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  1. That's right. In one book of his written discourses he says that after a while the extremely powerful bliss disappeared. I suppose that when he was blissing out at the foot of the mountain, he was in a state similar to a deep awakening of 5-meo-malt, where all distinctions are collapsing and you are close to formless infinity. Basically, God was making Love with him, that's where the bliss came from. Someone in a state like that can't function in the world, and whoever says otherwise hasn't experienced the level of awakening that I am talking about. So, after this bliss state, his level of consciousness must have stabilized to a level of non-duality in which he was able to live normally, walk around, and answer questions to students until his death.
  2. If someone has a different brain chemistry from birth, that's luck to me. I speak from direct experience, I can get into a nondual state just by meditating for 10 minutes and I consider myself lucky, since other people seem to struggle for years without achieving anything remotely similar (I have worked my ass off to reach this stage and I still consider myself lucky). That is just a cute story that you have read somewhere. With a deep enough awakening you will realize that there are no others and no-one needs to be saved. You are God and God doesn't need to be saved by anyone.
  3. Yes, it was after his awakening, Ramana didn't really follow a spiritual practice himself. I guess he was spiritually talented or had extremely lucky genetics. For weeks he was in a state of bliss, at the foot of Arunachala. People from the village had to take him to a temple to wash him and feed him, otherwise he might actually have died there. Goes to show that a person can't function in the world from an extremely high level of consciousness. David Godman has a video about this specific story, don't recall which one exactly.
  4. Every single teacher of enlightenment is going to favour and teach to his students the way he reached enlightenment, discarding and, in most cases, belittling other practices: Ralston teaches contemplation. Ramana teaches self-enquiry. Nisargadatta teaches staying in the I Am. Sadhguru teaches Isha Kriya. Jed McKenna teaches Spiritual Autolysis. And so on for every other teacher. Most teachers fail to appreciate the complexity and varieties of spirituality and spiritual practices. For instance, if I asked Ralston about chakras, he would probably tell me something along the lines "It's all bullshit, get real" and that's a shame, because I know directly that energy practices can lead to enlightenment. Just because someone has realized the Absolute in a specific way, it doesn't mean that that practice is going to work for you too. Don't take the word of anyone as gospel, even incredibly conscious people can be wrong about the nuances of spirituality. What if you could study all different spiritual practices, with an open mind, and practice what gives you the best results?
  5. This was one of the hardest pills to swallow for me, since, like yours, my life purpose is about sharing Wisdom and Truth. Nothing needs to be made right, because nothing was ever wrong. But then I realized that I still have to play a game, so why not play the game of sharing Wisdom and Truth with "others"?
  6. So I have searched on amazon the keywords "psychedelic religion" and I got some interesting results. Anyone here has read these books and can suggest which are the best ones to read? Other suggestions are welcome too. I am doing my own research about the influence that psychedelics had on the history and rise of religions. This is the list: The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross: A study of the nature and origins of Christianity within the fertility cults of the ancient Near East The Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity The Witches' Ointment: The Secret History of Psychedelic Magic Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics The Book of Remembrance: History, Religion and Psychedelics Secret Drugs of Buddhism: Psychedelic Sacraments and the Origins of the Vajrayana Entheogens and the Future of Religion
  7. Did you even try? If you search on tor for 5-meo-malt, only a website will come up. I can safely assume that everyone that has tried malt on this forum, has bought it from them.
  8. This seems to be the safest option, opening a thread where people can ask questions on how to safely source, without sharing direct links.
