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  1. The best way to avoid a negative trip is to always start from a low dose, you might already know this, but don't get cocky with LSD. Start low and everything will be fine. With some substances, especially mushrooms, eating food with high sugar content help me to stop the trip, even more if I am already on the come down. Get yourself some dehydrated mangoes or your favourite fruit.
  2. I haven't commented so far on the topic of alien consciousness. What most of you seem to not understand is that spirituality is full of similar reports. Lahiri Mahasaya morphed into Shiva in front of her wife; Babaji built a golden temple out of thin air. There are countless reports of mystics materializing objects and food. Another Kriya teacher is able to do exactly that: morph is head into the face of all the previous spiritual teachers of his lineage. Santata Gamana speaks about it Kriya Yoga Exposed. I don't believe that everything that I wrote has actually happened or that all the spiritual stories shared in books are factually true, but I have explored consciousness enough to be sure that bizarre things are possible. From what I gather Leo's state of consciousness has permanently shifted and he has access to altered state of consciousness even while not on psychedelics. Let's see what happens... My only suggestion to Leo is to wait a while before writing reports of his new experiences and contemplate more if it's actually helpful to share them with others.
  3. Nonsense. The teacher you speak of is trying to rationalize and confirm, in every possible way, his ideas about the vaccine.
  4. If you start from 10mg, you can safely do it in your own room. It's highly unlikely you will do something stupid as such a low dose. I have done it only once, I did a trip of 10mg followed by another trip of 10mg. You could do it if you are not satisfied with the insights and the experience you got from the first trip. I doubt it's safe to follow this approach for high doses. I suggest you reflect on the attitude you have on the use of 5-meo-dmt. One trip it's not going to revolutionize your life and solve all your problems, this is not something you do because you feel forced to. If you want to reap massive spiritual benefits from 5-meo-dmt, you will have to do it multiple times over the course of months and years.
  5. Why would you start with an high dose on your first 5-meo trip? This doesn't make sense, you will probably get freaked out. Start with 10mg and don't eat anything for at least 4 hours prior to the trip. If you start with 10mg, you can get accustomed to the substance and safely up your dose in the next trips.
  6. In my opinion, if you are psychologically unstable, it's not a good idea to try 5-meo-dmt. In the absolute sense, there is nothing to fear about the entities you speak about, they are your own consciousness. If you realize that everything you interact with it's you, not even the devil can scare you, because it's just your own Mind, just like in a dream. You need to learn to love everything that you interact with during a trip. If you love what you are scared of, it will morph into something more pleasant or disappear altogether. You should try to love those entities you are talking about, I am pretty sure they will stop bothering you. The story of the Buddha and Mara shows my point, you should read it. My suggestion is to start with small doses of mushrooms (1g) in order to learn how to love what comes up during the trip.
  7. I have never understood why Buddhists have come up with this complicated teaching to explain Infinity. What the word "empty" is actually pointing to is infinite interconnection and absolute relativity or, in Buddhist terms, dependent origination. If you become conscious enough, you can perceive infinity in a single object, all the separate actions that have lead up to the creation of that object, and of course those actions are infinite. I have a good quote from the Buddha on this, but it's in Italian, where it's clear that when he uses the word empty he's pointing to infinity. In my opinion, he didn't want to create religious dogma by using the word God or Infinity.
  8. In my humble opinion, insanity is accessing God's infinite imagination and not being able to realize that whatever you experience it's just You. In other words, not being able to manage the understanding that there isn't a difference between reality and imagination. Source: I have gone insane a couple of times myself
  9. For the freebase version, you just need a few drops of vinegar to dissolve it. Yes, plugging is more gentle than smoking. In my experience, around 7 minutes.
  10. I haven't watched many videos by Shunyamurti, but this one is great. I had plenty of flashbacks from my previous trips. I was wondering how he arrived at these realizations and it turns out he's been tripping too (says so on the about page of his website)
  11. That's exactly my point and my feedback to Leo. As a teacher of non-duality scaring and shocking people it's not helpful, it will just activate the survival mechanisms of the egoic mind. In my opinion, there are better and gentler ways to teach what Leo is trying to teach, when he says that everything is imagination. Saying that everything is imagination, sounds almost derogatory, if not explained properly, due to the fact that the word "imagination" has a negative meaning for most people. Anyway, I am just trying to help him become an even better teacher, trying to point out something that I struggled with in the past.
  12. Hey @Leo Gura I have some feedback about the way you express this particular teaching. It's too direct and not well elaborated: students that have never directly realized what Consciousness is will tend to give a negative meaning to statements such as "your hand is imaginary". In part, this is due to the negative connotation that society gives to the concept of "imagination". Moreover, stating that everything is imagination seems to create a duality between imagination and reality, that leads people to despise the world because "it's just an illusion". In the past, when you said things like that, I didn't really understand what you meant; I had to contemplate while tripping to understand it. Now I get that what you mean is that everything is my own Mind, my own Consciousness. Framing it like I just did gives off a different vibe than saying "everything is imaginary". There is no better realization than the understanding that everything is imagination, because everything is your own Self. I feel like that your statements about imagination don't stress this point enough. The topic of imagination requires an episode, otherwise you will keep getting misunderstood.
