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  1. Hey everyone, Not long ago, I stumbled upon an app called "Medito" - It's a free open source meditation application maintained by a non profit organization. It includes a beginner and intermediate course, breathing exercises, meditation timer and much more. I really love it and I believe that you will too You can also volunteer and contribute if you want -
  2. The Talos Principle - a philosophical mind bending puzzle game Posted here a while ago... The Road to Gehenna (DLC) is also amazing.
  3. "The Good Place" show is somewhere between green and yellow (mostly green)
  4. Hey, I wanted to share an amazing game that you guys will really love. It's called "The Talos Principle" I'm sorry, if it was mentioned already. It's a philosophical mind bending puzzle game with a great story line. I actually found out about this game a couple of years ago and just had the time to play it last month and it was fantastic. Enjoy!
  5. Couple of questions: 1. At what age did you start doing pickup and at what age did you start doing enlightenment work? 2. What do you think about Salvia Divinorum? I heard of people experiencing alternate existences/lives for months with this (when the actual experience lasted only 10 min)
  6. @Gopackgo Hey, I agree with you that we can't really control our thoughts or our decisions but we are aware of them and we are aware of our experience in this existence. All I'm saying is, that we are aware of this reality and observe it, this "reality observation" is something that we control in the present moment (at-least that's what I feel) and through this sensory observation (or awareness) the mind will process things in a different way (For example, observing the sound of music In contrast to observing the feeling of air on your face). Through this process you can direct yourself on different paths. Anyway, what do you think about this? Great quote /\
  7. Hey, I just saw the video on free will (Great video by the way), and I understand that we don't have control over our thoughts, our actions, etc.. But if you see yourself and define yourself as pure awareness, then you can say that you have control of yourself as an awareness, meaning you have control over what you are aware of in the present time. If you are in control of your awareness, then it means that you are in control of yourself because everything gets processed by your awareness and as a result it influences you (For example, you can be aware of the person that's talking to you or you can be aware of your foot, either way your mind will process things differently) Anyway, I will be glad to see what you think?