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  1. Since 5000BCE so cool 😍
  2. Did your parents have a good relationship? Our opinion towards marriage and kids tend to be very biased in what we saw growing up, the family dynamic, not only your parents but grandparents uncle aunt etc
  3. @bmcnicho you will have to confront your own selfishness or you would have to let go of your self respect? My story is very similar to hers but I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself, I also had boyfriends in need of help. The problem with those people is that they lack self love, so it doesn’t matter how much love you give her, she will always need more cause she doesn’t have her own source of love within her (self love). You will end up getting hurt and in a way “feeding” her dependence, which is far from helping her and actually making things even more difficult. She is not your responsibility, don’t forget god created us all with perfection, everything she is going through is preparing her to be her best self. So the only thing you can do is work on yourself. If you accept staying in this relationship you will end up creating more traumas for yourself, and like you said you also have your stuff to deal with. Good luck 💛
  4. Sorry to pollute the thread, just wanted to share those 🙃
  5. Peter Jordanson
  6. @abrakamowse 💛💛✨ So true!! My mind does that all the time 😂
  7. Haha jokes aside, Leo was a very important person in my transformation, and the friends I met here are so important for me, too good not to share. Thanks Leo for building bridges so I could meet those incredible beings That’s me and Justin watching the sunset today in Malibu, we meet from time to time to talk about the god bufo alvarius and self actualization stuff. It’s so amazing to have other people to share this crazy and beautiful path with has someone else met in person? Would love to see more pics 💛
  8. Me and Justin at a meditation event here in LA
  9. That’s me and Isis visiting other realities in Joshua tree, she is also Brazilian and lives in Canada, she comes once per year visit me 🌸🌸💕💕☀️
  10. If it does anything, it’s always for the better. Never heard of anyone having problems with psychedelics on the body level, I would say from all psychedelics books I’ve read so far this problem is actually nonexistent. Also notice that all diseases or imbalances come from the mind, cause our bodies don’t actually exist, so I’d dig into this, or in your diet, or in your words, don’t forget you are shaping your reality, what thoughts are creating this moment you are in now? Ego is very sneaky, maybe it doesn’t like psychedelics that much and is looking for excuses not to do it again meditate on that, nobody here has the right answer, it’s within you, you know your body, you know your habits, you are connected with youe intuition ✨💛
  11. @Marks199 Im Brazilian and all I can do is cry cause I’m a sensitive bitch, I’ve been feeling so much pain in my heart, but this week I started to channel the energy and focus on my life purpose, I’ve been sharing videos with friends and had donated for amazon ONGs and tribes, and still I feel hopeless. My whole family loves Bolsonaro, they are also extremists, it’s just crazy how deluded and ignorant Brazilians are, some people don’t even believe that amazon is on fire, and think media is creating this story to destroy Bolsonaro’s image, my mom said that the black out at 3pm where the smoke took over São Paulo, was because of a fire in the countryside of the city, not from the amazon 😟 the ignorance is just immesurabble.. and knowing the president well I’m afraid to say he won’t stop so soon. What to do @Leo Gura
  12. @kieranperez Everything he says is so confusing to me (and apparently for those students too, look at their “?” Faces I can’t follow his train of thought, seems like he is just blabbering garbage and he drops some “intellectual” comments here and there about history or some complex subjects, to show confidence and to makes us think he knows what he is talking about. Very interesting figure.
  13. I agree with @bensenbiz @Mikael89 I like the quote from Ralph Waldo People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character. Just because you are experiencing suffering doesn’t mean everyone else is, plus even if you do, suffering is part of life, you can’t experience bliss and happiness without darkness, this is duality. A baby coming out of the womb doesn’t think about the pain, there is a force behind it, like everything else in the universe, we can’t evolve without suffering, and I call this force love, it’s the thing that keeps us going, it’s evolution, it’s not always pretty, evolution and awakening happen in the level of oneness, the separation felt by the ego is what causes suffering, when you think you are all alone and is a poor little thing separated from the whole world, if you live your life with faith and surrender there will be no suffering, that’s what Leo’s last video is about, letting go and trusting the universe. For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn't understand growth, it would look like complete destruction. Cynthia Occelli
  14. Just watched it! Amazing @Leo Gura if you haven’t watched it, you could put it on the blog too. It’s about our data and companies using it to manipulate us and elections around the world.
  15. I think it’s time for Leo to go on Joe Rogan podcast. I’ve been sending emails and tweets but I think if we all do it together the chances are higher. Just sick of the comedians and fighters he has been talking to what do you guys think? I go to his comedy shows sometimes, I’m thinking about drawing something for him and giving it to him in one of his stand up shows, of course I’ll write a letter mentioning Leo I think we are a very big community with the power to manifest this, so I’m just trying to figure out how. And I dispense your negative comments if you are here to say “joe Rogan will never listen” “joe Rogan is too orange” “joe Rogan only invites bla bla bla” changed my life drastically, I keep thinking about the potential of changing other peoples lives too if they had access or were exposed to his content. Leo has almost a million followers on YouTube, a little bit of us speaking up wouldn’t be a bad idea
  16. You created the thread and said Joe Rogan was talking about him but like people said the term actualization is very common in personal development field and most likely he was not talking about Leo. So it was all just speculation but now that I read all your comments I get the feeling you don’t like Leo very much, am I wrong?
  17. @Rinne well he is at stage yellow and turquoise and if I’m to be honest with myself I must confess I’m at stage orange and green, should I just press the “fuck the environment” button and stop doing the things I’m doing because like he said it’s not changing anything? Of course I would like to speed up my evolution and go yellow but the reality is very different. Maybe it’s just my green side being an activist and trying to save the environment.. don’t know. What do you think?
  18. @Leo Gura so what should we do? Should we stop recycling, keep eating meat etc?
  19. @Keyhole I think it’s a matter of time, I’ll keep trying tho! And thank you for that 🙏
  20. @cetus56 ohhh that would be perfect too! Love SAND @fridjonk haha I was mainstream society before started watching his videos, we can’t forget about the power of planting the seed 😌 🌱 @Shadowraix yes he might cause he follows Leo on Twitter, but I think the public needs to ask too, I’m not pressuring, just asking for help and sharing my idea with you guys 😊