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  1. I have been meditating a ton in the past month. In the middle of the week I tend to meditate about 1-2 hours troughout the day and 2-3 hours in the evening. At weekends I meditate for 2-4 hours in the morning additionally. So it may happen that I meditate for about 7-8 hours a day on weekends. Apart from that I started reading books now for about 1-2 hours a day. Also fool around watching some youtube videos or tv series. Then I also do some workout and jogging occaisonally. Not much time for anything else with so much meditation. I am in a difficult phase at the moment, because I a pretty much in a withdrawl from porn and masturbation so the tons of meditation really keep me in a very good mood troughout the day.
  2. I don't really like it because it causes this brain fog for me for like 1-2 days after where it is also harder to stay aware, but yes meditations are interestingly diffrent on weed.
  3. @Serge Beauty is the highest expression of ourselves in physical form. Truth is the highest expression of ourselves in the form of the mind. Love is the highest expression of ourselves in form of feelings. Those are the things everyone is motivated by if you break it down, find your form or forms of expression.
  4. @Serge It is pretty much all a matter of dopamine. Are you sure that there is nothing in your life that gives you high states, like porn for example? In general it could be any addiction which gives you those highes and automatically makes you dull about anything else in life.
  5. @K VIL Yes it is true, sadly as soon as you mention things like that and are not one of the 5% lucky guys who are tall and look good, you lost. I thought that there will be exceptions to this but I learned otherwise by now, there are none, just keep your mouth shut about love or relationship and let it play out on its own.
  6. @pluto Thank you, you are right. It is soo much work to do still, I have been meditating for 3-5 hours a day for the past 2 months and so much stuff happened, the growth is crazy but of course it brings those issues that were hidden to the surface at the same time.
  7. Yes, that is true, although I still don't see the ego as bad or anything. It is just a neccessary part of this beautiful journey.
  8. I just realized how I am creating huge problems out of nothing in my life. I was crying around having so much thought about a situation in my life, even though the huge pain of it was gone after a bit of medition, the theater I make about it is so ridicolous that I have to laugh about it myself. I am able to smile trough the worst pain, I am happy almost all the time and learned to love being sad anyway. How silly it is how my ego artificially creates a huge problem out of thin air, while 99% of people are stuck in way worse lifes, not knowing the truth, I create problems where there are none, instead of supporting others with my whole capacity for compassion. My advice, bring awareness to how your mind tries to trick you by making small problems your main focus and dramatizing them.
  9. @Edvard You should read the book Cupid's Poisoned Arrow.
  10. @Shin Thank you. That's some really good stuff, improved my mood by 200%, not that I didn't enjoy the "bad" mood I was in.
  11. @Slade I think in general the main causes for depressions are traumas, addictions, sexual frustration and probably a hate towards our society, when you feel like you don't fit into this world. I think back when I was really depressed, I would rather want to avoid someone who is playful, because me being unable to laugh about things would make me even more sad. But knowing that you have a friend in someone is surely a positive thing, although if it is naturally an introvert it might be exhausting to be in contact. If you let that person tell you everthing that is on their mind, kind of cry out their problems with your help, it also is a good thing.
  12. @Shin That is exactly what I am resisting. I don't want to have sex just because then I am able to find a girl. I resist the "truth" of how women are, because if it really is so, I would rather stay alone forever. I don't understand why women don't want true love at all, after all they are more emotional than most guys, apart from me though, why would they always fall for the guys who see them as a toy? I recommend the book cupids poisoned arrow. Sex with orgasm will drive you away from your partner, it is a backstep for true love.
  13. @Spiral That is not the actual problem with that, it is my expectations in regards to contact to others. I don't have any female friends and don't just flirt around with random people. I expect the same, if a guy tries to flirt with her touch her I would expect her to defend herself. The thing is most of those girls that seem decent have very weak boundries in regards to such aggressive flirts, atleast that was my experience so far. When they talk to such guys more than with me because they provoke them "are playful" I totally lose interest.
  14. @Spiral I know it's crazy but I wouldn't only if she is not like the others. But the expectation I have for looks is just about 7 or maybe even 6 if she really is a decent human being. The problem is really the expectation of "just you and me". Thank you for the response.
  15. Am I totally insane ? Have I watched too many hollywood movies as a child? I am just crazy for love, I am probably worse than those women waiting all their life for the "white knight". I can't do anything about it I can't care for bitches honestly, even if they are a 10/10 I won't lose my virginity to that, not happening. I am so determined to go trough with this, I don't care if I die a virgin, I will be abstinent for the rest of my life from now on, unless she will suddenly appear someday. I just can't fucking deal with the animal like nature of society, I can't take those bitches seriously. I can't play those games they all want you to play, I can't be one of those hundreds of man she can choose from. One wrong move and I start ignoring them, I don't understand why I expect this perfection, I rationally can't get behind it why I act like that. Why I can't compete like any other man, I am just a crazy dude in a crazy society. This is the only desire I have, I don't care about anything else. I would give my life for 1 day of true love.