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  1. But Leo!!! I've watched the video and I have discussed it with someone from Ukraine. They don't see this at all. They see Putin doing this simply for the fact that it's because he can and he dreams of restoring the empire (even if it's not the Soviet Union). It has nothing to do with NATO Expansion or Monroe Doctrine from their eyes. This will be the same thing China could do to Taiwan: because it feels like it. Everything else about why it is done is just bullshit talk. Tens of thousands, perhaps millions will be killed in both situations, just to make a point? Also, you ought to take a look at the 500 and 2000 bomb nuke map of America. Las Vegas has I think 5 nuke targets over it. Even two of them in the 500 bomb scenario...I haven't looked at it since last week but there was a lot there. Lastly, if we were a Russian country, your site would probably be taken down and you would be spending probably 10-15 years in prison for drug possession and possibly other things you have talked about. Just ask Garry Kasparov, their chess grandmaster who did time, or some of Pootie Poot's former friends. Even now there is a US female basketball player in which they found hash residue in her belongings and she was arrested. Just residue! Prison time seems to be an everyday occurrence there. If I had my say in how it should be handled, I'd say that Ukraine should just surrender at this point and then use Ghandian style non-violent protest. The West could go back to freezing Russia out of our world and they can keep the hotline open with Washington, so they can keep checking with the West that we're not about to perform a nuclear first strike...and let that go on in Cold War 2.0. /smd
  2. I had some good routines for exercise, diet, and so on. But then I got a health problem that lasted for about 1.5 years off and on, until I got an operation to fix it. Next, one year of trying to get my habits back and failing. Most of my good habits are gone & I can't seem to get them back. The habits that I still have: - Bulletproof coffee every day. - Still take some vitamins and supplements in addition to doc-prescribed meds. - Still doing great at my day job and have improved over the couple of years. - Still on track to be financially setup. ETA: Summer 2020 (hopefully sooner) - Journaling. I write a lot of shit down in OneNote, but barely ever review it. The habits I lost: - Eating healthy (I'm not overweight though). - Exercise. - Reading _anything_ on a regular basis. - Daily Meditation routine. A few good habits that I did pick up in the interim were things that interest me about my life purpose such as: - Daily guitar practice (not quite every day but a few days a week). - Setting up and working on electronic music, DAWs, music theory, jazz, etc. - Watching tons of training videos/courses for guitars, synths, and computer-based music. So many things I used to do that were good over the past few years have backslid, but my guitar playing and understanding of DAWs, EDM, drum programming, composition, music/jazz theory, etc, has greatly been improving. Doing things I never did before & I started playing guitar when I was 16, which was quite a few decades ago. But it's like I just don't have any feelings towards anything good or bad anymore. Just feeling a bit empty I guess. The drive went dormant.
  3. If the population keeps growing at its current levels then probably not. The planetary resources will be exhausted. It's impossible to live on other planets (all of Mars is radioactive for example). All we have is here.
  4. You have to run your life like a corporation. How do they do it? - They cut costs everywhere. - Remove all debt. - Tighten your belt on what you spend your money on. - When you have extra cash, you need to be investing it with online brokerage companies. - If you have a day job, put the maximum you can into your ROTH 401. - When you switch jobs, dump the old ROTH 401k into a ROTH IRA with the same online brokerage company. - Try to find better jobs with higher salary every 1-2 years. - Live in the cheapest, but closest location to your job as you can. - Try to get a work from home job to avoid wasting time with commuting, car maintenance & using up gas. - Put off buying a house for as long as possible, rent instead. Houses are money pits for ... just about everything. - Don't have kids or marry a spender. I've done the above for the past 25 years & so I now have more money than I need. The thing is that once you develop this lifelong habit, it's difficult to break later. For example, there are things I can afford easily, but my Internal Infernal Scrutinizer (IIS) will fuss all day about whether I should buy it. And heaven forbid there is a massive sale, like this past Lunar New Year weekend! I ended up buying a few more games on Steam, a few gonzo fantasy RPG books from Drivethru, some music building tools & training videos for my life purpose endeavor. I think I spent $170 over the weekend & made a real fuss about it with my IIS. And yet the total amount spent was just a drop in the Also, I had heard of this program & saw it at only $30...but dangit if I forgot about it & now it's $200. :-( I'll have to wait & see if he offers it for a lower price later. Check it out: It looks like a way to use Python to pick stocks as Warren Buffett would do appears to be very, very interesting. I hope he has a sale again & that it wasn't an introductory price (never to be seen again). If there is one thing I seriously hate is missing out on a sale for something very, very useful!!
