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  1. Next week I will attend a Peter Ralston contemplative intensive. It's my first of its kind and I am stoked. Do you guys have any general tips on preparation and has any one done an intensive with Peter? Would love to hear what you got from it. Daniel
  2. Yes, I know it's completely different but probably a very good warm up as you call it. I do meditate every day and have done so for nearly 3 years with 2 vipassana courses and one solo darkness retreat under my belt. I think that's crucial. How was your first 5-MEO experience may I ask?
  3. @outlandish I'm way too alert for that - I have such a respect for psychedelics. I've done psilocybin, MDMA, LSD and DMT thus far - and DMT is no fucking joke. That's why I want to be gradually increasing my experience with LSD. People claiming 5-MEO being a hundred time stronger than N,N-DMT.. I can say for sure I'm not ready for 5-MEO yet - at all. Hopefully within a year or two - and yet preparing for something that can't be prepared for is not the easiest thing... Do you have advice for when you should go for breakthrough dosages and very potent substances like 5-MEO? How did you approach that?
  4. @outlandish Cheers, yes I was actually thinking about the weight of the blotter and mixed it up with the actual weight of the LSD in the blotter. Hence the confusion my bad. I just wanted to find the most precise way for dosing. Thanks so much, I'll be doing some trip reports in 2019 for sure.
  5. @Aaron p Right. I used the onion route as well! I went with a vendor with thousands of plausible reviews. I don't plan to do lsd more often than once a month (maximum) though. Thank you. @outlandish And just one more thought : Let's say 4 blotters weigh 1milligram. Which equals 250ug pr. blotter... Then you have 4 dosages of LSD but you only need one for now (assuming you went for 250ug trips). How do you store the 3 "left-over" dosages?
  6. @outlandish Cheers! Another one: When you test your batch with your reagent tests - do you test every single blotter or just one of the blotter from the entire batch? Thanks, I do have a lot of respect when it comes to psychedelics.
  7. @PukkaDanks Damn, I thought it was more controlled than that. Thanks!
  8. 2019 is my psychedelic year. I have bought a scale that weighs in milligram (0.001) but reading up on dosages again, I realized that LSD is dosed in micrograms (0.000001). I just wondered how you measure and dose such a small amount of substance? What scales do you use? Happy new year! D
  9. And when you do stumble upon massive resistance, cultivate that self-love: Have a great monday y'all.
  10. Hahaha, what a coincidence. Just payed the deposit for his Insight and Enlightenment workshop this spring. Have read book of not knowing and to be honest, I much rather do a workshop with him before he stop teaches.
  11. Thank you for the empathy and concern. I have thought about it. I DO think it has a very negative connotation since I don't get why anything are meaningful if there's no one to experience them. But yes, I DO NOT have a direct experience of becoming enlightened, so it still must be a belief since I don't have an actual experience of what I'm talking about. Thank you @DrewNows Cheers, thank you. Yes, it's not funny. I'm doing a 7 day long darkness retreat the day after tomorrow. Hopefully pumped with non-duality hahaha. How did you proceed when you were in this phase, if you could elaborate a bit? @WelcometoReality And that's the catch. It's a belief system for sure. I will do more of what I've been doing thus far and do more retreats. Thank you.
  12. I have a very, very strong sense of incongruency, apathy and meaninglessness. It has lasted about four months. Basically I feel like nothing can make sense, if there is no-one experiencing anything. I mean.. Why the heck do self-help if you help no-one anyways. If I'm absolutely nothingness and the void who is then feeling these emotions? How can "you" be passionate, feel love and pursuit anything whatsoever, if "you" don't exist in the first place?! It is slowly driving me nuts. I would really appreciate your clever answers. Daniel
  13. During my 1h meditation last night a very, very warm sensation appeared in my solar plexus. First kind of pulled me back and then forward. Ecstatic. It happened again later when I did my holo breath. Have you had similar experiences and do you have suggestions to what's happening? Love, Daniel
  14. Hey dude Having just started cold approaching a few weeks back I can definitely say it's worth it. I'm not counting numbers, dates etc. thus far, however if you are straight-up and honest in your approaches you'll definitely make someone's day. For all the rejections I've had this far, every approach has ended with a very flattered girl and your sense of masculinity and self respect goes through the roof. That in it self is a nice motivation in the beginning. I may suck but at least I'm being true to my sexuality. Good luck. By the way, get a wing. So helpful.