  13. Read slowly what I wrote (especially my reply to Leo) that's exactly what I said.
  14. If you dare, plug a decent amount of 5-meo-malt and listen to this song on repeat. Not for the faint of heart.
  15. I have been practicing one form or another of Kriya for 4 years.
  16. I keep seeing people on this forum undermining the effectiveness of Kriya Yoga. The video that I posted (leave out the connections to different religions, that seems to be quite far fetched, apart from that it's a good video) explains quite well that the real purpose of awakening the Kundalini is to change the chemistry of your body. The chakras are really the glands of your body that produce hormones, there isn't anything woo woo about it. Awakening Kundalini = changing the chemistry of your body.
  17. I get you, but if you want to understand his position, you need to put yourself in his shoes. As you said, Ralston is a freak of nature, that somehow has achieved a deep awakening through manual practice. His statement makes sense according to his experience: he recognized himself as Consciousness, imagination, and wanted to understand if he could maintain his realization even if the scenery of the dream changed radically, as in an LSD trip. That's actually a great test to see if you achieved a deep awakening. When you recognize every form as your own Self, you got a deep awakening. How many people actually understand that everything they experience on a trip it's actually their own imagination, their own Self? Not many. It took me hundreds of trips to truly get that I am imagination and that everything that I experience during a trip it's just Me.
  18. A few weeks back, I watched one of his videos in which he says that in order to understand if his enlightenment was stable, he tried a massive dose of LSD. I am pretty sure he did that in order to see if he had "become" Absolute Nothing, pure Consciousness. He wanted to see if he could maintain his awakening even during a deep LSD trip, were forms are changing constantly. I think this statement explains why he doesn't think psychedelics can lead to awakening. Apparently, he thinks that psychedelics can only change the forms appearing in consciousness, rather than make you realize that you are Consciousness, the substance of every imaginable dream. He's obviously wrong, but, at least, now his position makes some sort of sense. There are a lot of presuppositions on my part, but I thought about this while on 5-meo-malt...
  19. No, I don't feel ungrounded. It's exactly the opposite. But there is a "downside", if your consciousness elevates too much: you are in a constant state of bliss and you see Beauty everywhere. For instance, while writing this, I am listening to a song and the Beauty of consciousness just tears me up. I can't do much work if I practice every day, I purposefully have to maintain my state of consciousness at a manageable level. I don't practice Kriya Yoga every day.
  20. It's not a blank canvas, it's infinte Beauty. This is exactly right, when everything loses meaning, everything gains Absolute Meaning. The only way that you can give more meaning to a pile of dog shit compared to your own son, is that if you imagine a difference between the two. Your ego mind will never want to admit what you have just read, but it's nonetheless true. In reality, everything has Absolute Meaning, because there is no difference between anything, this is Love. Love is the absence of all biases.
  21. Your sadness is caused by the fact that you are giving a negative meaning to reality being meaningless. Stop giving meaning to meaninglessness and you will be a mystic.
  22. I second this, watched thirty seconds of the first video and I was about to through up in my mouth. Kundalini has nothing to do with those shenanigans, I don't know what that it is, but sure as fu** it ain't kundalini.
  23. Start practicing Kriya Yoga. Psychedelics change your chemistry mechanically, Kriya Yoga changes your chemistry manually. The real goal of any serious spiritual practice is to change your chemistry permanently and awaken your nervous system, aka change your baseline state of consciousness. Psychedelic work and Kriya Yoga work can be done in synergy. In my case, I am pretty sure that the use of 5-meo-malt has altered permanently my chemistry, since then, my meditation practice has skyrocketed. @Leo Gura You should give a real try to Kriya Yoga, I can't understand how you are unable to get serious results with it. With all your trips, your nervous system should be primed for it. If you want a few tips, feel fre to PM, same goes for you @Julian gabriel
  24. Hey guys, The amount of plastic bottles that I use to drink water is getting out of hand, it's bad for the environment and it's a pain too, they fill the plastic bin any other day. Do you have any suggestions on a water filter? I can't spend thousands at the moment. Do you know if the water filter pitcher that you can get on amazon are any good? I am based in Italy, the quality of the water here is quite good, but I think it's still better not to drink directly from the faucet.
  25. In my experience with 5-meo-dmt, 5-meo-malt and other psychedelics in general, I have been able to get only metaphysical insights. In this regard, I am really similar to Leo, I have been questioning the nature of reality for as far back I can remember. I can't get scientific insights about the nature of reality because that's not my field, God can't express his intelligence through me in that way. But what if a scientific genius like Einstein or Nikola Tesla was introduced to God consciousness? In theory, it would be possible for such a genius to channel the infinite intelligence of God and discover new technologies that could revolutionize the world. For instance, since reality is absolute infinity, there are infinite ways to create an inexhaustible source of energy, there are infinite ways to travel from a galaxy to another, and so on for any other possible revolutionary discovery. My guess is that if there are advanced alien civilizations, and it seems to be so, they have learned how to channel infinite intelligence to make new discoveries and solve all of their survival issues, such as food shortage, climate change, interplanetary travel etc. What is your take on this @Leo Gura? Has any of you guys been able to get scientific or creative insights other than just metaphysical insights from God consciousness?