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  1. Is there anything like a complete perspective other then the God perspective?
  2. Right a good life purpose would be either helping the victims or prevention. But of course a punishment which is taken seriously might prevent it to a small degree as well.
  3. That's the thing though, the left is going waay too far culturally and getting everyone distracted in nonsense, while the right is at least involved in any economic concerns what so ever and keeping an eye on the important stuff. Right wingers don't really give a damn about these culture wars, this is all a left organized riot, while there are much bigger fish to fry.
  4. @Forestluv What exactly do single decisions like pepper spraying someone have to do with Trump first of all, that is on the specific units or persons conscience. You should be glad that there is someone not letting the riots get completely out of control and again these are literally riots not peaceful protest, repeat it over and over again that these are peaceful protests doesn't change the fact that there are people who don't give a crap about what some of these peaceful protesters might be saying. You are simply trying to build a picture that fits your narrative and I'm not really seeing your usual nuanced view of things.
  5. I don't think it's that simple, it's just one of many areas of life you can get conscious of. I don't think people who don't get into contact with women all their life but do a lot of consciousness work are well developed in that matter but you could also argue that political views about sexuality and sexuality itself are two completely separate areas as well.
  6. @Forestluv Who ever goes into violent protest being pregnant is to blame for being so stupid to be honest.
  7. Not true at all what you are saying, she was even further ahead then Biden supposedly is now almost everywhere.
  8. Do you really think that they don't have better info then wo do? 25 out of 27 is not sound?
  9. @Dryas This one is about popular vote only, also the other one would have 25 out of 27 as opposed to 16 out of 18 and this not only for the popular vote. Also note it's 91% probability, which is very very telling.
  10. Same as with Hillary. What does that tell us? Fake News.
  12. In my opinion it's a serious violation to do this to a child. Only with consent should this ever be done apart from using it for disease and of course there is no way to get consent from an unborn child. Even with the disease it's kinda pretty gray already, not so sure.
  13. @Robi Steel Way too many great people have been echo chambered off this forum, that's really sad. You had some great posts on here, much love to you. Sometimes you just need to accept things as they are, but yeah the forum is kinda losing it's appeal especially with these strong new policies and everything controversial getting locked. But there are many dimensions to this forum, just because this one is very limited doesn't mean that it doesn't have its use.
  14. True should be like 70%