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  1. I will point out resources I have been using and prove some tips on natural vision improvement. I have myopia but these resources probably can help you for other vision problems too. I have been doing natural vision improvement for the last year seriously and I see the gains! I had -6 SPH myopia and probably down to -5 for far away and -3 for close up work. Look around and browse all the content on these websites. There are people who have dedicated their lives to help people naturally improve their vision. All the information is basically free. I will point out one paid course I bought - it organize/creates an action plan for you. But to be honest you don't really need it but it may help you get result faster because it organize the information for you. You can use these resources and find more resources. There are many eye problems people have which these resources can help. Also search around - there are video on how to order glasses/learn about your eye sight prescription. https://endmyopia.org/faqs/ <-this guy focus more on myopia https://endmyopia.org/how-to-improve-eyesight-five-steps/ https://integraleyesight.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSPEYMIPRZLHsrn3jVAeFuA/ <- this guy has many good free videos explaining stuff. I also got his paid online course. He helps people with a lot of different vision problems. *he said *All vision problems are caused by strain. http://www.central-fixation.com/perfect-sight-without-glasses/ Important to see real people reviews/experiences as well. Don't take my word for it! Try it out and experience for yourself. Here are some of my own tips. I will point out stuff that I feel these resource don't really touch on/highlight some of the more important stuff. Plus I think it's good to get a perspective from a person who is really into personal development, consciousness work, and junk also been very hardcore follower of actualized.org for a long time. You basically need to become conscious of your body. *specifically your eyes for this work. See how your eyes work and what feel good and not. Figure out when you are straining your eyes and consciously let go of the strain and relax the eyes. You need figure out how to relax your eyes in all situations. *hint your thoughts play big role! Mind-body connection. See Leo's video on body awareness. Also Leo has amazing book on body awareness I recommend. Also think about your posture, when you're sitting at the computer, sleeping position, etc. The goal basically to get your eyes to relax and work naturally/automatically. Kriya yoga help me a lot. I feel you need an energy practice and clear up your chakra points. I was on a plateau for a long time and it help get me to the next level. You need some sort of conscious practice where you relax your body and get into a very deep relaxed state. Resources above point out the *bates method which teach palming, swinging, sunning - basically physical things you can do to relax yourself and also there visualization things they also teach like "imagine a black dot and relax. Many useful things with the bates method I found. Clean up diet, stop using harmful products - look at your shampoo, laundry detergent, lotion, etc. Intense exercise!! I go swimming everyday (non-prescription swimming goggles!) and take long nature walk without glasses. Played a big role I feel. Fun facts: My eye color has gotten brighter! It was very dark brown and now it is very light brown. It was so noticeable that my family notice it. It is very light brown in the morning especially if I do a lot of sunning! Got a lot of sun shine. You feel more relaxed and get more productive you release a lot of tension in your body! Ok that's enough from me! I wish you best of luck on your vision recovery journey! There are plateaus, highs, lows - your vision fluctuate but generally will fluctuate upwards over time from my experience. Some people are faster than others. I may do an update post once I get back to perfect vision. There is definitely enough material out there if you search hard enough. Countless people have recovered their eye sight from vary of vision problems. Thank you Leo and actualized community <3
  2. I recently just looked at Leo's book list again for the updates and I ended up ordering Leo's highly recommended books about "Communicating with God". I just started reading the first book and my mind was completely blown away. I started having "communication with God". I started getting feelings, dreams of God communicating with me about life, my life purpose, and even I received encouragement/motivation by GOD! LIKE OH MY GOD! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!! This was only possible because Leo pointed out this gem through his book list! I highly recommend people get their hands on these books (Communicating with God)! When I was reading it my body was shaking and I could feel that these were the words of God! These were speaking of the high truth. I felt so blessed and grateful I was so lucky to have got to experience this and find these resources and Leo. That God lead me to them. Before reading this part of the first book. I thought I could only communicate with God if I was very advance with meditation, yoga, or took psychedelics. But what I learn was that everyone is SPECIAL! EVERYONE CAN COMMUNICATE WITH GOD! They just need to be open and listen. These books answer questions I think everyone would be curious about. After my dream with God communicating with me, I woke up and started writing everything down I could remember. I then started to cry tears of joy for that experience. I will not say the title/author out of respect for Leo. