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  1. @Serotoninluv ahh I love Capricorn! My ascendant is Capricorn and most of the planets in my chart are in Capricorn. Do you like astrology?
  2. @RichardY yes, I would say I believe in it 75% haha but it’s very interesting seeing similar behavior in people from the same zodiac sign I’ll tell you what I know about Taurus and you let me know if it’s accurate Taurus like financial stability so they are naturally ambitious, love food, homemade in special, actually they like everything homemade and handmade, they like to use their hands to do stuff, like gardening, working with wood etc they also value family a lot, sometimes are conservative because it’s an earth and fixed sign, so they are very grounded and sometimes can be close minded because of this groundness, they love their space, being at home etc.. they say Taurus are good husbands
  3. The second one is the lady of justice, I drew it for my sister, she is a libra
  4. @Gabriel Antonio haha the “thou” one ?
  5. @Etherial Cat I understand what you are saying, I also had a rough past and needed to go deep within myself to understand how sex works and what sex really is and isn't, and personally I've only had "real sex" 3 years ago, I'm 28 now so you ask me what was my sex life in those past years... my view was exactly how Emerald described and I had problems with controlling in bed, I still do specially if I don't know the other person very well or if my partner is on top, and so far I've had many partners, the ones I had crazy amazing sex are the ones more evolved spiritually, the open minded ones (and with openmindness I'm not saying naughtiness), if the men sees sex as a shallow thing, if he is only thinking with his dick, and it's just using sex for pure pleasure and not as a form of connection, we will for sure feel that, and it doesn't matter how deep you know yourself, if that person has a certain mindset the sex will be shallow for both, or not pleasurable,it's a dance, it takes two of them to open up and merge into each other and have "the little death", if one person is closed, it doesn't matter what the other does. I questioned myself a lot if sex was only to feed our primitive side/ just for reproduction, and my answer is no, the quality level of the sex is gonna depend of the level of consciousness of both parts, I've had partners who I dated for a couple months who only saw sex as a material thing, just to feed the body and had meh sex and I've had sex with people I met in meditation/spiritual places and barely knew but had amazing sex, you can say it's all the attraction of the beginning phase but from my experience it's not and I'm very experienced, I'm not bragging I'm actually proud of myself for being able to get out of the abusive relationship I was in and explore my sexual side and for being so open about the subject too. I had one partner that in one of our first dates he sat in front of me, without saying anything, we just sat on the ground in front of each other and looked each other in the eyes for a long period of time, without saying anything, it was one of the best sexual experiences I've had, of course we had sex afterwards but what I want to say is every person has a depth, how far they have been within themselves, when you look your partner in the eyes you can see their depth, like Shakespeare said the eyes are the windows to the soul, you can see the level of the men by where he is looking at when he is having sex, of course we all appreciate beauty, I also look at their bodies and understand men are very visual, but come on you have another human being in front of you, sometimes I have sex and they are not capable of looking me in the eyes, I ask myself where are their minds at? they are unconscious, they are not really there, and that's what I call mechanical sex haha I just think it's very sad you guys have this opinion towards sex, you see if we think sex is a mechanical thing, just to feed the body and just for reproduction, then we are the ones seeing it as a shallow thing, I'm a very sexual person but I'm also romantic so here is an Osho quote on sex "That's why orgasm is becoming more and more difficult. Ejaculation is not orgasm, to give birth to children is not orgasmic. Orgasm is the involvement of the total body: mind, body, soul, all together. You vibrate, your whole being vibrates, from the toes to the head. You are no longer in control; existence has taken possession of you and you don't know who you are. It is like a madness, it is like a sleep, it is like meditation, it is like death." "I have said that man is afraid of both sex and death. That's why they are taboos. No one talks about sex and no one talks about death. We remain silent about those two things. We have remained silent for centuries and centuries. They are taboo subjects, they should not even be mentioned. The moment they are mentioned, something starts trembling within us. "It seems that there is a deep repression. That's why we have created substitute words. In the western world they do not say 'We are having sex.' They say 'We are making love.' It's a substitute word – and false, because love is a totally different dimension. Having sex is having sex, it is not making love. Love may include sex, but love has an altogether different quality. "We never talk directly about death. If someone dies, we use substitute words. We say he has gone to the Father, or he has gone to heaven. Death is never faced directly. "We have created many false phenomena around death and sex. If two people are going to be married, sex is not even mentioned – and they are going to be married for sex! We have created a great illusion around marriage, but the bare, naked fact is sex. We have created a ritual, a great ritual of marriage, just to hide the fact. Why? "Why is there a taboo about only these two things? They are deeply related. The reason for their relationship is this: first, you are born out of sex, birth is sex. And birth and death are two poles of one thing. In birth, death is hidden. That's why man became aware of the deep relationship between sex and death. Death cannot happen without sex, just as birth cannot happen without sex."
