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  1. You can also go on youtube, let it grow over time, and use patreon, could work also. Also, you can think more simply about money, almost no one ends up on the streets that isn't a drug addict in this western society, and most jobs are easy anyways, it's not as complicated as school likes it to sound, and it goes through relationships more often also. People like to help each other and there is easily enough, just don't be a corrupt asshole, and life can take care of your minimum easily. People who over stress career and money are just vain. Osho said everyone who isn't enlightened is secretly suicidal, crazy huh
  2. That's a sweet reaction, but 'I want to help the world, and become enlightened now.', everyone wants that, but it's not happening that way, well it is, if you practice loving or karma yoga, that does, but you are born into systems with people with years and decades of more experience, and it's not up to you to just fix it, that's not how it works, it up to you to fix yourself and be happy. Really, reading books makes you happier? Your a nerd in that case, a really rare kind, but even nerds don't tend to be blissful, yeah, this doesn't work like society wants it to work, society is a lot of ego's trying to gratify themselves and boast, and some spiritual play into that business by writing books, lol (only half kidding). So no, books 99,9% won't lessen your mind but increase it, and same for art, unless you have so pure passion for it, and then still in that case..
  3. If you are spiritual you have the privilege to live in spiritual communities, something that normal people would be terrified of. In my experience it's hard to function well in society being advanced, people will notice it, react strongly to it, it will bring out superstition, weird beliefs, etc. you have to be confident in what you do and want, or keep a low profile, but at some point, that's not possible anymore except for some cases. So it's a path that can be done and God will help you, but it may be better to live with like minded people who also want to transcend their ego, because also this path is not some willy nilly, DIY on youtube, course, it's far more serious than any university degree, period, but also everyone is on it and normal people shouldn't be underestimated. And if you hadn't noticed, conceptual study tends to make you go off the path.
  4. We are seriously fortunate to be based in a tradition which has this religion as it's basis. I know, we are spiritual and we have learned to be above it, right, learned all about it's limitations and dogmas, falsehood. But the core is actually based on Love and Oneness with God and the Holy spirit, surrender and sacrifice. That's immense, even that these words exist and are and can be used in the first place, seriously. We shouldn't condemn the tradition, you can see it's based in truth with the understanding, i.e. you will live in hell if you cannot love life or god, you see. With right practice of love, and prayer (and being still), Christianity is immensely powerful. Yes often they separate themselves from God, which is also true if they are talking about the false ego, that idea is unreal and not good or god you see. I've recently come across Dan Mohler and Todd White. Really amazing they are devoted to living this, I think especially Dan is really advanced, this video, though i am only 40 minutes in, is a great example. And ye, you don't have to Jesus so literally, but it can be positively seen as a symbol or even symbol of righteousness and surrender in unconstitutional love and still quite amazing there for, real story or not, the symbol can be still pure.
  5. Dorre is interesting to watch. It's preaching anti-, like gay also sometime. It's controversial, I think sometimes gays can be natural, and sometimes, it can be the result of wicked ego, in which case, yeah, that falls into the category of devilish. Interesting to watch for sure, and he's improving also I feel
  6. It's good to have high school diploma, high school is also not that bad time usually, lots of potential to practice love and creativity well with fresh open minds. You should probably be lucky this day and age if you can skip college though unless you really have a passion for a degree, I am not kidding. The west is so far steeped in mental glorification of the intellect, meanwhile this severely hinders spiritual progress in many cases. Things usually are very simple at the core and then humans tend to complicate it and become attached to it, pimp it, and you can do many things without a degree, like music, simple living work (to learn) in many communities, a lot of jobs happen through natural connections also, self learn through internet etc.
  7. Regarding fight-flight or freeze. There's also, relaxing out of fear or transcendance, or speech/arguing. But as far as animals go, I had some experiences (in dream and on ayahuasca) which seem to indicate they are actually enlightened, very harmonious. And they don't worry, they don't hate, they are 100% raw and pure, no drama. Sounds like liberation.
