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  1. I wondered why so much attention keeps returning to this thread and reading the last handful of pages is really quite funny. It feels like a Seinfeld episode because it's about nothing but there's an ongoing circular argument about getting the big word salad. You don't know what it is to experience infinite refill! No, the ingredients are an illusion. Idiots, none of you will taste absolute love. It's too comical. Just be at peace.
  2. Well, if solipsism is true, then why did I create NPCs that have no choice but to tell me I don't have any free will...
  3. I always find it humorous how people 'choose' to tell others they have no choice and I guess they have no choice but to do it yet the only question I have about it is....Why do people 'choose' to argue with NPCs about free will?
  4. Why did you create an imaginary 'buddy' pushing an imaginary 'it'…?
  5. There is no correct or incorrect path, there just is what is and what you said here is something you can always use as the foundation to a life of well being. Us in seeking, even in seeking well being, is the mind imagining that we are lacking something, so just be it, then it is what is.
  6. If you are trying to find a path that is correct you have already started off on the wrong foot. Contemplate that... ..then come back and ask me what that riddle means if you cannot discover the message yourself.
  7. It's funny how a change of one thing, our perspective, can change everything without really changing anything...except perspective.
  8. I see people are picking through turds trying to find chocolate chips but even if you can it's covered in crap.
  9. Not really physically because it doesn't help that when you lose your ego since it doesn't weigh anything. Although your spirit may feel lighter without it...
  10. This place never ceases to amaze but also never surprises either... in before the lock
  11. Spirituality has been at the heart of human civilization in every culture since before recorded history expressed in an infinite number of ways so this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that is paying attention.
  12. So you felt the need to add more of the same of what you complain about? Interesting...
  13. If someone practices terrible habits they will become very good at those habits, one might even say they improved themselves in it. Nobody really has to try to improve, naturally their biology just gets 'better' at whatever it is they do. We can attempt to intervene in the ongoing adaptation process and 'select' what those behaviors are by doing them, eventually we get better at it. Yet it just happens naturally. Also, traits aren't connected as opposites in some binary, they are each their own individual characteristic in which we can explore in our experience of it or not much or not at all. I'm both outgoing extroverted and enjoy deep thinking solitude. Reality is way more dynamic than any game, we can not only rewrite the code of the game, we can rewrite the code of the machine the game plays on. gg
  14. If there is enlightenment then there is also endarkenment. So if enlightenment is like me getting these last 3 mins of my life back then endarkenment is I forget they even existed.
  15. The ego loves all forms of belief systems, including the many mystical varieties that fill 'spiritual' forums like this one as well...because its attachment identity flourishes within the conceptualizations of the mind and is its 'kingdom'. It also attaches emotions to make it even more of a powerful connection, it uses mystical experience to inspire even more attachment to its identity, it brands it with words like 'truth' and 'god' to justify its attachment to it. The ego isn't 'bad' or 'wrong' just is what it is and what it is often can be the source of self suffering. Money and wealth are really just another belief system that creates the illusion of separation that we are incomplete, that we lack so it causes self suffering. Just the way it likes it....
  16. @Soul Flight I was broke and dumb yet living in liberation during my youth so any material condition can be transcended. It may seem like money is an especially distracting aspect of human life whether one has it or not but it isn't a new one. Whatever is a stepping stone along our path we use to grow in our healthy evolution can be turned into a stumbling block by the ego. Whatever tool we have for our inner work the ego can use it as a weapon against us in that work. We can overcome 1000 challenges but the ego will stack up 1001 for us to accomplish, there is nothing the conditional mind won't use to separate us from what it believes it doesn't have. Our existential yearning for some perceived lack is the very 'desire' spoken of so many years ago. So ultimately, there are no amounts of fruit from the material world that can quench this quest that appears innate in our consciousness. There is nothing in the manifest appearance to suggest that transcending it is as powerful as it is. That not doing is the most useful thing to do. Just be it.
  17. The neoadvaita solipsism copypasta is so easy to just regurgitate but she doesn't quite have it down completely yet, I can spot the inconsistencies in her rhetoric. I tried to listen but after 10 mins I had heard enough, I was able to predict her answers before she said it just based on the question.
  18. This is from your last post and now I'll just go back to add another quote from an earlier post using the same drag highlight method. Even if you don't write a reply to the quote as soon as it populates the quick reply but add more quotes to reply to we can always go and click into the space in between the quotes to make the specific reply to each quote once they are populated into the quick reply field. Also, the quote will populate where the cursor is in the quick reply field, so if you edited your reply at some point remember to set the cursor back to the bottom of the reply or it will cut your reply in half with the populated quote.
  19. Just left click and drag highlight the part of the text you want to quote and a little box should pop up that says 'quote this' then click that box. It should populate the quick reply field with just that bit as the member's post you will be quoting. It will even do it for multiple quotes from multiple member's so you can respond to each of them at once. I did it for this reply and it worked fine.
  20. I think I can help. If you look in your internet browser on the tabs you may have open for this site there is a little 'x' it and never return. Problem solved, you're welcome.
  21. I thought he was an alien insanitist...silly me.
  22. The all or nothing perspective is a dualistic mindset and the ego will even embrace the notion it has no free will as long as it gets what it desires, attachment and identity that comes from a perspective of separation which dualism is this. The ego cannot help but be dualistic since that is its very nature and it is an autonomous facet of our psyche but in awareness we don't have to perceive in this separated way. We can transcend it and are not just limited to what the ego creates as identity.
  23. What makes you think that 'transcending the ego' means getting rid of it? It simply means having an awareness of and a perspective of our being that is more than just what the ego presents. This is a common misunderstanding and the negative opinion about the ego is a popular one so just celebrate that you have finally transcended the misunderstanding about transcending the ego. The ego may be clinging to certain things in the form of memories, ideas, emotional responses and self perceptions it identifies with that can serve you well to get rid of or change and the clinging itself may be a stumbling block to well being. Ultimately, becoming aware of and transcending this misunderstanding is helpful, be encouraged that you have.
  24. Yes, do appreciate every step along the path. Although, if we allow any one step along the way to capture too much attention it can stagnate the journey. The ego desires identity so it will create elaborate reasoning and complex interconnected webs of trust in its identity that rely on each other to form this basis of identity. It can become a stumbling block in the path, this isn't a dysfunction but it can be quite a strong hindrance to our work. This is why remaining vigilant in not allowing any of the conceptualizations to be a whirlpool we get caught up with is crucial in continuing the progress. Every step has it's own vantage point but even as the perspective may appear similar from one point to the next it's ever changing as we continue along the path. To use this analogy further to describe it, if we are hiking a mountain the view from the valley floor where we start is clear and the peak where we are going is unclear. Each small rise along the way the valley grows less clear and the peak more clear but each vantage point only differs slightly from the next. Then we get to the top and the peak is clear and the valley is unclear. Keeping awareness in a 'fresh eyes' disposition will keep us open to new revelation. It's not a black and white case of right and wrong but each step along the path has its own insights, what helped previously may hold back eventually. The ego's survival mode often clings tightly to yesterday's insight so can be resistant to new insight. Being aware of how the ego will build temples around insights is valuable in keeping on the path because we don't really want to spend time worshiping in them or even building a religion of identity around them. Since there are always a new one awaiting us and ultimately we will abandon each one as the absolute is all of them but also none of them. The ego doesn't like this but through its functioning we can train it to embrace it.