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  1. In this video Sadhguru is consecrating a so called Naga. I'm interested to know what anyone thinks of these sorts of rituals. I watched the whole video, but I still don't quite understand what Sadhguru is doing exactly here. What is the Nagas purpose? Is it like the Dhiana Lingam? Does it create a meditative space? Does it create some kind of a protective shield? (as Sadhguru sais toward the end of the video, it's some kind of a guardian) What kind of magic is going on here anyways? Maybe some more knowledgeable and more enlightened being than myself can give me some insights on what's going on in this magic show ^^
  2. Interesting, that one is interested if ones teacher is actually enlightened or not. That thought has also gone through my head a coupla times... well, he certainly sais he still has a whole lot of issues, he's dealing with in his life. Questions he still needs answered. And that is also the answer to your question... probably. He's not enlightened.
  3. I see what you mean. I guess this might have a lot to do with your character and the way you approach things. Still, being competitive does'nt mean, it makes you invunerable to mental masturbation/ homeostasis. Right?
  4. Hello fellow self actualizers I'm interested in the idea of people/ egos using this forum as a kind of mental masturbation - tool. After all, talking is just talking. Might we lose ourselves is our conversations, or are we going to act on them? What are your thoughts on this?
  5. "Is meditating an hour a day enough to make as much gains as Buddhist munks get?" From what i understand about meditation and from my own experience, finding the right meditation technique for you might actually be more important than for how long you do it. Also doing it consistantly is VERY important. I find myself missing on my meditation sometimes and the results of that are very noticable. But that's a bit of a long story. Start small, then go big. that's my motto. also, don't expect to be able to meditate for 2 hours every day in a matter of 2 months. I assume this might take you years. cheers
  6. hoi fellow self actualizers, firstly to answer the question of how to find out what is your 'self': awareness. watch leos vidoe about awareness, it's relatively new, but eye-opening! secondly when you 'become' enlightened, you know it... that's what I understand from what i've read/ heared. It must be soooo obvious, that a blind person would 'see' it ;D so basically you asking if you're enlightened, means you're probably not... wish you all the best
  7. Hello there fellow self actualizer, I know what you're talking about, cause i've felt the same before. That's kind of a byproduct of self actualizing, from what i understand about it up to now. What you're doing with self actualization and enlightenment work etc. is basically fighting against the grain of your comfortable ego. As leo explaines in his ´homeostasis´-video, your psyche is just as well a homeostatic system as basically any other system. And shaking up this static state can sometimes be very horrifying. In his book ´Spiritual Enlightenment - The most damdest thing´Jed mckenna calls this the 'autolysis' of the ego. You're burning your ´self´to the ground, basically comitting suicide. And thats f***ing hard. What I found helpful is changing your perspective a bit, in how you look at life and your ego all together. When were saying ego, were talking about this thing that doesn't exist. So that means that anything that is coming from something that doesn't exist, basically doesn't mean anything, so CAN not have any effect on our reality... if you are commited to apply this Idea. When it comes to life itself, when I think about life, it's usually in a very simple way. Life is meaningless. And life being meaningless is also meaningless, which kind of gives the whole thing an eary but cool touch. Like Leo sais 'life is meaningless and saying life is meaningless is also meaningless, so you can basically do anything you want'... I know im beating around the bush. What im trying to say is take it easy, what is of the future is of the future. So you don't know. I imaginge being happy/fullfilled must be pretty f***ing awesome. Don't get yourself caught up with worry about what may be or what may not be. what you know, you know and what you don't know, you don't know!
  8. Hey there fellow actualizer, what is Brain Entrainment? Haven't heared of this one yet. Would be interested to know!!!