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  1. I would like the psychological model presented in the fourth way to be dissected in a brief way as well as reconciled with and compared to Spiral Dynamics and other models. This is bit of a personal request to get a veteran insight on such a model.
  2. @Sage_Elias Jamaica also has residual red and small concentration of green traits
  3. The full name could not be placed in the title which is 'Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision Of Life As Play And Possibility' by James P. Carse. This is an awesome book about how life can be seen as a game to be won or a game to be played for its own sake. Also, it speaks to the nature of society and other human creations in terms of drama and narrative as well as of course being a game. Have fun enjoying this metaphysical journey by James P. Carse.
  4. @JohnLeyo There is another book from P.D. Ouspensky called "The Fourth Way" .
  5. This book is really great for those who like to understand how to organize thoughts within a discussion with others. Robert Thouless remarkably shows the two extremes in which the mind functions and how they relate towards our interactions with ideas, words etc.
  6. What is the YOLO mindset about ? To my knowledge, YOLO is an acronym that represents "You only live once". This attitude towards living life would usually pertain to reckless and mindless behaviour done based on the assumption that you have 'one life to live'. However, there are fundamentally two sides to everything and YOLO can be seen from two perspectives; 1. Destructive(Foolish) 2. Constructive(Wise) The destructive perspective, of course, concerns the foolish and reckless endangerment of oneself and other persons. Activities including raving, orgies, mind masturbation etc. This YOLO perspective feels great in the short term with devastating effects in the long term. Fundamentally, this perspective is extremely insidious to health of the individual in all aspects. On the other, the constructive YOLO concerns fundamentally self-development. Activities of course, include creative work, self transformation etc. Long term fulfillment is the major benefit of this perspective on life, in the short term you will feel the most emotional obstacles but if you make the effort to push past them ... fulfillment is always awaiting.
  7. I make an effort to not speak about this stuff to 'regular' people. However, you should be assuming that someone will not understand what you speak about or agree with you. At the same time, I try to remain practical in the way how I interact with 'average' people pertaining to these topics. I tend to just 'dip' into the topic rather quickly (instead of going deep) when I encounter such a situation.
  8. This book I would recommend to any person who like a practical insight into how to understand and approach each level of consciousness. It is simple and concise in its presentation which allows the reader to comprehend the ideas with much deserved ease. enjoy the read !!!