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  1. Does that mean the female ones get a pass? Asking for a friend...haha
  2. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with what you are saying but it appears you may be filtering your view through a possibly misinformed understanding. I can't say for sure because I haven't read any of the theory and writings so I can't confirm or deny the veracity of what you say about marxism or it's proponents, I only understand overarching themes about it. Although, just from your own words I get a sense of reactionary rhetoric within what you say. The statement 'profit is theft', whether it ever was written by Marx or not or really is part of his theory or not, is a statement about the values of those that say it. They are saying that profit doesn't belong to the one who takes it. Your statement of disagreement with it is one of your own values in that you think who deserves the profit. How can we parse out the right or wrong in something that has differing values which the opinions are based on? It's almost as if it's religious belief, one will call out as sinful that another celebrates as sacred. What we can do is look at what actually transpires and the effects and influences around it. People will try to justify these things based on the value system they believe in but the actions, effects and influences of it can't be disguised by values. No matter how much rationalization or reasoning used to convince oneself of one's own 'truth' is true.
  3. It's not that I disagree with much of what you say here but ultimately it's not control over the mind as much as it is through the ceasing of 'doership', resting in awareness as you said which can also be called 'just being' the mind ceases to spontaneously create the activity we call 'thoughts'. Yet, it doesn't ever really cease all of this activity completely because every sense of our manifest body happens in our imagination which all of these can be considered our 'thoughts' so for it to completely cease would mean our experience of manifest existence in life would cease with it. Our being is expressed in manifest existence so our dancing and dreaming in life are the divine fruit of our being not the bane of it.
  4. So if someone starts punching you in the face you just let them without defending yourself? Jesus approves but Christians don't. But you are conflating the actual brutality perpetrated on marginal communities and someone verbally not accepting that as the status quo anymore which is disingenuous at best and vile at worst.
  5. You are touching on the whole contention between capitalism and marxism. You say that money = energy but it's also energy = labor, so labor = money even though some want to suggest and believe that money = money and energy = labor is an asset to exploit to make the money. The criticism that resonates in what is happening in the world is that people use the power of their capital to exploit the labor of others extracting the value from it and leaving very little for those who expended the energy to benefit from. The system as currently constructed rewards this exploitation and offers very little protection for those who labor. Those that advocate for policies and practices that benefit the workers are often called socialist/marxist by those who want to demonize them, those ideas and that word. Seeking a more equally shared benefit in the excess of profit doesn't seem like a radical proposition but according to those who call themselves capitalist those that do are the evil incarnate. People don't really understand what capitalism, socialism and the other types of 'isms' actually mean beyond what they are propagandized to think about them and told to 'love' or 'hate' by their 'tribe'. Ceasing to be attached to labels can help bring clarity once one looks at the actual actions and effects that result from behavior and dynamics at hand.
  6. So after the years, decades and even centuries of the 'left' being demonized by red scare McCarthyism, black listing, witch hunts, flogging, societal exiling by right wing and centrist castigation it's the left that are the meanies now? Hm....interesting. Is that like blaming the victim for beating them up and after they finally stand up for themselves they are framed as the abuser because they do? So it's them that need to 'chill out' for this according to your reasoning? Very very interesting.....
  7. Well, I don't want to reverse on my previous statement too much but will add that both individual action and collective action are required to change systematic issues, not just one or the other. We need both responsible individual behavior and regulatory governance with policy to effectively transform the conditioning and habituation of society and the people that comprise it. Just because one can accumulate wealth doesn't mean it also accumulates the behavior that benefits society. In fact, a strong argument can be made that the behavior that drives the accumulation of wealth doesn't translate to behavior that benefits society, just the individual and often at the expense of others. So we shouldn't just conflate personal benefit with societal benefit even if they do share some common benefits. I think that's enough breaching my own declaration for now. Hah
  8. Inner monologue or dialog.....yup, that's a thing, too, are only a couple of the different varieties of activity that forms the inner life. These things aren't inherently bad, wrong or negative and their absence isn't always good, right or positive although transcending them has it's benefits. The subconscious mind spontaneously produces all sort of inner activity and to cease identifying with and endorsing it will dampen it's influence and effect while increasing the potential of limiting the subconscious mind from producing it, even eventually ceasing it. Transcending them is always available.
  9. @LfcCharlie4 You are so close to having a clear perspective on the genuine nature of some things but it appears that you hold onto seemingly 'pragmatic' concepts and rhetoric that veil you to reality. I'm not going to try to clarify things for anyone because often experience is the most effective teacher and one person cannot give another those lessons. So my radical view is I'm not here to tell anyone what to think, feel or believe.
  10. I was surprised to hear that hedge funds could short exceeding the amount of real stock that actually exists but am not surprised they do stuff like that to manipulate the market for their benefit at the expense of others. Learning they can do this leaves me wondering many things about the influence and effect of that on the market as well as who permits it, who enables it and by what process it takes place. It doesn't seem fair that a fund can short stock exceeding the amount of real stock existing. The thing is there are many other stocks that are currently being shorted in this way and even establishment traders have engaged in short squeezing as well so this isn't unprecedented circumstances apart from who is doing the squeezing, Will it continue to happen or will the retail trading apps block individual traders from doing it again and will they allow institutional traders to do it while they block the retail traders from doing it? It will be interesting to observe how it plays out.
  11. Well, it's not as clear cut as protecting regular people from themselves, I added some other aspects of it in my response to them you may also consider.