  5. Well, the latest did come out and you can see: 3.5 hours long. I think that's the longest one yet.
  6. For me, I see that I haven't done all the exercises he's suggested, nor every 30-day challenge, nor have I read a fraction of the books on the book list. So if I think I'm seeing what Leo is saying, I just remind myself that I haven't really done the hardest shit asked of me beforehand & try to use that as a reminder for what I'm lacking. If you read all the books & did all the exercises, you're to be commended! That would be where the rubber meets the road.
  7. Interesting. I wonder what happened? Can you give any general details? Someone yesterday put in your YouTube comments section on the recent Cult part 1 video (posted by Russel Walker) about wasting a great deal of time in Rali's Discord. Then they kicked him out over some bs & he didn't like that. It was a pretty long description detailing the problems on the Discord. I've been there & saw some of the overall weirdness, but I didn't take it seriously & I don't have time for all that...probably because I'm not interested in joining cults, but trying to harness useful tools, where I can find them.
  8. I have no idea who TJ is, but we all spotted Rali early on. He created reaction videos against yours and they were right there in the feed for all to read. But if we fast forward the clock by the years since his banning here, what has actually happened to Rali? His channel died & he has a small Discord for chatting which has just a handful of people in it, at any given time. Maybe 12 tops. There's nobody giving him money. There's no programs. They just seem to look at photos and talk about entities inside them, which I'm not sure which religion that is being pulled from (Hindu?). I think he completed an MBA or something, but ultimately, there is nothing there. So for a Zen Devil out to stake a claim on the world, he's a non-starter. What I think is that if you didn't do anything at all, the outcome would've been the same. He doesn't have the energy to set up this kind of business & timing has a lot to do with it too. These other guys trying to build their own self-help business are a dime a dozen now. The market is saturated. So in other words, I doubt any of these people really pose a threat to even if they tried to recruit. They would have to be superior orators over you & that would be a tough nut to crack for many that haven't put in the thousands of hours. You should dare somebody to do it at this point. I don't think it will happen, even if they had business motives! And who the hell is TJ? Does anybody know? lol.
  9. I tried going without meat. I was going to the restroom 3-4 times a day for weeks and having a ton of gas too. So I had to quit veggie, and then my system righted itself. Although now in hindsight, I'm wondering if it was my trip to India (1.5 years ago) had something to do with the veggie backfire. When I came back, I apparently had Hep A. I didn't know about it until last month when I did a Hep screen for something unrelated. I was found to have the Hep A antibody, which was a puzzler. The doc then looked at my past bloodwork & I had a blood test about a month after I returned from India & the liver enzymes were elevated at that time. I just wonder why nobody noticed it back then!! At any rate, I can't see myself going back to veggie. I get ravenous when I eat veggie & sometimes seriously gaseous. i can't handle all of that toilet time.
  10. There can be consequences to your reputation. If everyone knows you're a liar and a thief, for being honest about, the word will get around. You might get revenge brought upon yourself. You could get child support payments handed to you. And everybody is already lying all the time. It's a survival mechanism. A certain class of people get off on cheating because it's a secret. If it was out in the open & everybody knew, it probably loses the arousal. You're not owed a reputation either, nor trust. These things have to be earned and you have to build them by action not words. Action in this case would be not cheating and not lying all the time. My manager says that he likes me because I'm reliable and he knows when I'm left to my own devices I'll be able to figure out some problem. He didn't owe me his trust, but I earned it from him being able to see my results for the past 20 years. Just some layman off the street isn't going to get that credit and will likely be treated like a second class citizen until he can prove otherwise. So it's know owing. It's trusting. Can you trust someone not to cheat on you or lie? Do you want to emotionally invest with a cheater? You'll only have yourself to blame on that mental anguish caused by the heartbreak when it goes south.
  11. I surfed around the back pages of this thread & Leo said there would be a video announcement when it was going to start. I'm in a Red State, so probably not going to get much activity there. Hell, even in Austin, that's a long drive for me & I doubt I'd be able to consort with my nearby fellow Actualizians, Actualoids, or Actualese?
