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  1. Hi, Watched the video. I don't know why the cop approached with his gun drawn, but I can see why the cop was getting frustrated. They don't like it when they tell you to do something and you repeatedly break it (taking hands off the steering wheel) You don't know if people like this are going to try and run or fight when they are in that state of panic, and the fact that he was a big guy didn't help. That said I can say that police need better training and not better equipment. They have all these tools but ultimately couldn't calm/restrain him competently. Besides tragedy that's all I see here, incompetence. I can see how stage green gets triggered here by Floyd's pleading, but here we have unknowns from the cops' perspective: is he on drugs, does he have a gun, is he alone? If we want to talk about social workers, send one in AFTER he is successfully detained and no longer a potential threat. If that means sitting him on the curb instead of in the back seat then fine. But we wouldn't need a social worker to calm him down if the police could handle this better. Police have to deal with all sorts of different areas of the human psyche. Being able to identify and deal with those is more important than learning choke holds. Sociology and psychology basics could go a lot further in future police than military equipment. That's where "defunding" the police could come in; Trading in military equipment for more extensive training including mental and physical,then continuing education after basic training. If we had programs like this, or something along those lines then maybe nobody would be dead or in prison. There would have to be a lot of systematic changes for any significant change regardless .
  2. "Life itself is only a vision; a dream. Nothing exists save empty space and you. And you are but a thought." Apparently Mark Twain got existential in his later years. I just stumbled upon this movie and aside from it being visually disturbing for its intended audience, the animation is entirely clay and quite beautiful. Mark Twain wrote this short story when he lost his wife, children, and faith in God. The story is called, "The Mysterious Stranger" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mysterious_Stranger I thought it was a neat find, thought I'd share it, would love opinions/analysis.
  3. @Eren Eeager Remember the counter intuitive nature of life? A forest has to burn to flourish.
  4. @diamondpenguin love is the motivational force behind literally everything. You may not like police brutality, but that doesn't mean it isn't love.
  5. Though a definite factor, this isn't just a race thing. This is about oppression. Police have been doing this kind of stuff long before Floyd with any race. This was the perfect storm of racial and political outrage in a time where a large portion of us are out of work and not distracted as much.
  6. I don't want to contribute to the conspiracies that get posted here, but this is interesting and youtube keeps taking this video down. It's about a 30 min watch and controversial. I'd really like the opinions of higher consciousness people on this. A much shorter video/article was made by this doctor: https://www.medpagetoday.com/blogs/zdoggmd/86351 who basically says that she isn't credible. Help me out here guys, I don't know what to make of all this. Is it worth the energy or is it more fear being perpetuated? I'll take down this post myself if it's the former. I'd really like to hear your opinions on this. Regardless, I hope you are all doing well, I haven't been on the forum in a while to check. Love and light <3
  7. Its basically just the new Vine isn't it?
  8. Anyone watch Bob Lazar on Netflix or his podcast with Joe Rogan?
  9. What is libertarian socialism?
  10. The funniest part of this is that this guy is totally serious
  11. Obama did alright after picking up the Bush administration's slack. There's a lot to consider, but if we don't get Bernie in now we never will.
  12. Do you have the slightest clue what his reforms will do to the country? Nobody can say for certain. Bernie gave a great speech addressing the misinformation and lies in Trumps state of the union and he's the only candidate that can do that. Trump has done a good job positioning himself politically and playing on people's fears. This comes back to him being a stage red/orange person manipulating people to get where he wants. His base is strong because, as he's stated, he can shoot someone in the street and be politically unaffected. He has been banking off the economy thriving from the Obama administration and the only people benefiting are the super rich. Amazon paid less than 2 percent in taxes last year. The things he says he's done in his term are often exaggerated, in need of context, or are blatant lies. His supporters don't car either way as long as he says God is good and so are guns. Murrica! It will be hard to beat him but not impossible. Also, two words: a lot
  13. He knows how to work his supporters; they'll all be at the polls. The left doesn't have that kind of voting commitment. I'd like to think that will change with Bernie. I like Pete too, but bigotry is still a factor that will inevitably lose him some support.
  14. After listening to the state of the union the other day I realize that the republican party really knows what they are doing. There was so much manipulation, pandering to minorities, indirect fire at Bernie, and blatant lies that people cheered for... It's going to be difficult to go up against that. Sam Seder said it would be like running against W without the Iraq war being a factor, and that doesn't seem far off. The democratic party is going to have to have a big turnout and I don't see anyone being able to take on Trump in a debate other than Bernie. I'm hopeful, and things are going well for Bernie so far, but it's going to be a difficult election to win regardless.