I'm thirsty for it bro. I'm starting to get into the Turquoise material. I like A Course in Miracles. Anything you consider essential?
  9. I came across this article a little while ago that described some of the biochemical processes you're curious about. If you're medically literate, it's quite a fascinating read.
  10. Hey all, As the title says, I recently had a samadhi-esque experience while on an Ayahuasca ceremony. I've looked through models of consciousness during meditation and on psychedelics and have found several names for what I experienced including: boundless consciousness, "true self", nothingness, void, radiant unity, one-ness, the Buddha smile, and "Change of Lineage". I know I'm not enlightened, because I feel a major welling of pride for having reached this milestone in my spiritual development. I definitely still have desires. However, the way I look at reality has fundamentally changed. I now know where I came from, the nature of god (intuitively on a somewhat shallow level), and see the people around me as brothers and sisters of god. I feel like I've found true religion at this point, and want to take advantage of this new paradigm. For those who have been, what are your experiences and what advice would you have for someone who has reached stream-entry-or-close. Major love and respect to you all.
  11. @Gregp I found Marina Robinson's book online. Looks like there's some great insight in there.
  12. Hey all. As the title says, I'm looking for good how-to books on Tantric sex. Any good manuals out there that you enjoy? Thanks in advance!
  13. I understand yellow to be a stage of integration. If you're stuck in green, take account of the stages lower to that, and take account of where you're judging them. Those particular states are where you must then focus on integrating. Its fashionable to shit on religion and corporations for people in green. Perhaps that's a good place to start.