  12. You're so right about that. I think a lot of YouTuber Channels have become very sensitive of the comments section. Most people just don't care or leave it, but maybe it's trending towards more censorship. It took me a few hours, but I think I figured it out what's going on. It's because those channels are a scam. I'm referring to Dan Lok and Project Life Mastery. They only have sycophants giving constant high praise to these asshole charlatans. Their banning of my comment questions helped wake me out of the spin they had me hooked on!! And they're probably too stupid to realize it. I'll never buy anything from these guys. There were a couple of instances where I got banned for some odd remarks in the past. Like Coach Corey Wayne. He did a Pro Trump video once in 2016 & everyone that commented against him, he shadow-banned. And I was a big fan too! Why he went after his customer base to ban-hammer the people who didn't agree with his politics, I'll never understand. If these people ever come up in conversation or in other comments or videos, I'll be doing my very best to poison the well. I've gotten several good jabs in with "Coach". Dan Lok. He's next. Project Life Mastery? Not even worth thinking about. He's a joke. I have no idea why I'm banned by PLM. Fortunately, I never bought anything. Good riddance.
  13. Has anyone besides me, noticing themselves being blocked out of YouTube comments on various self-help channels? The reason I ask is because I've posted a few questions on some channels and never get a response. After a few weeks, still nothing from anyone. So I open up an incognito mode & test the system & see that my comments are never posted. It's like I've ended up on a shit-list. And I have no idea what I said that might've caused it, if anything at all! In fact, this one channel I went to, I barely said anything at all, but once nobody posted any response, I check & sure enough, I'm out. It's really freaking me out a bit. Nobody likes being froze out indefinitely, but that's exactly what it is because nobody will go back & remove those blocks. I wonder why they do that? I've felt tempted to go buy one of their books or programs & post a reaction video to me burning it in protest, but the thing is, I don't hate these people. I just don't understand why I've been froze out. What's more I don't understand why YouTube doesn't tell me that I'm wasting time posting comments that nobody will ever see. The whole thing is bringing me down & makes me feel like I can't give any honest feedback on anything because some of these goody-two shoe types only want to have their ass kissed in the comments section & that's really boring! I wasn't sure who else to turn to, so any thoughts on this are really appreciated. Apologies if this is the wrong forum. I figure it might be good here since I'm really getting worked-up over something that seems ridiculous.
  14. I did want to report back on the blood work. They didn't find anything wrong to explain the lack of energy. Only found that my good cholesterol was too low. Losing weight or adding a glass of wine per night will raise it. I've also been given a prescription of Vitamin B12 shots to take weekly. So I guess I'll need to be picking & choosing a few of the Nootropics supplements to experiment with. What was really interesting for this last appointment is that the Doc gave me a free copy of the Qur'an. I've had a doctor/patient relationship for 15 years with this lady & we usually engage in a lot of other topics besides my health in conversation, such as Trump & US politics. Overall, I consider it a high honor to receive one from a doctor.
  15. I just need to dig around a little & make sure those online Indian stores don't get me arrested. What is really weird here, is that a lot of the pro-veggie dieters on YouTube have done an about face & are bitching about all of the health problems associated with really long veggie diets. They went back to putting meat in their diet & several problems cleared away by moving to a Keto diet. As far as veggies go, I'm a juicer, but not an advanced juicer. I pretty much use Leo's recipe from last year plus some green juicing. I really need to take the plunge & get an advanced juicing device...preferably cheap & used if I can find one. Definitely, something to look into. I'll check that out. I've never tried that. Lately, I haven't been feeling anything. I'm not happy or sad, just sort of in the middle. My work day is great, lot's of energy from 7am, but then after noon, the energy starts to peter off & by 5pm, I'm dragging the rest of the afternoon & evening. I get up at 6am, with usually 8 hours of sleep. I get my Bulletproof coffee, prescribed meds, supplements (green tea, B12) & breakfast & I'm off to the races. I just don't understand that complete lack of energy by 5pm. Usually when work was over, I would get a second wind of energy to do things after work. That second wind got up & left. It's probably Low T, but that is what the cardiologist said would cause the plaque buildup in the arteries within 6 months (not Adderall as I mentioned previously). So it might be that I need some alternative that helps with testosterone minus the heart attack risk. I just got my blood tested, I'll report back in a couple weeks on what was found. Maybe there is something weird going on to explain it.