  9. No, you don't need any initiation to start practicing. It's all dogma and hearsay. It's as if you were asking "do I need permission by some authority to be loved by God?" and the answer is fuck no. The real Guru is your inner intuition, you are the Guru, once you understand this, you can leave all the human bullshit behind. Just read the books about Kriya Yoga on Leo's book list and you are set to go, there are plenty of videos on YouTube if you are confused about a specific practice. I would add these books on your reading list too, if you want to go deep about the theory and practice: Ennio Nimisi's book (available for free online) Kundalini tantra by Swami Saraswati Satyananda A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya by Swami Satyananda Saraswati Kundalini — An Untold Story by Om Swami
  10. Before practicing Kriya Yoga I had no previous experience, except for classic concentration meditation. It might be helpful, for instance to be able to sit in the full lotus position, but, in my opinion, you can start practicing right away. I suggested you the book because it explains in detail that the purpose of Yoga is to change the chemistry of the brain. If you practice a Kriya which influences a specific chakra, you are actually working on a specific part of the brain. This point is not understood by most people. For the most part, I don't practice the techniques in that book. I practice the Kriya Yoga of Lahiri Mahasaya. This is my routine: 50 talabya kriya (start with 10 and increase gradually); 3 maha mudra; 4 navi kriya (the first variant in Ennio Nimis's book); 20 minutes of pranayama with OM japa in the chakras; 1 yoni mudra; 10 minutes of mental kriya and 10 minutes of staying in the state of paravastha (just a different name for staying in the I Am) You can find a description of all the techniques in Ennio Nimis's book, it's available for free online: I practice this routine once a day. That being said, my routine is not static, once you understand the principles of Kriya Yoga, you can change your routine according to your specific needs. For instance, I had deep blockages on my third chakra and for some time I practiced manipura purification, as described in Kundalini Tantra. If you sense that you have a specific blockage in one of your chakras, you can vary your routine with the techniques described in Kundalini Tantra. There is a reason behind every technique in the Kriya Yoga of Lahiri Mahasaya, but you might need to spice it up a little bit. I can speak only from my personal experience, if I hadn't done around 50 trips with mushrooms, spent years deconstructing my mind and studying non-duality the use of 5-meo-malt or 5-meo-dmt would have been terrible experiences. I need to add that my brain is super sensible to psychedelics, these days if I take 0.4 grams of mushrooms, that would be a deep trip. If you use this substances, you are going to discover in a matter of minutes that you are God and that there is no-one else but You. You are the only one that can judge if you are ready for these kind of realizations. The use of 5-meo-malt seems to have permanently changed the chemistry of my brain, if I sit to meditate, after 5 minutes I am gone, I experience a state of unity. But, from what I understand it doesn't happen to many other people. My guess is that it's a combination of things that I have done in the past 10 years: meditation, kriya yoga, deconstructing the mind, research of non-duality, introspection etc. So I don't think that a few trips will have the same permanent effect on you, we are not the same, relatively speaking.
  11. Lately I have been experiencing a weird phenomena. I can see the intelligence of Consciousness everywhere, this intelligence is becoming manifest as Infinite Beauty. A tree, my sandwich, a fork, the sidewalk, my computer screen, are visually beautiful and perfect. I don't know how else to explain this phenomena by saying that everyday objects are being shown to be infinitely beautiful and aware, everything is coming to life. Imagine seeing a fork and being able to see infinite intelligence expressed as a fork. Imagine looking at your body and instead of seeing your body, seeing the intelligence that is pervading your body as infinity and beauty, just like in this image: I ain't complaining, since it's a beautiful phenomena, just trying to understand if anyone else here is having this kind of "visuals", while completely sober.
  12. I use the senses to anchor me to the present moment, basically I take the practice of staying in the I Am everywhere I go. The most important thing for me was to get rid of the idea that Being has a cause. Perceptions have no cause, everything that tells you that consciousness has some kind of cause is a backstory that you are constructing to protect the idea of a separate self. Once you really get this, reality becomes a constant miracle.
  13. Sitting meditation from 30 minutes to two hours every day, but i try to take my meditation with me all through out the day. I discovered enlightenment when I was 20, I am 30 now, by stumbling upon the books of Jed McKenna, Owen from RSD used to suggest them on his blog. From there, I just followed the white rabbit. But I was contemplating reality since I was a child, my childhood was really difficult and it forced me to question reality. I discovered Kriya Yoga through Leo's book list but then I kept researching. The most important thing to understand about Kriya is that its real goal is to change the chemistry of the body and the brain. Don't get hung up on all the superstition that there is around Kriya, the real Guru is You, you don't need an outside source to start practicing. If you want to understand it better I suggest you read this book: Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. I have tried LSD multiple times, but mushrooms were my favourite psychedelic for a long time. Then I tried 5-meo-dmt, but it's too aggressive on my energetic system, I am working with 5-meo-malt at the moment, it's a wonderful psychedelic. I don't have a rule about using psychedelics, I might go 2 months without tripping and then do 3 trips in one week.
  14. Yes, Truth, Wisdom and Love are connected to my life purpose.
  15. I use psychedelics and practice Kriya Yoga, but I am pretty sure this shift has happened tanks to the practice of staying in the I Am. I had never understood how to properly practice staying in the I Am, before using 5-meo-malt. The use of 5-meo-malt has shown me what this practice actually means. I lay in my bed for 30 minutes or so everyday, while listening to music, and try to connect all my perceptions (you don't actually have to try, because your senses aren't really separated). I start by connecting the feeling of my body to the bed, then i connect to the music that i am listening, then to the flavours in my mouth, while holding my hands I realize that my hands aren't really separated, but are one with the whole stream of the senses, and continue to do so for every other possible perception. By doing so, my senses are revealed to be just pure Consciousness. Perceiver, perception and process of perception, become One. I basically mimic what 5-meo-malt does to my state of consciousness, this practice has been working wonders for me. Since I started practicing this way, the phenomena that I described has appeared.
