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  1. Try writing down(honestly) what you think is the cause of your blockages. Be impersonal in your writing. Write out your thoughts and look at them. Try to locate the fear. Observe your reaction to whatever you're writing. Follow the reactions. If they're fear-based, and most likely they are, go in them and dig deeper. Works wonders, but you gotta stick to it and be observing yourself.
  2. @Deep Accurately put, sir. Resonates with my own experience as well.
  3. Mysticism = Lucid dreaming extreme Enlightenment = Out of the dream
  4. @brovakhiin Ofc. It's all good, but you're on your own as far as waking up goes. No amount of conceptual understanding is gonna make a difference. But as you say, it helps with the motivation to see what it is you want to do.
  5. @brovakhiin For understanding it, yes. For waking up, no.
  6. Why don't you all just keep it to yourselves? Debating isn't going anywhere and is hardly fooling anyone. Your life is yours and yours alone, do with it what you please and let others do what they please. No ones benefiting from all this.
  7. Very nice description there I must say. Nothing about bliss or love. Which is good, so that people know what they're actually going for. I don't know why, but I laughed after reading the first two paragraphs. It was a positive laugh though, for some reason. After reading more I got a slight rush of fear, very subtle, when reading about the part where she describes that there was no one home when she's looking at her reflection. Not saying I have had this intense experience like she describes, but I've definitely had this when looking in the mirror lately. I think thats the reaction I got. The recognition of "no one home." Nice trip ahead I see... What do you guys think of the description? Had any similar experiences?
  8. You say its for enlightenment. Are you sure you know what that is? Or are you just looking for mystical experiences? Enlightenment is about truth. Skip all the new age stuff. Self-verification is where its at.
  9. Became a vegan - recently gave it up because meh, just another role - dropped it Stopped meditation - just another role for "being a good spiritual seeker" Stopped caring about fitness/weightlifting after 6 years of it(pretty hardcore, one of my most defined roles) dropped it Lost interest in most media/entertainment Stopped taking my life purpose to make money too seriously My appearances All of which felt good in the sense that I didn't "lose a part of me" once I did. Was more like a burden was gone. No all my energy is spent on inquiry and this journey.
  10. @Whywolf Yeah, listen to what is being presented to you. It's always right in your face. When you see it it's like an instant "jaw-dropper". The more you get used to it though, it's just another way of living. But still, freakin awesome
  11. @Peace and Love Damn, girl you got it going! Yeah, had crazy days like that too. Especially when I first realised what the meaning of these was. I think you kinda manifest the numbers a bit at a certain point. They come with a deeper meaning when you least expect them though, and when you're not really doing anything to "make them appear". Not just numbers, but all sorts of seemingly random events. There are no coincidences. You are the one making them appear in a sense, not "you" as in ego, but you as in universe/consciousness, when you're aligned with the flow. You see patterns and the meaning reveals in time. Just stop for a minute and think about what you're doing in those moments, before them, try to see the connections between the moments. It is a very fascinating way of living. Ever since I started following them I can't think of anything that has been wrong(not in a dualistic way right/wrong). Everything just seems to fit in perfect place when I look back at everything that has led me to where I am now and its getting deeper and deeper. It's like being the spectator of my own story, haha. The best movie ever, right?
  12. Good questions all of it. @Scholar It doesn't matter what I or anyone says; "consciousness is all there is" and all that. While it still might be the case, for me it is till a concept of course. I am in the self-verification process and that is the only way you can come to that "place" for yourself, when ego is gone. And so is it for you. Verify for yourself. No answers will get you "there". But it is important to have the conceptualisation as accurate as possible before you embark on it because well, there won't be a "you" left. So, it can be useful to have the awareness of that before you decide that this is something you REALLY have to verify for yourself. You have to have something to "guide" you, to fuel your search or else what the hell are you doing, even searching for truth. You gotta have the faith or hope that there is truth. For me it was an epiphany, and I know from personal exp that the universe isn't fucking around. When you're opening your eyes to the natural flow in life, there are no coincidences. You just follow the currents and that will be all you need.
  13. The universe has its natural flow. When you align yourself with that flow you will spot these obvious things. Outside of the flow people refer to it as miracles, coincidences, answer on a prayer from god, higher beings etc. doesn't really matter what you call it. When you are in this flow (out of ego mode), you see these connections, you are living your life from them because they show you what to do or what you you did was right. You are of course the universe. It is just consciousness. You are tapping in to that flow. Nothing can go wrong when you are there. Had tons of these numbers, very recently as well and it had significant meaning to EXACTLY the type of thing I was doing. So, this is no bullshit at all. But whether its angels, demons or God, doesn't matter. It is very real