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  1. Haven’t read the book but I read some reviews and watched about half of his conversation with Lex Fridman. It’s interesting but I can’t help but feel like something is missing here. As Leo describes in his Intro to Serious Philosophy episode, clear understanding. It feels like Tim is overly fixated on finding language to describe phenomena that are unfolding at the collective social and political level, rather than understanding the psychological forces that explain them. This is where I feel like Leo excels, in addition to his ability to communicate these insights. This makes it difficult to get through this conversation and feel like I’m gaining anything from listening to it
  2. You know you wanna stroke it
  3. Don't stress about it. Just consider the possibility that this is all coincidence. It's highly likely. Leo is obviously not a satanist and I think if he were a pedophile he wouldn't have gotten this far.
  4. @Majed Totally fair man. That's valid. Then I might focus on learning a skill that will definitely be marketable. Like programming, data science, statistics, etc. or whatever that looks like for you. It's much easier to monetize technical skills. You could focus on developing your writing skills, but like music or art that is a pretty difficult skill to monetize. Creating an exceptional piece of writing like a novel that will earn you enough money to live on would be quite the feat. You would have to spend years paying for yourself with other skills or jobs just to have the shelter and food necessary to become a better writer. And then there is the issue of innate talent. Some people are born to do it, imo. But don't want to discourage you from doing it. I just don't see how you can make any money from that for at least 10 years and then even then, there are no guarantees. TL;DR the best way to monetize a skill is to apply it to something that already exists. Like if you learn programming you could work for a tech company. There is much less ardor and stress of bootstrapping your way to success. Not that you shouldn't do it, you should do what you're driven to do. It's just a question of how much risk are you willing to take on? How much time are you willing to put in? And even beyond the willingness question, do you walk the walk in the end? A week from now, a year, 5 years. That's not an easy path to put yourself on.
  5. Alternatively you could try to master a new skill for its own sake. If you throw the need to make money off of it into the mix, it could ruin it for you. Not necessarily, Leo did it. But it might take away any and all joy you get from it, which would basically just suck. For example, devote ten years of your life to learning an instrument (well for me, I’m at just shy of 7 years now). I had goals but making money wasn’t one of them. If I was trying to make money with this skill I would have given up a long time ago. Before the need for money is the need for passion. Choose a new skill based on your passions, and if one day the money comes, then great. But don’t expect it or base all of your efforts on the money aspect alone. Also don’t expect any money for at least 2-5+ years if it’s a brand new skill (depends on the skill).
  6. It’s not that big of a coincidence. It’s literally a concentric triangle. That’s probably a very common design. Why don’t you look into how long that logo has represented pedophilia. Actualized.org has been around for over ten years so which came first? Also what are those sources? Did you even look into them? Do you just believe everything you read on the internet without checking for yourself? I guess Delta, Adobe, Google Drive, Reebok, Mitsubishi, Citgo and others are all run by pedophiles since they have triangles in their logos. Makes sense. Also please raise your hand if you’ve ever even heard of pedophilia having a logo. If it’s not common knowledge (which I highly highly doubt) how can you accuse someone for using something vaguely similar. That’s absurd.
  7. @Danioover9000 lol wat. Been watching actualized.org since 09/2016. I’m actually low key a huge fan of Leo. I just happened to agree with Mr Adeptus on this particular point. Pretty sure I don’t have a mental illness and don’t see what that has to do with what I said. Why don’t you actually address my points instead of claiming valid criticism is clout chasing drama and slander. With those words Leo will always be above criticism which would be a big problem. There is such a thing as valid and constructive criticism. Not everyone agrees on what that looks like but just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it should be ignored. What clout could Takoyaki possibly be chasing by posting on this forum? My overall point is that I like Leo and I look up to him, but just because that is true it doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with everything he says. There has to be some room for nuanced critique of certain inflammatory statements that, while True, still should be engaged without the deflection of “well you’re just not awake enough” instead of genuinely contending with those points. That’s not mature or productive. It’s poor leadership.
  8. @AdeptusPsychonautica I think many people would agree with Adeptus here in a lot of ways, and I believe he is providing very reasoned explanations for his stances that need to be genuinely contended with and not just hand-waved away as "trolling." That's a much bigger problem than whatever you think is problematic about his viewpoints. Practically speaking, survivors of the Holocaust and of child abuse cannot heal through the means described here, and have no room in their very broken hearts for loving the people who abused them, or seeing the whole tragedy as "Love." We should instead have compassion for them and offer them real support and guidance. Telling a Holocaust survivor that gassing the Jews was Love will simply be extremely hurtful and offensive, and will not contribute in any way whatsoever to their healing. I get that it is possible that that is the truth from an objective, Absolute perspective, but you have to meet people where they are at. Most people know love to be a feeling, not the substrate of the universe. So using that word in this way will confuse people and push them away from you. Even if what you say is True. As we all know 99.999% of our lives is not spent in the Absolute realm of Infinite Love. Therefore, we should focus our words and sentiments on the real lived experiences of people in the human realm, because that is more real to 99.999% of people than 5-MeO-DMT hyperspace. Sure, you can say your teachings are too advanced and what not, but that does not change the fact that your words can cause real harm to again, 99.999% of people who have never experienced God realization but who did in fact directly experience the Holocaust. And to act like this idea or similar ones is "trolling" feels to me like a pretty toxic response to "helping" people integrate tragedy and trauma. If you are going to say those fairly extreme things @Leo Gura (yes, I hope we can admit that saying "gassing the Jews was all Love" is extreme, and if we can't, I'm outta here) then I think it would be necessary to qualify your statements with some acknowledgements of these points. Because otherwise you are hurting more people than you are helping. And I would really appreciate you following up on your commitment to being more compassionate and empathetic in your interactions with your followers, and not just responding with the thought-terminating cliche of: "it is not worth my time to try to communicate with you," when you haven't actually internalized or contended with or considered the validity of the criticism.
  9. @Adam M That's awesome man! Sounds like things are going really well. Keep up the good work and namaste. I'm almost 28 and still feel like I'm sorting through a whole lot of mental sludge, bad habits, emotional reactivity and lack of control thereof, so it's impressive to hear such great progress at a young age.
  10. I'd also like to add that consent does not apply in situations where a person is under the influence, of any drug. Even if they consent in that moment, they may not be making a conscious choice and once they sober up they may feel as though they were violated despite having "consented." They may not even remember having provided consent. That's sexual assault 101. Also @OBEler if all we're hearing is the perpetrator's side of the story (i.e. Martin), of course it is going to come across in his favor. He has all the power in that situation so no it is not okay for him to get people absolutely blasted on the most powerful psychedelic in the world and then do things to them under the guise of "they needed it." That's an abuse of power and in certain situations blatant sexual assault. If you watched that video and didn't come away from it with the conclusion that Martin was rationalizing abuse of his clients, then I really don't understand how you're conceptualizing this.
  11. @OBEler You are correct, I have never had a breakthrough or even a taste of 5 meo.