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  1. I understand that you view it as negativity. But that's not the way I see it, for me it's exactly the most beautiful thing there can be, no limit to progressing, infinity itself is well obviously infinitely beautiful. I'm open minded for sure, exactly to the degree that I never want to assume I reach the end, that would exactly be where you would essentially quit, I don't want to quit, I don't want to reach an end.
  2. There is infinite stages of awakening. Leo assuming that you can become fully awake at any point is a mistake in my opinion. Nobody ever will be fully awake at any point in time, only if they fully integrate the infinite realms of time, space all the dimensions and infinitely many other variants of everything at the same time to the deepest level you could say he is awake, but this is never going to be possible, because ever or never is within mind and within time. God is infinite and you are never going to be able to fully grasp that, you can fool yourself into thinking that you do of course. On the other hand of course you already are aware of all this and you are god obviously, but simply not in this realm, not in space and time, not in mind, because it's impossible to grasp infinity in these domains in a limited amount of time, you need eternity to grasp infinity and eternity is given to you, that's why there is an infinite amount of stages to climb and it never will end!
  3. I would also say the diet plays the key role here, but of course we don't really know Leo's diet. I myself also had probably the same kind of thyroid issues Leo has and for me it was simply Supplements that resolved this problem for me. Iodine is the key really. Not sure how much of a difference other supplements make but I've also been taking D3+K2, B12, zinc, magnesium, Omega 3 and a few other unimportant things. I think exercise always can help with such things, although I also know how difficult it tends to be to motivate yourself having such fatigue. I would also always consider it might be some form of autoimmune disorder like hashimoto's. From a lot of research I've gotten to the conclusion that all autoimmune disorders are caused by a leaky gut combined with animals proteins of any form, these animals proteins don't get translated properly if they leak through the gut and get attacked by the immune system. So a vegan diet would be good for a start, although I think it's only necessary as long as you still have the leaky gut. It's caused mainly by coffee, alcohol and gluten, there are other factors for sure. Omega 3 is very helpful in this case, I honestly don't remember every single aspect of this but it would be sufficient to just google leaky gut and see what to abstain from and what to include into your diet among with iodine and maybe some other supplements. I think it should take a few months to really heal but I'm not sure of course how long it takes exactly. After the leaky gut is healed though your diet doesn't have to be that strict anymore, I guess. Keep in mind that's nothing scientific, just my personal experience and research on this topic.
  4. @Hansu From what I've heard so far about this matter it is actually way more likely that it is going to mutate into something that is less dangerous for the population, but the possibility is always there of course.
  5. I have been kinda concerned by this as well to be honest and dug as deep as possible trying to stay really unbiased. First of all what Leo wrote is probably the best you can actually do right now. The problem there is so much different information about it and so many conspiracies which for all we know some might be true, that the Chinese government isn't being really truthful about it this is for sure. Mortality rate seems very low for now, but you need to consider that it's a virus which can mutate at any given time although I am seeing the low mortality as the really positive news about it. I've seen the videos and how nurses and doctors are in panic and forced to work by the government, which is kinda scary for sure. I mean they won't quarantine 56 million people for a virus with 4500 infections and "just" 107 deaths, obviously there is more to it and also the overcrowded hospitals with corpses laying on the floor which you see in at least one video I have seen is kinda concerning since they are supposed to have a capacity of 49000 beds, I honestly think the personal is simply missing and doesn't have the resources to cover the amount of people coming in, which is the limiting factor that probably determines this low number of officially infected people, they simply don't have the resources and personal to test everyone who is coming in and people are literally getting sick in the hospitals waiting in queue, worst idea one could have to go there, because they have only supportive measures anyway after all. The scary thing is the incubation time which is estimated to be around 2-14 days, 14 days means that they can literally infect everyone around them for the whole amount of time without even noticing the symptoms and governments keep up the silly temperature scanners to test people at airports, it's a joke really. What are they testing if there are no symptoms? Here in Germany as of today have 1 confirmed case. There was a businesswomen from China giving him and a small work group some kind of training and she was here since 19.01.2020 which is hella scary considering she claims her symptoms started just on the flight home. The man kept going to work for multiple days. We will know the real current infected numbers from today in like 7-14 days. Some videos of people just collapsing in the middle of the street without any movement afterwards what so ever. These are kinda the straight facts on this. There are many rumors which are very scary but I would really take them with a grain of salt. A video of a nurse where she already claimed at least 2 days ago 90k infected and that the virus mutated into stage 2 where it's much worse, some people are saying this stage one is just a kind of cover for this real virus to make people downplay it, till it's too late. Some are claiming it's just because they want the population to use vaccines and basically stop all people who are anti vaccines. There is a security level 4 bio research facility exactly in the place where the virus originated in Wuhan. Some people claim it's from there. That's about it for now.
