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  1. I have gotten kind of sloppy with watching the videos and was more focused on myself, on my inner work, those phases are important aswell of course. Now I have started catching up and watching all the videos, mostly because the spiral dynamics videos kind of got me hooked on getting to know more about the lower stages of the spiral, which I didn't think was neccessary for the last months. The Yoga video got me to start with Kriya Yoga and already after 3 days of doing it, I have been feeling those strong energies over and over again and literally feeling vasanas melting away. So I just wanted to say that I am really thankful to you Leo, with all of my heart. You make it so much easier and more accessible for such lazy people as I am, without your videos I would have gotten stuck so many times, but they always offer so much insight to be integrated, that there is always progress to be had. I am really lazy when it comes to reading, I have maybe read like 6 or 7 books in my entire life, that is why such detailed and long videos are incredibly useful for me, I am just more of a video type of guy. We can all be really thankful for having someone like Leo, a really beautiful soul indeed.
  2. I can exactly tell you what your problem is. Your attachment is your very demise my friend. To stop getting attached so badly the first step would be to build up your self-love, which in itself can be a long process, when you have enough self-love at some point also you will need to be able to stay conscious for longer periods of time in everyday life, make meditation a constant habit, without needing to sit down to do it. Now with those two foundations you can finally start. Just stay conscious of the moments when you start attaching to a girl, whether you see a beautiful girl somewhere, or you have a nice talk with her, just notice how your centered state of being is becoming pulled towards her, how the attachment unfolds, just give into it but with full self-love and independence, staying conscious of this whole process. Just the fact that you are conscious of that process of attachment, will already neutralize your problem, because your consciousness can't really get attached, it is just your "weak" state when you are not conscious. The self-love makes this alot easier because you lose alot of the neediness and don't always rely on being attached to something in your life.
  3. In my opinion Charles Manson was a potential Zen-Devil.
  4. By focusing on a certain thing you start changing the vibration of your being, which of course is just made up of consciousness. This change in vibration makes you a match to new experiences within the field of consciousness. Just imagine two magnets that pull onto each other and then imagine two magnets that repel each other, it is basically the same with your vibration some things are drawn to you and you are drawn to them and the other way around. Of course this is the simple way of seeing it, there still can be things that interfere with all of that. For the magnets it would be a wall for example, which they can't possibly pass, for you it might be a certain trauma that is holding you back from going into the direction of the thing you are sharing a similar vibration with. Yet all of those things are just different forms consciousness has become in a game it plays with itself.
  5. Great, I had exactly this thought during a meditation around the time you posted that.
  6. Thank you all for your advice. So the best way seems to be being present, but in another way that I have been before. I have been really present in the past years but I have never seen attachment as something that is holding me back. Now that I really deliberately watch the attachment forming and also seeing the attachment which already formed in the past I feel like I removed a kind of spiritual bottleneck. Suddenly I have memories from years ago coming up noticing the attachment they unconsciously created, I am curious where my path will go now.
  7. I don't think that being present means that there can't be thought, it is surely possible to think consciously. There are even meditations where you are meant to be thinking and just stay present meanwhile. Also from my perspective, it is impossible to quiet my mind completely when it comes to certain persons. Even with that adivce in mind, keeping this up for the rest of my life, there is still active attachments right now which would stay. I think most of this plays out on an unconscious level anyway, you would have to be in a state of permanent no mind not to get attached at all.
  8. How to master non-attachment? What are your ways to keep it up?
  9. Can anyone help me with this, what are the ways of dealing with it or maybe even changing it completely?
  10. Thank you Charlotte! You really helped me alot with this link.
  11. There is a pretty interesting message starting at 13:39 in the video.
  12. @ZX_man Just to live in reality instead of clinging to fantasies.
  13. Karezza. Which I know about trough the book "Cupids Poisoned Arrow".
  14. It is and it isn't. Depends on the perspective, the self is everything so love for anything is self-love, but this of course isn't the case if you see yourself as a seperate self, almost everyone does so it is the best way to go because how does a self which lacks love want to love anything else.