  12. Options expire by Friday so it isn't completely over and there has been some murmurings that regulators might even give them a longer grace period to save them from their own greed. If they do would they do the same for individual investors? Hmm
  13. It wouldn't be a 'top' if the demand to buy was still there and the buyers are allowed to buy, a manipulated catch 22 done by the apps. I just wonder if there is no buying of real stock permitted then how can those individual investors sell what they currently hold? The hedge funds with their imaginary shorts can close those positions by the time the options expire but the people with current unrealized profits may be prevented to realizing those profits if there is no buying of the real stock allowed. This is one of the reasons for the class action lawsuit undoubtedly.
  14. I agree there are likely people who don't understand what's happening and think they can cash in on something they aren't fully informed on. This is a disheartening outcome to people who may not be prepared for it and aren't in a position to rectify it. Although, part of the establishment manipulation that is going on to harm some of these individual traders is halting BUYING of the stock, which would raise the price and may have those people to see a gain but allow hedge funds to SELL the stock. Some may think to themselves how can someone sell stock that people can't buy? That's not how the market works! Well, in this circumstance hedge funds shorted stock that didn't exist to profit on the demise of the company so they don't need buyers to close positions. So they prevent the price to raise by blocking individual traders buying real stock so hedge funds can close positions on 'imaginary' stock to limit losses....and if they can suppress the price enough before the option matures maybe erase the unrealized loss before it's due. As those individual traders sell their stock to realize their gains because they are still permitted to do so this will also help the hedge funds recoup unrealized losses before it's too late as it all adds to the devaluation of the stick price. Let's just hope the more vulnerable individual traders do it to take their small gains or small losses before the complete tanking of the price after the options mature and all the shorts have to be closed since many of them aren't real buy/sell trades, they are imaginary ones. I'm not an expert in this so I may not be fully informed of every aspect of it but this is just from my current understanding which may or may not be accurate admittedly.
  15. I'm sure there are a wide array of people that comprise the people who participated in this situation. I heard something read by a content creator that was written by one of the traders who did and I may not be able to actually find it to link but it was very telling. They spoke about how they have always been in financial insecurity even in childhood and every day they are at risk of financial ruin if something accidentally goes wrong not of their own doing while working low paying jobs. So when took this opportunity it was a risk easily born because they are always at risk. Sure, some, even many or most may have been 'day traders' but I suspect there are many varieties of people who are involved so I won't moralize about them as a collective block. I myself am just taking note of what is happening in observation of it and doing my best to not ascribe much morality to it even if it may appear as if my describing what I see does.
  16. What else is it you think they are they doing? Explain it to me. Bias = people saying stuff I don't like. I don't 'hate' anyone or anything....maybe your own vision is clouded by your own emotional disposition. I do however have feelings rise up from my subconscious mind about the happenings in this world. I feel the misery and suffering in the world even if I don't attach any identity in my own being to it....but it's there, in unity of one it is there. How many more times do I have to exclaim if you think I thought, I think you thought too much.
  17. Bias = people saying things I don't like. Did you know 'truth' is a bias, too? I just describe what I observe, if you don't like it then that's your issue to resolve, not mine. You again should consider that if you think I thought I think you thought too much.
  18. So buying a publicly traded stock as the market and the apps used as brokers are designed and intended for is the same thing as openly calling for violence and discrimination on others that is against the ToS of the platforms they are using? Hmmmm....interesting.
  19. Nothing I said was historically or currently inaccurate. Just because the person who has been caught on video openly coordinating with law enforcement to protect the extremist group in their violent activity during the civil rights protests this past year is also now protecting themselves from prosecution by informing on the group because the tide of public opinion has turned because of their activity doesn't change the nature of the circumstances. It just shows the duplicitous and self serving nature of the individual. Law enforcement may create the dog and pony show of arresting people out of power but will never touch the white supremacist elements in power who never get exposed or consequences. If they start arresting and/or removing from power people like Marjorie Taylor Greene or the people who made the decisions to not prepare leaving Capital police exposed to the mob in the capital riot even though they had Intel and knew what may happen then that is different. Time will tell but I won't trust authorities to do the right thing in holding accountable the established racially motivated hierarchy and discrimination because they never have. They may just try to save face in public opinion through token actions because of the unprecedented happening at the capital and their inaction to resist it....and even many of them secretly and not so secretly endorsed it. Oh....and yes, law enforcement has sometimes behaved much like organized crime in the past and even still to this day strong arm communities without repercussions.
  20. 'Law enforcement' was created for and employed to enforce racism since the beginning and has always been populated with people actively serving this purpose so it's not surprising of their connections with right wing extremist groups because they are have continually been one in the same in many respects.
  21. Why project nefarious intent on people who are only trying to create a financial change for themselves through a legal publicly available opportunity? It's the establishment financiers who have been behaving sketchily for decades through their dealings and lobbying for regulatory advantages so we should be questioning them about their deeds not the individual investors who are only doing what the market is there for. Just because the source of their communications is social media and not board rooms doesn't make it less credible or imbued with ill intent. The trading apps are now circling the wagons and protecting the establishment by halting trading for retail traders but I'm sure the hedge funds don't have the same limitations. Again these financial 'gangs' have behind the scenes lobbied for and been granted advantages so they can protect from accountability and exploit for profit that the individuals traders don't enjoy the advantages but are actually getting excluded from. Are these a 'publicly traded' corps or not? Only when the few can enjoy the fruits of it but as soon as the masses are in the field picking the crops then it's a problem? Hmmm...who is nefarious now?
  22. The conceptualizations of the imagination often are the obstacles to being in liberation and regret is one of those even in the potential of it.
  23. My thinking exactly yet here we both are.....
  24. My apologies, you said to me 'your thinking' so you could understand why I might have got the impression you did have an idea.... my mistake. My view of it is like if the worst team of the best league in the world got beat by a bunch of rec league guys one time and it was an entertaining game to watch... Although I have to add it seems that the deterrent on market shorting this provides may help curb some predatory behavior.