  6. I think there are many things to take into consideration, some women take birth control pills and it’s the same as telling the body “I’m dead” cause the sexual energy/ creation force it’s present firstly for reproduction/creation and when you take pills you are not ovulating, my sex drive diminished 80% when I used to take. Women on birth control pills just don’t feel like having sex and are disconnected from their feminine side, so find out if your gf is taking it. Also can be the men, most men are too worried about showing their masculinity in bed, so they give no fucks if the woman is enjoying the act or no, they are too much in their minds and lack connection, I call it mechanical sex, Americans (specially) treat sex as a shore, some of them even have exact day and time to have sex, that’s one of the reasons I don’t date American men, of course there are the exemptions but I’ve been living here for 4 years and have been having difficulty connecting with them, I’m from Brazil and Latina’s are known to have a high sex drive, so far I haven’t found compatible men. There is sex and there is connection, at least for me, if I’m having sex with a man who is bad in bed, after cumming the first time, I lose interest and want to be done, while if I’m having sex with a man who knows what he is doing I’ll have many orgasms and still be interested after the first or second one, most men are only interested in the body and the act itself so they can’t keep our attention and we can’t wait for him to ejaculate and be done, that’s when women fake orgasm or suffer/have pain just to get away, it’s incredible the number of women who have never had good sex and think like Emerald, it’s very sad to hear that, I was abused in the past and it took me a long time (and effort) to change my views on sex, but specially for women, we are the darkness, the mysterious, the divine feminine, it’s so so important that we connect with ourselves first before giving of ourselves to someone else. so watch out if when you are having sex, are you really there? Are you trying to please her and enjoying the act? Or are you in your head? G
  7. Maybe, we will look at eating animals the same way we look at canibalism nowadays
  8. Ram Dass talks about this love in this lecture, he said he would fall in love with anyone who crossed his path, may be the same feeling? Hope you like it ?
  9. The Center in SF is a great place
  10. I’ve been suffering from sinus pressure and my life quality went from 10 to 3, I haven’t been to the gym in 3 months and the only thing really helping me is a really good quality CBD called charlotte’s web, it’s quite expensive plus I feel like it’s not healing me, the headache is gone but the mucus is still here. I just moved to a new apartment and my roommates are vegan/ vegetarian so I decided to join them and haven’t been eating meat (just eggs and fish sometimes) no dairy either. I used to be very active but now whenever I go for a run or even my dancing classes I feel like my immunity lowers, I have sore throat etc. I’ve tried neti pot, am drinking echinacea tea daily, have a diffuser in my room with essential oils, tried nasal sprays, everything you can imagine, I hate taking medicine but took 10 days of antibiotics, which helped a little bit I guess, but also I started the cbd altogether so not sure which one was helping more. Other options would be sinus surgery but I really don’t want to go for those invasive options. I was quite dysfunctional two months ago, couldn’t work properly, was very introverted cause I was feeling irritable 24/7, CBD has been helping me tremendously and it basically brought me back to life.. but I noticed it increases my appetite and it’s impacting my memory, the THC is almost non existent in my formula but I could feel the suble difference because my memory is usually very sharp, and I don’t want to be dependent on anything in the long run. I do eat chocolate sometimes, must confess. Oh and I also quit caffeinated drinks. My meditation varies 30’ to 90’ per day, that’s all. Halp?!
  11. @ajasatya yes yes, I'm working on it already and will start yoga classes soon I don't know much about pranayamas, I think I've read about it before, is it a breathing exercise? @moon777light it all started 8 months ago, I've had sinus problems when I was in Brazil but since moved to US (4 years ago) I was fine.. I saw the doctor already and it's more antibiotics or surgery, I would like to find an alternative approach, I will keep looking Thank you guys (L)
  12. Very beautiful report! And inspiring, I’ve tried 5 times but my trips were not profound, I’m still figuring out the right dosage (not sure if I have a tolerance or my spiritual practices are not being enough) reading the report was a great reminder to go back to work with the substance. Thanks
  13. Love, wisdom and openmindedness. cant pick one ?
  14. I personally don’t like Jordan Peterson but it seems like he is dominating/ brainwashing the mind of my male friends, from what I’ve heard so far his teachings are not compatible with my values, but I also think I shouldn’t judge because I haven’t seen many of his videos, lectures etc. Can someone explain to me why (specially) men love him so much? I posted the picture below because that’s how I feel when I (try to) listen to his videos, my mind just can’t swallow, it’s almost impossible for me to listen to him for more than 5 min, which makes it difficult for me to comprehend his way of thinking and his theories, is this just me being ignorant and lazy or is that my intuition telling me to stay away?
  15. Yes, his energy is not very peaceful and if I were to guess I would say he is an unhappy person
  16. “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” ~Niels Bohr
  17. @Stefano Provenzi wow those are fascinating, very beautiful! Do you post them somewhere?
  18. I also dont get approached at all, and I’m brunette tall curvy woman, I think men nowadays are very insecure, and I tend to be attracted to quiet guys since the ones who have the confidence to talk, when they do it’s usually lly a lot of nonsense so I find their depth really fast, besides that I also have a theory that introverts are more intelligent.. actually I was about to open a topic about that. What’s happening to men?! Or it it me?
  19. Not sure if he is really talking about Leo, but Damn, how do we contact Joe Rogan to invite Leo for his podcast? I've tried twitter and nothing, I've been to his comedy shows, I'm gonna try to talk to him in person, any other ideas?
  20. @FredFred Love CBL!! That's my fav set! @MM1988 Loooove burial, I feel like the songs bring me to a whole new atmosphere @peanutspathtotruth one of my fav too!! Love this thread!! Good music