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  1. LOL Thank you for all you do, Leo. I hope your holidays were good
  2. The power is knowing that you do not know. God help you if you don't know that you don't know.
  3. There is power in knowing that you do not know
  4. @juvoci Do you have any recommendation on blog sites?
  5. I'm not sure about this one. Indigenous cultures of South America would give their newborns a teaspoon of Ayahuasca. I certainly wouldn't recommend a tab of acid or something like that to a kid though....
  6. There are people with permanent damage from Covid. Calling it "no big deal" is irresponsible.
  7. Martial arts as a PE class would be cool. They are all about discipline and something like Tai Chi could have a lot of benefit for kids in school. I remember my elementary school had a karate class in the evening, but it was lame and not very helpful.
  8. @Village "cocktail of disease" shows lack of understanding on what a vaccine actually is... Can you explain what specific things in a vaccine concern you? If you're worried about things like mercury you should know there is more in a can of tuna than a vaccine.
  9. I think part of the fear of the vaccines comes from the way the media framed it. They made it seem like the vaccine was completely untested and the first person who got it was a test, at least that's the impression I got from a quick skim of the comments. Here's the problem though: I've been seeing that it would be a two part vaccine 3 weeks apart. That's going to require a commitment from people getting the vaccine, otherwise the virus could mutate and become resistant to it. Add that to the people who are actively refusing to take it and there is a lot of potential for this to go poorly. If people getting the vaccine make a commitment to following up and take it seriously then this could go quite well. However, since we like to politicize everything from masks to vaccines, I can see a new vaccine coming after this one for the follow up, or maybe an improved version that doesn't require such low temperature storage. For that reason I can see both sides on the waiting argument. All that said though, I massage for a living and haven't been able/comfortable doing my practice since March. I want to get past this and go back to my work, so I will take whatever vaccine they have ready.
  10. JP is one of those people you have to take with a grain of salt. He has very helpful and pragmatic things to say but a lot of ideology too that people can get lost in.
  11. You can start with analyzing where Germany was after WWI on the spiral dynamics scale, where Hitler was, and where he brought Germany on the scale.
  12. Is that because of corruption? What would be the next logical step for India?
  13. People have their own reasons, but he's stage red/orange which is dangerous to have as the leader of the US... Plus he's a compulsive liar that brings out the worst in people.
  14. I'm so down. I'll have my Ska band relocate to Oregon.