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  1. @d0ornokey yes it's just me personally I prefer an integrous teacher, but I can see good points by her even in the article above, and can see how you would be right to learn from some of her best points.
  2. @CreamCat yes I agree that it all depends what you want. Learn from the best e.g learn how to be happy from the happiest people.
  3. @CreamCat the whole fraudalent thing with her claiming to be enlightened. You can even look on her video thumbnails etc, there's a focus on glammar and being special, yet at the same time she is claiming to be spiritual which seems non integrous. But if she gets her information from other sources, i guess there's no harm in learning from her because you're just learning from the books she reads so I guess it would be fine? Personally I just prefer to learn from someone who has made the progress I want, so I avoid teal swan. Also there was a support group page of her former followers on facebook who have been hurt, which should tell you something. There was a thread somewhere on facebook I could try find.
  4. @CreamCat I'd stay away from teal swan.
  5. Great book! This and letting go by David Hawkins were the best for me for overcoming shyness and low self esteem and moving to courageousness! Very grateful to Leo for introducing me to this book.
  6. Yes same with me, struggling with pride right now and feeling 'superior' to others. I am letting it go whenever it comes up.
  7. @Viking I don't know if it would help you but when I am in a situation like this I would use the letting go technique. I'd let go of emotions making me feel bad about doing option 1 and if I still don't want to do it after that I would just do option 2 ( but only if I let go of all the guilt about doing option 2). The letting go technique: "Letting go involves being aware of a feeling, letting it come up, staying with it, and letting it run its course without wanting to make it different or do anything about it. It means to let the feeling be there and to focus on letting out the energy behind it. The first step is to allow yourself to have the feeling without resisting it, venting it, fearing it, condemning it, or moralizing about it. It means to drop judgement and to see that it is just a feeling and surrender all efforts to modify it in any way. Let go of wanting to resist the feeling. It is resistance that keeps the feeling going. When you give up resisting or trying to modify the feeling, it will shift to the next feeling and be accompanied by a lighter sensation. A feeling that is not resisted will dissappear." I find when I am in apathy the only way out is to let go of the emotion by letting it be there without resistance until it goes away, than it all works itself out.
  8. @Mirror of Confusion the source I used for these calibrations calibrated I’m swami above 500 but below 600 at the level of unconditional love. In terms of people over 1000 david Hawkins calibrated the great avatars eg the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Muhammad.
  9. @Leo Gura I think for me right now the map of consciousness is more useful because it helps me deal with emotions I face, eg pride fear etc that I need to transcend, compares to the more general view of spiral dynamics. But I appreciate the insight into how this could be used as a trap ?
  10. @Leo Gura why not? Similar thing as spiral dynamics, a way to contextualise someone’s consciousness to see if they’re someone you want to learn from. As long as you don’t go crazy with it can’t see how it’s harmful and dr Hawkins has been on point with everything I’ve learnt from him so far.
  11. yeet
  12. anyone else in new zealand?
  13. Anyone have any amazing books leo might have missed from his book list to read, and how your life has changed after reading it.. I'll start "Power vs force" by David Hawkins. After reading this book I felt amazing for a week, even though i'd still have emotions like being bored or fear, at the same time I still felt really great while they were going on, like I was really satisfied even during so called 'bad' emotions. This kinda faded after a week, but the permanent change from reading this book was feeling more loving towards everyone, as well as a shift from my main state being fear to desire. After the book I stopped being afraid by about 60% and moved up to the sate of desire feeling like I could get stuff, (next stage is anger on the emotional scale). It also shifted my values hugely. I know no longer care about what I have I care about what I will become, eg my goal used to be become successful become wealthy, now it is to become happy lightehearted, to not take things seriously to feel more happy by myself without anything else (although this doesn't mean you can't still have goals like success). Overall it might not sound like much the benefits, but when it's actually experienced it's amazing! It's like im a different person after reading this book, like I actually experienced a shift in how I see everything just from reading this book it's insane.
  14. Green is what I belive but I still have orange values like I want to be rich and to be loved by everyone! So orange/green
  15. " Meaning is so important that when life loses meaning, suicide commonly ensues. When life loses meaning, we first go into depression; when life becomes sufficiently meaningless we lose it all together. Force has transient goals; when those goals are reached, the emptiness of meaning-lessness remains. Power, on the other hand, motivates us endlessly. If our lives are dedicated, to enhancing the welfare of everyone we contact, our lives can never lose meaning. If the purpose of our life, on the other hand, is financial success, what happens after it's been attained? This is one of the primary causes of depression in middle-aged men and women." David Hawkins on life purpose.
  16. For me I always feel energised, and really happy like I can do anything after I start typing notes to myself in the future furiously and solutions to all my problems come to mind it’s like I just got thirty times the energy all of a sudden.
  17. Phenomenal book, also really difficult to read for males looking into relationships. Basically it sets your mindsets straight of what an attractive male is and how to act authentically and attract woman. This and the way of the superior man are really all you need to master attracting woman.
  18. Should I go to university, to get a degree and day job that supports me, or do you recommend jumping straight into starting a business to feed life purpose. I'm just worried about complacency, if I find a day job which I kinda like I may never pursue purpose, yet at the same time I don't want to be reckless and risk anything, what do people reccomend?
  19. @dboyle Hi! It seems in your post you've already decided, very clearly the best outcome is for you to leave or switch degrees The problem is if it's too Emotionally difficult for you to leave you won't do it. First of all it's normal to feel uncertain at your age, just realising you're in the same boat as so many others makes it more bearable. Remember you've got so much time left in your life to sort things out, as long as you have the intention of finding your passion eventually you'll get there. So take a bit of the pressure off. Now to make it easier there's a bunch of ways to overcome fears of if you leave university. 1: The work Byron Katie. I reccomend doing this. Question thoughts like "if I leave I'll be seen as a failure" "if I leave I'll be poor for the rest of my life" find out how to do it here example Doing just this is enough to stop any fears. So take it very seriously you looking into this could be the difference between you stopping your fears of the future or not doing anything and staying in a job you hate. If you only get this working you should be fine but there's some more things below to help if you want. 2: Incantations. I was in a similar situation and found the tony Robbins technique of incantations to work. It's cheesy but incredibly useful. I used to be uncertain of my future I had no idea how to make money or what to do. After doing incantations where I yelled "I am fucking unstoppable" For thirty minutes a day after about three weeks I was able to have absolute certainty in myself. Where id normally think thoughts like "I'm not good enough" "I'm too scared" now I'd think of ways to break through obstacles and would feel excited. This is pretty much affirmations on steroids because 1: you'll do it for thirty minutes daily. Which is a much longer time, than most people do affirmations 2: It actually feels like you've accomplished whatever you're affirming as you do it because you use your body to create the emotions. To learn how to do incantations watch this video, its very cheesy and may be uncomfortable when you first do it, but if you do it just once you'll realise your life can change as you can control your emotions. Make sure you're alone when you do this and if you don't want to yell too loud just move like you would if you were yelling. If you want to I highly reccomend setting aside 30 mins to go through this video. Once you've watched this apply the feeling of being unstoppable he walked you through around the twenty minute mark while you say "I am fucking unstoppable" for 30 mins a day, this is so much fun to do as well which is a bonus.
  20. Leo literally just put up a video on shadow work the day I posted this. What a coincidence lol.