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  1. I wouldn't know how to define ego either but I am well aware of how it moves in me. It attempts to tie everything from the past together in an identity and offers it to my in the moment awareness for endorsing to influence my present perspective. Although, I am not forced to accept it's offer to identify with the past, my awareness is free to create the present moment perspective in any way I seek. How is it defined? Who knows and it's not my concern to define it.
  2. When we have an experience and everything associated with that experience like our intentions, thoughts, feelings as well as the actual happenings that take place get recorded, so to speak, in our self, both on conscious and unconscious levels. Our ego has access to all of this self "stuff" and uses it to construct it's identity.
  3. I guess that would only be known to us whether the humbleness is mock or genuine. The ego by nature isn't just negative, it's a facet of the self and a reflection of our experience by unifying it as an identity, although by this natural manifestation it can identify in ways that negatively influence our consciousness. That's where self awareness becomes a valuable exercise in recognizing the ego's influence in us.
  4. @Barna The self is a lifetime of experience that has it's associations and influences which create an "our survival manual" within our mind. This is the natural expression of self for us as human beings. The ego is the liaison between this subconscious manual and the observer, our in the moment awareness, using it's access to the subconscious manual to impress in our consciousness it's importance to us as it's justification. As you continue to awaken, your ego will reflect your "awaken-ness" to your awareness. The ego only is what you give the self through intentional living, as that will enlighten so will what the ego identifies with.
  5. We all have biases and they can cause negative thoughts and feelings in us. When we allow the negativity to cultivate animosity or hatred of others rooted in this bias it results in one of the "isms" or "phobias". Although, you are aware of these biases in you, if you aren't letting it become a hatred you aren't an "ist", it's just a simple bias and we all have them from our experiences in life. If you would like to change that bias you need to have other experiences that counter the bias and provide evidence for a different bias to it, a positive one. I know you got some love for being honest in admitting it but I would say you aren't one to begin with, you are just a human being trying to manage the bias conditioned in you that may not even be of your own doing, they rarely are with stuff like this. You are working to change this in you, that shows you aren't one, just another work in progress of healing.
  6. When the influence of why you sing outweighs the influence of others opinions of it you will joyfully sing no matter who hears it or what they have to say about it. Oh... and I'm a terrible singer, no amount of practice could change it, I don't even want to subject my steering wheel or shower curtains to the cat screech coming out of my mouth. So sing if it brings you joy, just sing.
  7. It was a rhetorical question but your answer did reveal quite a bit. The ego wants to be justified so it moved you to tell others of it's own "disappearance" to justify it's existence as "non-existent" using the identity of the wider reality you say you are now seeing your self as being and the happiness for all in it as it's reasoning. Even "higher self" realizations can be used as ego desire for justification and can be seeds for it growing back in influence in us. Then when we accept, agree and act in accordance with the ego's desire it gets it's justification so the ego finds it's place comfortably nestled within our being cloaked in it's new clothes(identity) by representing what we seek in our spiritual pursuits. The ego is crafty. I appreciate you answering my question, it's enlightened my perspective greatly.
  8. Since duality is a fabrication of the mind in removing that paradigm it allows for a non-duality exist.
  9. i have just one question. If the ego disappears, why tell anyone?
  10. This is where I started the process decades ago, to end the misery and to just be happy. Though in time the goal shifted from what my young mind was thinking of, what I later understood as situational happiness, to seeking out being at peace and in joy. Enlightenment is not my intent then or even now, it is a byproduct of the process of my healing which came with awakening.
  11. Fulfillment can be realized when the ego desire is quenched from being, it isn't that hunger or any of the other biological urges cease, it's a contentment in being that transcends things. If not vigilant in the mind I find that the natural urges can be a lure back into the ego desire so though I will get hungry, the mind will use that to suggest what I "want" to eat or maybe that certain foods don't appeal to me in an attempt to exert identity from the natural act of seeking nourishment..
  12. It may be just semantics but fulfilled wouldn't be an idea I would use with ego. The ego's appetite can be filled like a meal is good for a little while but it doesn't get satiated for very long so I hear you on the cycle.