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  1. That is exactly what I also thought seeing him talking about books, but I already had this impression even before this video, that books are given more value then they actually offer, as if there would be no alternative. I struggle to see why books offer more then videos, they simply don't from my perspective. Watching videos of highly developed people, you not only have the verbal input but also see their expressions of any sorts and can feel their energy, if you are sensitive enough to it you can see who is full of shit simply by feeling their energy, that is actually what I think was the biggest factor in my developement using youtube videos, I could decipher the crap from the gold by those subtle non-verbal clues. So if anything I think books are inferior in comparison to videos. The best example for this is Osho in my opinion, watch his videos just understanding the verbal input and you won't get too far, but listen with your heart connect to all the input of the video and you have much much more.
  2. Struggle is what makes you grow beyond your prior limitations.
  3. @Prabhaker I suppose you are right on that.
  4. Indeed, possessiveness destroys love, I am not talking about possessiveness. True love is only in the now, it is not in the future, because the future is a fantasy. Same goes for the past, past is a thought. You don't depend on the other in true love, both cups are filled from within and sharing the beauty of overflowing love. If the other leaves, you still have your cup fully filled with self-love. This is not about jealousy, it is about giving a 100% of your being for your partner, only this way true love can work, there is no 99% in true love. Full devotion and compassion for the other, out of freedom, out of self-love.
  5. Many people here seem to think that what you see as freedom is freedom. What you see as freedom is just your distortion of true freedom. Everyone has his own distortion of it. If your freedom is to go have sex with everyone that comes your way while you girlfriend is sitting at home crying, that is surely not freedom for me. If your girlfriend on the other hand has her fun aswell as you have, that's great, I can agree that is freedom. For me true freedom is, true love, when I can fully express all of my being in the relationship, when I don't have to repress anything and so can she, if there is something inside me or her that wants us to have sex with someone else, this primal instinct, mating sex, there is a reason for that, which can be dealt with if you look into your inner being, it would be healed in no time with bonding sex. From my perspective your way of freedom is just being a horny animal, if you want to be an animal, that's fine, but I think you are on the wrong path, this path is for people who want to transcend all of that, but maybe your path is not about that and I respect that.
  6. @JohnIsDoe What you did can not be forgiven in my opinion. Either you are truthfull beforehand and break up with her or put her an ultimatum before you sleep with others, or you simply let it be. Of course there are people who live differently and it is totally fine to live in polygamy, but not if you pretend to your partner that you don't, that is the worst thing one can do in terms of emotional abuse. You should do what is best for her at this point, tell it to her and say to her that you don't deserve to be with her anymore, that she deserves someone who will treat her as she deserves it. It will hurt but she will grow and she will stop living a lie. From there on let happen whatever happens, if she wants to even forgive you, then you can decide if you can learn from your mistakes or not.
  7. I have gotten kind of sloppy with watching the videos and was more focused on myself, on my inner work, those phases are important aswell of course. Now I have started catching up and watching all the videos, mostly because the spiral dynamics videos kind of got me hooked on getting to know more about the lower stages of the spiral, which I didn't think was neccessary for the last months. The Yoga video got me to start with Kriya Yoga and already after 3 days of doing it, I have been feeling those strong energies over and over again and literally feeling vasanas melting away. So I just wanted to say that I am really thankful to you Leo, with all of my heart. You make it so much easier and more accessible for such lazy people as I am, without your videos I would have gotten stuck so many times, but they always offer so much insight to be integrated, that there is always progress to be had. I am really lazy when it comes to reading, I have maybe read like 6 or 7 books in my entire life, that is why such detailed and long videos are incredibly useful for me, I am just more of a video type of guy. We can all be really thankful for having someone like Leo, a really beautiful soul indeed.
  8. In my opinion Charles Manson was a potential Zen-Devil.
  9. By focusing on a certain thing you start changing the vibration of your being, which of course is just made up of consciousness. This change in vibration makes you a match to new experiences within the field of consciousness. Just imagine two magnets that pull onto each other and then imagine two magnets that repel each other, it is basically the same with your vibration some things are drawn to you and you are drawn to them and the other way around. Of course this is the simple way of seeing it, there still can be things that interfere with all of that. For the magnets it would be a wall for example, which they can't possibly pass, for you it might be a certain trauma that is holding you back from going into the direction of the thing you are sharing a similar vibration with. Yet all of those things are just different forms consciousness has become in a game it plays with itself.
  10. Great, I had exactly this thought during a meditation around the time you posted that.
  11. Thank you all for your advice. So the best way seems to be being present, but in another way that I have been before. I have been really present in the past years but I have never seen attachment as something that is holding me back. Now that I really deliberately watch the attachment forming and also seeing the attachment which already formed in the past I feel like I removed a kind of spiritual bottleneck. Suddenly I have memories from years ago coming up noticing the attachment they unconsciously created, I am curious where my path will go now.
  12. I don't think that being present means that there can't be thought, it is surely possible to think consciously. There are even meditations where you are meant to be thinking and just stay present meanwhile. Also from my perspective, it is impossible to quiet my mind completely when it comes to certain persons. Even with that adivce in mind, keeping this up for the rest of my life, there is still active attachments right now which would stay. I think most of this plays out on an unconscious level anyway, you would have to be in a state of permanent no mind not to get attached at all.
  13. How to master non-attachment? What are your ways to keep it up?
  14. Can anyone help me with this, what are the ways of dealing with it or maybe even changing it completely?