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY BUY LEO's book list!!!! The price is nothing compared to what you get. I would have never found these books otherwise. Buy the book list and let Leo do the hard work of collecting a lot of gems for you then you can buy and apply. I feel super spoiled in a good way. THE BOOK LIST IS A SUPER HIGH CONSCIOUSNESS RESOURCE that points to a lot of powerful life transforming material. Thank you Leo! And Thank you actualized community! I learned a lot and my life changed because of you <3
  3. Hi thank you for reading my post. So I have successfully monetized my life purpose and been doing financially well. This past year I made around 100k completely from my business around my life purpose. I noticed many business aspects, which I have to attend to, really suck my passion out of me and my work. Here are some examples… yes I know they are kinda of petty… this is my first business by the way. I had a big increase in income then a following a drop in income. I had a knee jerk reaction and started worrying and freaking out. I started panic worrying that my business will die. I keep thinking all the possible ways how my business can get fucked and try to prevent them. Now it's just irrational worrying. When I start doing some fun artsy fartsy stuff - the business side of me says stuff like "this is a waste of time" - this doesn't help generate more income - remember 80/20 principle? (80% of your results are come 20% of what you do) this artsy fartsy crap is not in the 20% of what you should be doing. This started happening when I started doing my life purpose oriented business full time. Now my survival is tie to my business performance. I am a one person business, so I do everything. I feel if I don't constantly work on my business, keep expanding it, and keep improving my art that my business will die. For past few years, working on my life purpose and the business has been my sole focus to everything else. I literally have no social life and hobbies. Most of my day (everyday) is just working on the business. I feel I'm missing out on other stuff? So the question is, how do I know when I can work on other areas of my life? I feel my business is never enough. I feel my income is never enough. I feel my skill and my art is never enough. Questions more specific to @Leo and or anyone else who feel that can answer them Do you still have the desire to grow and expand your business? (make more money, get more known)? I feel that if my business is not constantly growing then it will die. But my passionate side just wants to focus on creating cool stuff. But I keep fearing about money and time allocation. How do you handle fears of your business getting fucked? For example Leo -what if your Youtube channel disappeared? What happens if people start getting disinterested in your content? How will you survive? What is your plan!? Are all the *products* you do all for passion now? Do you still actively think about the business side of things? PLEASE LEO! I bought your life purpose course and book list! And probably will purchase anything else you make. Any advice and or book suggestions from anyone is greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading my post.
  4. So my parents have been telling me creepy stories they have heard from monks. They know I have been a sole practitioner for a while(like most of you). And tell me related stories to sole practitioners. One story that really creeps me out: This musician started doing meditation by himself for relaxation. And then he started seeing paranormal things. One thing he saw was a really pretty girl. And the girl went inside his body and try to take over his body. And he didn't know what to do so he went to a monk and got help. The monk helped him by chanting together some religious phrase or something till the girl went away or something like that. Then the monk warned people of doing this spiritual work alone without any direct guidance. Other stories involve paranormal things trying to trick you to follow them. This story creeps me out because if something like that happened I won't know what to do and probably would just write another forum post. The only meditation/spiritual stuff I follow is LEO and actualized.org stuff! So far I only have watched his free videos, follow his kriya book he recommended, and read random stuff on the forum. Also I'm scared that I would get tricked by a pretty girl cause I'm a virgin and get really horny sometimes while I meditate which I try to ignore hardcore. Maybe I should get a girlfriend? Things I have been focusing on for last few years are life purpose mostly and spiritually work. Yes I have listened to Leo's video of dark side of meditation many times and read his replies to such topics. And what I remember the general advice was to stay present and you can just ignore them. But what freaks me out is that I didn't know they could do stuff to you???!?!?!? Also my sister had started meditating a few months ago and she saw creepy paranormal things while she was awake. She