  16. Because the quote of this professor is reducing mystical experiences, which are post-rational, to pre-rational l states of consciousness aka the pre/trans fallacy, a common fallacy committed by people that are at the rational state of development. If you believe that rationality is the highest point of human development, you fall in the trap of believing that everything that is non-rational must be pre-rational, which obviously it's not the case. It's explained it the video that I have attached by Wilber.
  17. All that you know about death is hearsay, second hand knowledge. What is true right now? How do you know that the experience you are having right now it's not what it feels like to be dead? The only way that you can believe in death is by imagining that the present moment is other than Eternity, you can't die because you were never born in the first place. You said that you have realized that you are Alone, well then, if you are Alone who could kill you? If there is no other, there is just Life, exactly because there is no-one else that could harm you, in the absolute sense. Death is connected to presupposition of something other than you, if you are Alone you are eternal because there is nothing and no-one outside of You. You are imagining a difference between life and death, there is just Life. Death doesn't exist, it's a non-event. The event that you call physical death is the disappearing of all boundaries and distinctions, formless consciousness and unity. Psychedelics like 5-meo-dmt or 5-meo-malt will show you in a matter of minutes that death is impossible.
  18. I have my own answers to this question, but it would be amazing hearing your take on this topic @Leo Gura and I think it's a question that many newbies to non-duality might find interesting. It's a catchy title too. These are some of my insights on the matter: There are no others, what you do to others you do to yourself. And at the moment of death you will become conscious that everything bad you have done to others you have actually done to yourself, which isn't an easy realization to swallow. Imagine how Hitler might have felt once he realized that everything he did, he did it to himself. Evil doesn't exist, but if you treat others poorly you are going to pay the consequences. Being evil always has a price to pay, no dictator has ever escaped paying the consequences of his actions. Being evil is just being unconscious, just like keeping your hand on a flame and hoping not to get burned. One has to be Good for its own sake, there is no other reason to be Good other than for it's own sake. Being evil is just being stupid, it doesn't make sense when you achieve a certain degree of consciousness. At low states of consciousness, it might appear that being evil is useful to achieve your own goals, when, in reality, Goodness is always more efficient and powerful. Love is consciousness and evil is unconsciousness. God being the highest form of intelligence always chooses Love.
  19. As Leo said, if one chemical doesn't work for you, don't keep using it. There are other wonderful substances that can be used to achieve the same purpose. For instance, my system doesn't like LSD, I have tried it multiple times and had only negative experiences. I just stopped doing it. We are not all the same. Leo finds mushrooms twisted, I love mushrooms. 5-meo-malt is my favourite chemical so far, it gets you to the same place of 5-meo-dmt but way more gently. If you are going to try 5-meo, go for malt, it might suit you better, seen the situation.
  20. Dehydrated mango. I always have a pack of dehydrated mango by my side every time that i trip. Best food to eat after a trip, hands down. My body craves sugar after an intense session.
  21. Finally someone started reading this book, I have been suggesting it all over the forum. Amazing read on the topic of kundalini.
  22. After months of searching Spotify for an ideal playlist of music to trip on, I have found this gem: I have built my own playlist out of this playlist and I think you should do the same, if you like chillstep music, which in my opinion is perfect for tripping. Here are some of my favourite songs:
  23. I have been contemplating this question for sometime. It's important to be able to explain to rational people that the existence of God can't be proven. This is what I have come up with, please feel free to add your own answers to this same question: The concept of proof is based on the presupposition that there is a real distinction between the subject that is asking for proof and the subject that should provide the proof. This distinction, like any other distinction, is ultimately unreal. I can't prove you my existence because I am you. God can't be proven because God is what the concept of proof is based on. God is the canvas on which reality is painted on and, at the same time, is the images that are painted on the canvas. I can't show you the existence of the canvas on which, I myself, I am drawn on. The concept of proof is based on the idea that all truths have an opposite, something false with which you can compare the truth and make it stand out as truth. But the Absolute doesn't have an opposite. It's all Truth. God is the substance that makes up every appearence. The subject of a dream that becomes conscious of being inside a dream can't prove to the other characters of the dream that everything is made up of Mind. Inside a dream everything is made of Consciousness. The concept of proof is based on rationality, logic and the notion of causality, but God is not just rational, is not just logic and it doesn't have any cause. In one of my last trips, I have become conscious that I as God have created myself, God has created himself, this doesn't make any fucking sense but it's nonetheless true. Existence is the definition of a miracle. @Leo Gura Would you add anything else to this brief list?