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  1. @lmfao Yeah man Mooji is also the shit. I reckon he was one of the most enlightened motherfuckers around in his time. I highly recommend checking out Terence McKenna if you haven’t already. Probably the smartest (if not the most enlightened) mystic of his time.
  2. You probably have internet-induced adhd, so it would be good if you took a break from the internet for long stretches in the day and go for walks in nature/do do no-thing meditation. Hope this helps
  3. Weed has been the biggest catalyst for my spiritual growth (and I've attained godly heights - once again not trying to be cocky), so I think it's at least worth a shot by Leo. Who knows, it could elevate your state of consciousness even more through the roof (as it has mine). I know it's physically and psychologically addicting, but I've known smokers that have smoked weed daily for years on end and have been able to give it up easily enough. I'm sure even psychedelics are mildly psychologically addicting (and maybe even physically also). I think anything that gives you that high feeling is going to be addictive in one way or another. So yeah, to summarize, weed unlocked my genius, and it very well do the same for you (more than your genius has already been unlocked). Gotta evolve from turquoise one day man. Coral awaits @Leo Gura
  4. But maybe there’s a combination of substances (tailored to each individual) that results in a never-ending elevation of consciousness. Also, you do realize it is possible to be an enlightened addict. I am one myself.
  5. Yeah fair, but maybe if you’re using multiple substances periodically, it can offset the homeostasis that would occur if you were just smoking cigarettes for example
  6. @Shadowraix Paradoxes on paradoxes my friend
  7. You would (possibly) be nothingness aka formlessness. However, form is inseparable from formlessness, therefore it’s impossible for you to exist. It’s impossible for reality to be any other way than it is since God using his infinite intellect and infinite love, created the only possible configuration of existence. Tl;dr No
  8. Hot take: There's nothing wrong with being a zen devil (said the zen devil of course )
  9. @Consept What sets coral apart ime, is you no longer worry about the impact that your actions are having on others (because it's essentially a selfish/individualistic level of the spiral). So, essentially, you become a zen devil. That being said, if you've transcended and integrated turquoise and all of the other prior stages properly, you will still have that all-encompassing love for the world that stage turquoise ppl have. But, you'll know deep down that whatever action you take is God taking the action, so you've 100% given your life over to God to the point where if you shot someone in the head you would know it was God's will and your will simultaneously (since they are one and the same). Hope that clears it up for you.
  10. I highly recommend listening to classical music while writing. It's the perfect accompaniment to writing (with a lil something on the side of course )
  11. Change my mind: Creativity is the highest form of intelligence
  12. @SerotoninluvYeah fair point
  13. @Serotoninluv Agreed 100%, but in my experience weed just synergizes perfectly with everything aha
  14. @outlandish Terence McKenna (who I believe was beyond turquoise) is one such example of an extremely high-functioning stoner. He said he was stoned 24/7, and was (imo) one of the smartest ppl alive at the time. So yes, definitely different strokes for different folks.
  15. @Bill W Weirdly enough, I've never really judged people - my judgement has always been on myself. But, then again, the only reason you judge others is when you judge yourself -- as within, so without -- and all that nonsense lol. Like yes you can judge someone's behaviour without judging them as a person. There's a big difference there.
  16. @kindayellow Since the dawn of time, my friend
  17. Yeah high thc strains especially are very masculine (I once smoked one cone of this weed with 45% thc and it was like more intense than a 200ug acid trip) - so not entirely masculine I find. but some nice indica would have femininity I imagine (I've never tried indica myself) - apprently it gives a nice body high and just chills you the fuck out aha
  18. Because it’s his life purpose to share insights with the world. Duh. Everyone has a unique personality. Leo is an INTP, and, like me, has an insatiable desire for truth and the spreading of said truths for the betterment of humanity.
  19. @Hellspeed Yes, that is correct. If you have no attachment, you have no karma I.e enlightenment
  20. @Natasha Indeed, but it’s still fun to try
  21. What many fail to understand (including Leo) is that, yes everything is non-dual, but non-duality includes the 'physical' of course, so what's going to happen in the not too distant future, is an all out war with the incarnations of every God that has ever been worshipped. I myself am Metteyya (the nuage Buddha that Sidharta prophesied about) - Metteyya means the friendly one -. However, Metteyya is none of than Shiva (the creator and destroyer). So, essentially I'm the oldest soul to have ever lived - literally the Godhead in human form -. This is not to brag either btw. Everyone is 100% equal but at the same time there are hierarchies and survival of the fittest has to come into play in order for humanity to evolve in the best way possible. That's why I have conservative (for the most part) political views. I think stage turquoise ppl gravitate towards liberalism, but once you move to coral you're back to conservatism. Just a theory - take it or leave it. And yes, I could be wrong (well I can't from my perspective since I've had the experiences that verify these claims), but keep radical openmindedness in mind my friends
  22. Yes the all-seeing eye is synonymous with the god head. So the illuminati are actually working for the betterment of humanity. They are bringing the world into the 2500 year golden age (that the Buddha prophesied).