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  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. Some education systems don't have homework while others have their students in class for 12 hours a day. It's similar across the board in some sense, but they vary quite a bit.
  3. Which education system? American, Chinese, Canadian?
  4. San Pedro, Huachuma, Is much more powerful in a group ceremony under the guidance of shamans. If you can make that happen you'll get a lot more out of it.
  5. Distance yourself from enablers like the internet and your computer. If you go to a healing retreat or meditation retreat where you are in close living quarters with other people and it's impossible to look at porn and or masturbate, you'll notice the urge come back but with a different relationship to it. While in this kind of situation, you'll have a better chance contemplating your relationship to masterbation and porn and hopefully be able to bring back your insights to your normal life.
  6. Pork is the one meat I try to avoid since taking ayahuasca. It's the one meat that absolutely clashes with the medicine, and I feel better not eating it. I try to limit my meat intake regardless, but pork I don't touch. The rule of thumb with food is the more simple the better; the less work your body has to do to break it down and turn it into a human being.
  7. There's places in the world that haven't even come out of SD stage purple yet. We would, I think, need to bring everyone up to at least stage green before we could have that kind of cooperation... But I wouldn't say impossible.
  8. I have a friend that knows her. I ask about her sometimes. She's lost pretty much all her friends because she's an asshole. But I'm rooting for her. I genuinely hope she gets it together even though she probably won't. I love her, but I don't lose sleep over her, I don't talk to her, and I'm better off without her. I'm in a great relationship now and she's probably still going from guy to guy hoping to find "the One" someday. Any news I get about her is never inspiring, but like I said, I'm rooting for her.
  9. Happy new year! Oh man... Delicious 😁
  10. The topic of death has been coming up for me a lot lately and tonight (30th) I did just under 2g of mushrooms I had left over. I had a light trip for the most part, not many visuals if any but did a lot of inquiry about decisions I have to make: life, relationships, things coming up. At what I thought was the end, after I sat down and digested the trip for a bit, I had to pee and I was hungry too. First I smoked a little weed and collected myself. Some time passed and I had a feeling in my gut. I got up to pee and I started getting tunnel vision. Halfway through peeing my pants were slipping off and I fell over peeing on myself in the process. I climbed on the toilet and proceeded to die. I had a feeling I was going to come back from this but I wasn't sure at the time. Vision started becoming starry and I could hear a sound like when I take DMT. I also have some hearing damage in my right ear, I only mention it because I could loudly hear and feel a vein pumping in that ear. The things running through my head were all the things I've heard about death; including a Ram Dass quote. It was like a DMT trip overtaking me, losing vision and sense of existing. If I never did DMT this would have been terrifying, but it was actually kind of comforting once I was in that familiar psychedelic space. This was different though. I enjoyed it more after it was over and I was sure that I wasn't going to die. Eventually I realized I was literally dying on the toilet like Elvis and had to get up to go ride the rest out in my bed. I sat up gradually coming back, hearing was the last thing to return and it took its time. I was hot sweating and then had shivers. I ate a banana after. It's hours later now, technically new years eve here, wide awake at 2AM wanting to document this down.
  11. @Serotoninluv The non discriminatory speech is a great point. Not only does using broad words like "people" deflect the question, or rather the implications of the question, it allows his supporters to draw their own conclusions. He can use this speech with racist, homophobic, etc. Members in the audience without ever needing to directly appeal to them with hateful language. I've also noticed the chopper talk as well. It definitely makes him seem like he's too busy to do a long interview, not too different from the "I can't stay long" technique in pickup.
  12. Did you watch The Devil We Know?
  13. "America first!" is usually a term I hear from toxic nationalists. We do have a number of issues at home, but the USA has had its hands in global affairs for too long to flip flop now. Take the recent news about Syria. The president made it seem like it was in the country's best interest and that the troops stationed there would come home. What actually happened was redeployment in Saudi Arabia and southern Syria with more troops. It's a nice idea to just stay out of it but it gets tricky when the issue of international trade, resources, and conflicts arise. The issues go much deeper than immigration. North Korea, for example, is not just a US concern. Do you remember when they were testing missiles by shooting them over Japan a few years ago? South America really needs our help as well. Between what's happening to the environment, politically, and economically there's a lot of corruption and devilry the people are struggling with. Those issues dove tail with the crime in central America; the cartel being able to fight off police with military efficiency. Just a few examples, but my point is that we can't look at these problems so myopically.
  14. Special Containment Procedures It's a made up place that has prisoners to test interactions with SCPs, which can be harmless objects or deadly creatures. There's a video game about it And some neat animations It's all creative writing and it goes through a community filter that approves which ones become SCPs. I see it as a beautiful artistic expression of Sci Fi and horror imagination. This really shouldn't be in Government/politics though, maybe a mod can move it somewhere else?