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  1. Oh yes it will. Approach with confidence (direct eye contact, body language, etc) and strategy your questions and compliments. Girls LOVE being complimented! They eat it up. Compliment them on what they love most - their shoes. And after 10 mins or so, as @reez suggested, walk away. This should get her interest hooked.
  2. Fundamentalist idea of God is in the Blue stage on Clare Grave's scale of Psychological Evolution. Leo says there is no good or bad stage, every stage is necessary for developmental advancement. You have to get through Blue to advance to the Orange, then Green, Yellow, etc. In his video 'Spirituality vs Religion' there will be good insights for you as well.
  3. It's not about rejection, it's about selection. Cultivate qualities that make them see you as value. Girls can tell if a guy comes from a place of genuine interest (value) or just hunting for a piece of meat (no value).
  4. Hi @OceanJjb, I moved to the U.S. 20 years ago, am in my 40s now, and my husband passed away 4 years ago. I am raising a child, though, who is now 17. The same year I lost my husband, I was diagnosed with cancer (I'm fine now, got it in the early stage). Staying rooted in reality is what has always kept me going. Dig deep within to find your true nature. What you'll find is that you are not the 'me' story you've been identifying with. and this forum are the right place to be as you learn and grow spiritually. Sounds like you're well on your way to a life changing breakthrough
  5. 'Ring around the rosie', 'Rocking my baby' Don't know how in the world they made it to become children songs
  6. Here is an advertisement idea for Leo - T-shirts, pens, bracelets, notebooks, mouse pads, etc. I would use those myself and give them away as gifts.
  7. @Leo Gura He never dares to do it in front of me, so idk
  8. @Leo Gura Can I have made one for me to wear? Or would it be a violation to your copywrite?
  9. @Neill Bolton @Robert @OceanJjb @Philip @Dante Does Leo use any strong words like an f word, etc. in this course videos. I'd like to purchase it for my teen-age son.
  10. I've been feeling the sadness you're talking about for the past few days now. Letting go of the 'I' illusion, purging decades of conditioning is not easy. It takes a lot of guts and makes you feel empty at times. My habit of conceptualizing everything has been reducing and I've been slowly losing the ambition to do 'chimp' stuff. Don't go to church any longer either, and just last week got rid of all my Christian books (except for the Bible as a sentiment :). When I mentioned 'no-self' to a coupe of Christian friends, they told me I was being deceived, while I realize it's them who are being deceived by their own egos. But I just keep silent. Not being understood by people in my life makes me feel lonely at times. For me It's been like going through the 5 stages of loss and grieving - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. But going back is not an option. Got to get through this developmental stage, but yeah, the process is being difficult right now.
  11. Watch Leo's 'The 40 Signs that You Are Neurotic', where he also gives solutions to those neurotic tendencies. Also, his 'One Simple Rule to Acing Life'
  12. I did watch his stuff, btw. He has a good story, but to consider him a spiritual teacher - imo, no.
  13. Coming off as somewhat showing off his girlfriend, seriously?
  14. Leo also mentioned that different aspects of your life will be at different stages related to each other, so you could be more advanced in some things while underdeveloped in others, which is ok. There are also overlaps of stages, so the whole system gets quite complicated. Take the course, if you're ready for it - it could be a solution to a transformation dilemma for that particular aspect.
  15. Disciple: Master, please don't leave us. Dying master: Leave you? Where could I go?
  16. He sums it all up in this interview (if you have time and interest to listen
  17. To me real growth happens (in a nut shell) when you get deeper rooted in reality and become less neurotic.
  18. I'm training myself to switch thinking on/ off at will. Got an idea from Eckhart Tolle. When I need to think, make a decision, analyse, etc. I have 'thinking' on, and then can go for a stretch of not thinking, just observing/ being aware without attaching a label or a concept. It's become sort of a form of meditation for me that I can do any place, even while working.