talks to my parents more about the creepy stories than I do. I didn't ask for details cause I'm a scaredy cat. I try not talk about spiritual work with my parents. The only weird stuff that happened to me so far is not that bad. It doesn't scare me. I use to have my body move by itself like my torso just rotate. And sometimes I see a light. And recently I hear this ringing sound. Before I would hear this ringing sound only when I meditate and now I hear it all the time. Also during this time, I started following the kriya book Leo suggested. And I was focusing on this ringing sound during concentration. So I'm asking is for some advice how deal with my fears and what to think of this? I still do my meditation(strong determination meditation) and kriya practice every day. I'm following the kriya book rigorously. I want to avoid any traumatic experiences. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hey Actualized.org guys! I been encountering a ton of challenges (threshold guardians) to my life purpose recently. I been on my life purpose for around 3 years so far. I really feel I found it since a year ago. I can literally cry tears of joy thinking about it; I have journaled about my love about for it many times. I have also purchased Leo's life purpose course a year or so ago. Recently I find myself constantly re-watching Leo's videos and especially his life purpose content. I have been getting fearful of the unknown whether I will be able to fully realize my life purpose and make it sustainable (especially financially). I realize I have a faith and patience issue. I have received external rewards from my life purpose such as some internet fame and money. I have monetized my life purpose by posting videos of my work on youtube and I have been getting ad revenue. I been able to grow my audience, work on my own projects I love, and watch my skills improve exponentially. I feel I am rocking my life purpose. But fears of how I am going to support myself is shaky as I am depending on ad revenue on youtube. I been trying to figure out other ways to monetize my life purpose but most of them seem not plausible to me. Solutions I have thought of: 1. I thought about patreon (crowd funding basically) but my audience is mostly teens and kids (they got no money). In addition, my content is very high quality, short, and can take months to make. Youtube does not favor my type of content. I create animations. Don't ask for my channel. I rather stay anonymous! I also have fears of sharing who I really am with people and showing them my work even though I'm super proud of it. I know I have problems of attachment, how people think of me, and dependent on results. I know I have tons of stuff wrong with me. Doing this life purpose stuff, really makes it all apparent. 2. I am also currently a student. I am studying computer science. But I have realized I don't love it. I should have tried to get an internship but I don’t have much motivation to do it. I feel like I would hate it. I rather just spend all my free time investing into my purpose and building career capital. I have committed myself to my life purpose. So this option would be to try to get a job with my computer science degree after I graduate and just work on my passion on my off time. I have been currently just working on my life purpose during summers and all the time I can spare. 3. Try to get a job within the area of my life purpose. I have thought about it. I feel I would get used and abused. I feel I would get used then get discarded. I want to have full control over my work. The type of animations I do is very specialized and I don’t know if I could get a job doing it. Yes I know I am coming up with a ton of excuses. I have a daily meditation practice My situation is kinda complicated and odd. I have no idea who to ask for advice so I turn to you guys. I feel confused and lost. I feel fearful. I feel like I am on a hero’s journey but scared out of my mind. I know all my problems are super petty in the right context. I know I should be really grateful for how fortunate I’ve been. But I just want it all to work. There’s so much uncertainty and I keep questioning my future. I keep trying to control what is not within my control. I try to practice detachment but I’m so dam attached to my life purpose and the outcome. Yes I know I have problems with faith, patience, and attachment. I also have problems with jealousy of other youtube channels. I think they create the most stupid stuff ever(not Leo - I love Leo’s stuff) but they are able to be financially well off. Yes I have watched Leo’s jealousy video many times. My feeling of jealousy have recently transformed into fear and uncertainty. They can make low quality stuff -> make a living where I pour tons of love and hard work and I fear for my life purpose’s financial stability. Yes I know the world is unfair and I'm super lucky to be alive. Yes I have problems with labeling people, complaining, being petty, self-absorbed. But I am mindful of it most of the time, I am constantly catching myself as I am writing this post, which I find it hilarious. Any suggestions and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Hey Leo! Can you give me some advice? Since I purchased your life purpose course? I am a hardcore self-help junkie and Actualized.org follower by the way. And will probably purchase all your future courses.