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  1. So are we just pulling pictures off reddit now? I reverse searched this and it came from a jewish subreddit with no source. Besides that there's plenty of pic like this from gun loving families in the US. So your point is they're all conditioned to be terrorists? Is anyone even moderating this thread anymore? I'm just checking this after a month and the last 5 pages looks like a YouTube comment section.
  2. We would have to start with people being allowed to buy property and charge rent. There's a politician in my county who thrives on doing exactly that and there is 0 incentive for him and people like him to stop. Easy passive income while investing little to nothing into the property they own and raising rent annually as if wages were also going up.
  3. I don't believe I suggested any of that. You can allow people to leave Gaza and still have checkpoints, what are you talking about?
  4. Isn't Hamas the result of people who have been oppressed, humiliated, and segregated for seven decades? It's not shocking that people become radicalized from decades of oppression. I don't see Hamas being eliminated while Gaza remains the world's largest open-air prison. There's no justice for Palestinians when they are abused by Israel citizens in the West Bank or anywhere else. There's a ton of video examples of the oppressed life of average Palestinians like this one I'm sure you're well aware of this already. The longer they live like this the more people will be radicalized and join Hamas. What other options do they have when your apartment building could just be bombed indiscriminately one day with little to no warning? It's not like there's any other groups to turn to. Back to the cancer analogy, aren't Israel's actions like trying to treat cancer by smoking it out with tobacco? Counter intuitively wouldn't the Israel government be better off pushing for equal rights of Palestinians? Maybe policy change that allows them to leave Gaza....Probably wishful thinking on my part, but Hamas wouldn't have support of radicalized Palestinians if they weren't being treated as subhuman and given rights. Maybe then they could have a sane leadership. Idk what the "correct" response is to Hamas's acts of terror but the violence is incredibly asymmetrical and Israel has the power to do this differently, but their right-wing government is a whole other topic. quick edit* I also want to add that from scrolling through various social media comments I've noticed people seem to think Hamas is some kind of power house that both controls Israel and Gaza. That's more a point about propaganda but I felt it worth mentioning.
  5. There's not much I can add to what's been said here but one side is trying to give kids free school lunches, the other side is forcing kids to have their rapist's babies. Maybe to you it's a small distinction but that's probably because you're not living in an area where your life was majorly impacted by conservative legislation.
  6. The US is only 245 years old and built on paved over graves
  7. All things in life in moderation...especially moderation.
  8. For your commonplace books, This is a great little writing tool for writing any kind of book, rpg, resources, or whatever writing you do. I've barley scratched the surface but there's a lot of potential; it's free to dabble in, looks fairly priced, and I feel that the people on this forum could do a lot with it. Leaving a link, give it a glance. https://www.campfirewriting.com/
  9. Between this and Biden's last speech saying MAGA is extremists, it's been a strong start to the month.
  10. Maybe it's the socialist side of me talking but this "inflation" we are experiencing is mostly lack of redistribution of wealth. To my understanding, big companies and banks received massive gains and debt forgiveness over the pandemic. My understanding of economics is pretty basic but there's a lot of factors that play into inflation. It is definitely a good thing for the wealthy who can drive their prices up without raising workers' wages. Your minimalist take on being happy with all that you are blessed with is a noble one, but it doesn't apply to the elite responsible for squeezing the average citizen. It's also difficult to tell that to an American struggling with mental health problems they can't afford to treat, hospital bills, raising rent, and general worker mistreatment in a wage slave job. Yes, we can be happy with what we have and there's lessons to be learned from that. That doesn't mean, however, that we have to be okay with the reasons behind the inflation and the lack of responsibility our representatives have for it.
  11. "Legal" doesn't necessarily mean they become a commodity. If they are legal through clinics for people addicted, regulated, and people aren't thrown in jail for use/possession then I think it would be an overall positive impact. I don't think we would see cocaine dispensaries or anything like that. Selling them on the streets should still be illegal though.
  12. I see it more of a reflection on how we worship money and those who have it.
  13. I've noticed that the voter turnout for the last major election had record participation for numerous reasons. Great! However, in a somewhat recent post, a girl was grazed by a bullet and Ann Brenoff replied with the classic "vote harder" take the DNC pushes. This response is disheartening for people who voted blue and has become a sort of, "Thoughts and prayers" for the left. Despite record turnouts we still can't get momentum in the right direction from the politicians we vote for. The problem with voting for the Democratic party is that young people see this inaction and it increases voter apathy; they either don't vote anymore or they vote 3rd party. Either is like giving a vote to the republicans since they vote religiously. It's Important to vote but we need collective movement to make things happen. Republicans are great at this, I mean they were ready to storm the capitol on Jan 6th. If the left had that same energy but for organizing for something like healthcare, unions, or student loan forgiveness then we could make meaningful change in this country. This is disconcerting because I feel like we have great potential to go in either direction right now and I don't feel like there's enough enthusiasm for organization.