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  1. @ZX_man Just to live in reality instead of clinging to fantasies.
  2. Karezza. Which I know about trough the book "Cupids Poisoned Arrow".
  3. It is and it isn't. Depends on the perspective, the self is everything so love for anything is self-love, but this of course isn't the case if you see yourself as a seperate self, almost everyone does so it is the best way to go because how does a self which lacks love want to love anything else.
  4. @Faceless I think particular and universal are the same, you might be making distinctions where there are none. @phoenix666 I discovered it mostly trough shadow work, I have been with myself in times of desperate need for love and discovered that I am looking for something which I can only give to myself.
  5. @Faceless I don't understand the question? I mentioned both self-love and love in my answer.
  6. You mean "time is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" @cetus56 Yeah you are right but the same principle applies to space itself, even the one point where everything would be concentrated shouldn't exist as space.
  7. @el_duderino Self-love, just keep loving yourself and giving yourself the attention you would give to anyone you would also love. That is the only way, with this you can then reflect love to the outside and attract it, altough never forget that the true source will always be you and not somebody else.
  8. This one is useful, thank you. That is not love, it is just a temporary chemical reaction which only serves mating, this is actually not at all what I am looking for.
  9. Could be. Luckily I don't feel bad about it at all because instead of just not feeling it, I just stay with the feeling. Why should I resist it? It is one of lifes beauties, feeling is simply beautiful no matter if you interpret it as positive or negative feeling. I am highly intuitive, one of the reasons I don't actually need and want any pickup is because I see trough people really fast and usually don't even need to approach them to see into their soul. I am not saying that she needs to be a virgin, it is just an indicator for me that she might be the right person and I value it highly anyway. It is possible that I would be okay with her not being a virgin, but it really depends on the situation. Well, there is the mating procedure and there is the bonding procedure, I am a fan of the latter. At the moment I am not interested in reproducing, as I said, I am not about the mating, I am about bonding. I am also not concerned about the finite lifespan, I don't mind becoming celibate, which should also offer a wonderful and powerful life. Maybe I just have the "reality" of our society in front of my eyes. I am not looking for a perfect women at all. I am basically looking for the average girl 6/10 with many character "flaws" who happens to be more interested in bonding than in mating. I don't want to lose the magic of it, the intense feeling of it, that is the reason why I hate all of those advices about getting experience, because I will lose alot of exactly that, if I do that, it will be just like the other 10000000 girls I have hit on already, absolutely boring, that would be why I wouldn't even care anymore if she turns me down and that is why I would win the mating game. This is exactly the way todays dating works and I absolutely hate it and am going to stay away from this. I am authentic and don't adjust to this low consciousness dating game.
  10. @Robert Thank you, that is what I needed to hear.
  11. There is nothing authentic about being experienced with girls. I don't see the value of this kind of experience, other then for making prey on the type of girls I never wanted to be with. I also don't understand where everyone is going with the experience thing?? I am talking about love, I am not talking about pick up. This has never been the problem for me that I lacked experience, the problem has been that I don't agree with societies ways of "love" if that means I am not going to get laid, couldn't care less, I was looking for love in the first place, not for a toy. Self-love is the only thing that can create real love. Abundance of self-love automatically radiates. Well, I am in a gap time at the moment, maybe in future in the university, that is what I put my hopes to anyway, because I suspect there might be more decent girls.
  12. I don't see it like that. If I need any kind of manipulation/tricks in order to keep her instead of being authentic then I wouldn't want to keep her in the first place. That's a good one, thank you. Yeah I should create more abundance, I already started this a few weeks ago by deepening my self-love.
  13. Then I should be able to attract the one I am looking for who is exactly as crazy as me. Depends what you define as animal. I mostly see unconscious behaviour as animal. biologically speaking, you are correct of course. In my opinion that is exactly what I am doing. As I said I don't have expectations like she has to be a 10 out of 10 or something like that. Also I am fine with many many things, which most other people would consider character flaws, apart from the animalistic way of mating mentioned above of course. Well, things have the value you give to them. Nothing really has value in of itself, we give the value ourselves and virginity is a major sign for me that the person is exactly who I am looking for. Thank you for your comment. I don't see women as bitches, I see bitches as bitches. Reading the book "Cupids Poisoned Arrow" made me recognize the difference between me and other in the mating behaviour in the first place. That is exactly my issue, I am not the type of guy to do this and honestly I don't want to be, I never wanted to be. Thank you for your advice. I doubt that I have any approach anxiety, that is really not the problem I have. I am not going to find the type of women I am looking for in clubs, this is for sure. This is most likely not true love what you are talking about, it is just the chemistry in your body, I am talking about something different here. I actually fell in love with many even bitchy girls in this shallow way you probably talk about here, but I know that it is just fantasy, true love is simply true and not a fantasy you make up in your mind because of your body chemistry. True love is exactly what I want from the world, I have 0 value for shallow love and sex with such. Thank you for your practical advice though. Thank you, good to hear that there are still decent women out there.
  14. About 2 hours of work daily is good in intermediate stages in my opinion, for beginners it is usually way too much and could lead to loss of motivation. I would say after you hit 2-3 hours of work daily the best things that you can try doing to advance are being really aware during anything you are doing during the day or simply be aware of the breathing while doing it, this adds alot of growth. Also I highly recommend to meditate into sleep, Osho was saying that when you fall asleep meditating you will continue meditating while asleep, this adds many many hours on top although it is surely not as easy as it sounds at first.
  15. @Omario This is very difficult to answer accurately. In general it does make thinking more positive overall and this is because of many reasons, meditation has too many positive effects to even start typing it down, but when it comes to the negative thinking I think it is mainly because of the resilience you develop over time trough meditation. Another important factor is also dependent on how you really meditate, if you dive into your shadows and don't try to repress anything it might even make your thinking worse for some time untill you finally manage to light up those shadows, then you should come back with a way more positive thinking overall and of course not only the thinking.