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  1. Philip Ghezelbash: Has a lot of great stuff on stoicism, fasting, exercise. Has a nice nuanced viewpoint (he likes to interview people with different points of view) and he posts a couple of times a week. His advice is extremely practical and can be applied/tried almost instantly, which is great for people stuck in theory. RSD Tyler: At this point I don't watch his videos related to dating advice, but his other stuff is gold. In particular, he has about 6 videos titled 'The truth about succes' and they are fucking great, I watch those multiple times a year.
  2. The main struggle is to carry over the motivation from the first couple of days/weeks/months and turn it into a permanent habit. The second struggle is forgetting it in the first couple of weeks (due to business and stuff). My current solution to this is to take an hour when I wake up and an hour before I go to bed to journal/meditate/etc and then do whatever other habits I want to do. Just carving out an hour for 'doing useful stuff and having a list of things to do seems to be the best thing for me. Anecdotally, I find that fasting once a week immensely helps discipline in all areas of life (although I have no idea why).
  3. Challenge yourself! Try to go a day/week/month without any kind of (mainstream or non mainstream) news source. I did this for 3 months once, and the results were awesome. My focus was 100% on things I really cared about.
  4. The basic skills you need to posess like planning, willpower, delayed gratification are definitely things that also correlated to succes. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur can give you a lot of stress and it takes away time from the important things (family, friends, yourself). To be honest, I think that focusing 100% on enlightenment (the other side of the pendulum) is bullshit too. It is very easy to get ungrounded when you don't have regular and real feedback, when you don't have to hustle. Owen Cook has a lot of videos where he talks about this dilemma, I can't link because I am on mobile now.
  5. Your university probably has resources that you can use, such as a student psychologist. I can really recommend using these resources.
  6. I don't watch television, use social media, or take in any kind of news, in fact I barely use the internet except for visiting this website and downloading papers to read for school. I don't do drugs, I use very little alcohol, I don't smoke, I am not attached to money (although I have money and I use it) and I am not religious. On the other hand, I have friends and I sometimes go to their parties and eat food, and talk, and dance, and go clubbing. I have a girlfriend etc. I don't think that I could be happy without weekly social interactions.
  7. (In order of importance) My girlfriend taught me so much about love, letting go, having fun, relaxing. She made me a better person and taught me how to relate to women. Love is super important. Taking massive action towards my life purpose for years and getting great results. Meditation and journalling for years (and struggling to do it consistently for years too). Cutting out all distractions and negative influences (all news and all social media) and replacing them with positive influences (books, podcasts and youtube videos of amazing people). Letting these influences brainwash me for years. Having deep conversations with amazing friends. Going to the gym consistently and training hard, for years. Failing over and over again and getting back on it over and over again, each time getting more comfortable and accepting towards myself for failing. Being crazy, unstifled, unapologetically being myself. Having fun and bringing chaos, going to crazy parties to unwind.
  8. The best advice I can give you is to focus on properly learning the movements and techniques and don't forget to keep doing cardio. This will build a good base for the future, when you start increasing the weight
  9. Entering a flow state is usually a by-product of some kind of deliberate practice. Suppose that I am trying to understand a deep mathematical concept. It starts with curiosity, reading definitions and doing simple examples. Soon I get stuck, confused and frustrated and remain like this for a long time. When you break out of this frustration (i.e, when you have a small eureka moment) then you will usually spend time in a 'flow state'. This usually means that you interpret your insight and work out details. It is a good point to realize that flow should not be the goal when practicing deliberately. The feeling of confusion and frustration should be the goal, flow is merely the reward at the end. For example, you might spend hours practicing a piano piece, note by note, bar by bar, and this will not produce flow. However, the actual playing of a piece you know well does produce flow. (c.f. http://calnewport.com/blog/2011/12/23/flow-is-the-opiate-of-the-medicore-advice-on-getting-better-from-an-accomplished-piano-player/) This highly depends on what your goals are. If your goals require you to do a lot of repetitive work, then flow state is definitely your friend. If your goals require you to absorb abstract and technical concepts, then you should be careful about this. Deep work is not easy and will almost always produce a sense of frustration.
  10. I think you are much better off doing this kind of work with a therapist or something like that. I have done this and it has gotten me amazing results (subtle but consistent improvement in my emotional quality of life). It is just too easy to bullshit yourself with this kind of stuff. Secondly, I didn't resonate with the marketing at all. I am mostly at a 7-8 out of 10 and the concept of 'constantly being 10/10' seemed ridiculous to me. All this talk of self sabotage and depression felt very foreign to me, I rather feel like I need to be harder on myself and hustle more. Also, it seemed to me that Julien was just rehashing the same material over and over again, I found Tyler's contribution to these videos much more interesting (I would definitely buy his self-help products).
  11. Thanks man. The fun is just beginning indeed, life belongs to the young guys.
  12. I agree with that, although I think you are taking it too extreme. I have done alot of emotional healing and meditation, but that doesn't mean I can know seduce girls. There is a certain skill to be learned in that, it is just hard to start learning that skill with emotional blocks in the way. I think I remember Ozzie saying:' pickup is 10% skill and 90% fear.'
  13. I don't know you, so this might completely wrong, but. Someone like Tyler has this public speaking ability not just because of practice, but also because of years/decades working really hard at something. It might be dangerous to try to teach people these big ideas without having spent time (years) wrestling with them and applying them in your own journey. You dont want to become a PD-teacher whose only feat in life is being a good PD-teacher. That said, please dont let me discourage you. You are definitely learning and growing fast on your current journey.
  14. Suggestion, remove distractions from your home so that you get bored and then meditate (I dont have a working internet connection at home)
  15. @Frode I'm sure you are aware of this, but you should check out RSDTyler's public speaking, he is amazing. It is hard to get on this kind of level as a young guy though. You dont yet have the life experience to really internalize these lessons which makes it hard being a teacher. What kind of future vision do you have for yourself, if you dont mind me asking?