  6. To be honest, I think there are many different of such phenomena which are not necessarily related. I have multiple examples of this. During usual meditations I tend to see this colors that are very aura like blue, indigo or sometimes red, that could be related to chakras in some way. During Do Nothing meditation I even see these colors with my eyes open and that already started way back like 4 years ago. As the previous post says during Kriya Yoga I also have some very interesting bright light effect appearing when I start holding my breath and cover all opening of the body and I feel like it might be the continuation of some sorts of this dot you are seeing, because I have seen it some years ago as well a few times when I meditated for very long periods of time. Also what I've had for a long time already are these pulsing flashes of white light all over my field of vision and also with closed eyes, which are incredibly fast flashes. They appear when I feel like I have a really high frequency at that time, also usually when I shower.
  7. @electroBeam Didn't read through all the comments but honestly dude just get rid of her. No matter what would happen from now on, even if she kinda gave in to what you want for a short amount of time in the end it would end up toxic either way, especially since she is not a spiritual person you can't really expect her to change that radically and so I would really encourage you to just move on. Learn the lessons that come with the pain of seperation, do the work on yourself just improve your frequency and you'll attract somebody way better next time.
  8. @isabel You know because it is radically different than anything else you could ever imagine, so when it fades you are back to the point where you can't even describe it, the thing is that you as an ego can't even really know it, it only appears when the ego fades, so that's why it's not changing into something by "you" knowing it. It's not really you who gets to know it, but it gets to know itself through you and you kinda witness it. Obviously I'm kinda struggling here with the words again, not really possible to convey it fully.
  9. @isabel Something is a concept, "it" is free of any concept, any constructs you could come up with.
  10. @sunny33 True non-duality includes all dualities. Without method it's hard to see. As long as I am trapped in illusion there is a me.
  11. @sunny33 True and not true. There are still many methods that can help you to experience this unknowable. I highly likely never will if I become a couch potato watching TV and playing video games all day, then I might be "that" but I don't have the pleasure of knowing "it", knowing myself in this illusory frame which is possible after all.
  12. @inFlow Good catch, thank you!
  13. As with most things the key really is developing Self-Love, all these symptoms are simply the lack of it. Your spiritual practice should actually also help you with that to a large extent, but really it's just about doing the work of getting to know yourself and accept yourself as you truly are. When these things occur just ask question till you get to the bottom of it, why is it that I have a fear of rejection? Or what ever occurs at that moment and just meditate on it, feel the emotions coming with it, just get in the space of getting to know all of this stuff that is coming up, after all you just don't know it and you don't know yourself, if you knew what the root problem is, it would be relatively easy to solve this issue and with time you will be more and more "healed" also just really love yourself more and more. I really don't think there is a point where you can't grow any further, there is really infinite potential to grow, just because someone has a secure attachment doesn't mean they are perfect.
  14. @Gneh Onebar Yeah it really has some similarities. Although the breath cycles are really not fast at all with what I am doing, I feel like this gets tiring very fast, instead just get a nice rhythm going where you can really enjoy every breath, inhaling fully for like 6-9 Seconds and exhaling a little faster, get it all out pretty similarly as he does in the video before his retention by contracting the belly at every single exhale, although just taking it easy don't have be to that thorough because that takes too long imo. Also I can't really imagine this effect to happen when you do the retention on an exhale, tried it a few times and didn't work really, although I am pretty sure this has like an opposite set of benefits, that's just the duality of it.
  15. @Gneh Onebar I am still experimenting with it, so I think that was a misguided point with the Uddiyana Bandha. Now I would say don't do it, going to actually edit it out of the post. Just breathe in as deeply as you can every single time, not just into your lungs but also the belly! And when you do the retention just relax the belly after a few seconds so that it expands even a little further, I am just not completely sure yet if stretching it out with force is any better than just doing it kinda relaxed.