  8. Yes I know that, it was a thought response to some judgments towards the white. _ Well that would just be dishonest of them @Rilles, if you want to think insects should be treated equally as humans, well it's a fact they simply do not experience the potential emotional and mental drama, or emotional bonding we can have with eachother. Technically everything is also just as old as everything else. And also, practical proportions matter. Aside from being thought and emotionless, if I were living next to giants thousands of times larger then me.. well given im human, i probably would care to communicate, but it's getting pretty silly at this point, let's just say I think these proportions are here for a reason. Treat insects nicely, why not, they may notice it, idk, comparing it to humans 1 to 1, eh, that's just stupid and dishonest as well. And in the end birth and death aren't so important for anything that doesn't have the capability for spiritual betterment and emotional bonding etc. The insects don't even have the capacity to actually think about it.
  9. Actually I thought about that for some time the other day, it's also not as simple as 'hey let's enslave another human', though nowhere did I imply abuse or slavery or killing is okay by saying animals may not be able to suffer, at least not in the typical human sense. But slavery didn't just happen one fine daym Westerners arrived in Africa, after a long hard journey, and met a tribal people. Now you what do you, in Africa, scarcity all around, fear all around, can't communicate with eachother properly. That it ended in a war is not so strange. The enslavement thereafter then isn't such a huge leap then, war ain't pretty or easy, it certainly wasn't a trivial or casual choice. Once born into a family of slaveholders, you are used to it, and and even if you wanted to set the slave free, where would he go? There was still scarcity as well, and admitting a wrong is usually also hard for people. It's not like people had no empathy, and just enslaved others, no, people aren't inherently bad, not at all.
  10. I simply doubted the notion ants (or animals) can suffer, animals probably can but they can't hate others or themselves. Then you start with 'enslaving my children', not crying when you serve me my bullshit?? What. _ Also, humans, not caring about emotionless and thoughtless insects.. selfish selfish.. everyone is selfish. The question is whether or not it's cruel or insensitive, and no, I wouldn't call killing insects to be cruel for some rather practical reason, they are certainly not equal to humans in any emotional sense, and thoughtless.
  11. Doubting ants are capable of suffering, is likewise for you to not caring about enslaving my children. Retard
  12. Nonsense, warm water and soap will easily clean everything._ i have done so many times, it's mostly through the warm water that rushes through the cloth as you push it through, there's nothing special about a few piss drops or sweat that's hard to clean. Bad examples given above, no a lot of technology is very useful compared to a wmachine, but use it, what do i care
  13. First, I first found out that a 15 minute wash tends to clean just as well as a 2 hour long wash. When I moved to a studio without a washing machine, I discovered you can just get a bucket with warm water and some some soap, rinse your clothes for 15 seconds and ta da, that should be enough. If you get some stain, scrub with a brush, could be easy, maybe get some anti stain spray if needed. So no, no washing machine is needed afaik. Sorry, hope it's not too off topic but falls under life advice, and can perhaps be really helpful.
  14. Are ants? Highly doubt. I had some experience of animal consciousness, once on Ayahuasca and once in a dream shortly later, from that it seems animals may actually not suffer, totally zen unconditional love. Though it's hard to imagine dire circumstances wouldn't be very hard on them, i know teachers who have said the same or similar things, i.e. James Swartz, David Spero insinuated it, Naropa also, could be so I think, I mean humans have the ability to withstand pain without suffering as well, though animals do respond to love and pleasure and pain still ,
  15. Is it boring? Can be fulfilling, and good to feel the body. It's natural to do some bodily activity.
  16. Lazy, takes me 5 seconds to throw in my shirts, then 5 seconds to throw in underwear. - Ohyeah, water washes hair just fin
  17. This may sound like a false cliche, but it's actually true. All women are beautiful at heart and all certainly have the potential to look really good on all fronts as well, this is not a joke, all that is needed is presence, just presence without all the fake babbling, hate and neurosis on top of it. That's enough. And okay, don't be too overweight. Though of course some are build larger and that's fine. I guess girls have to worry more about not falling into a bad relationship, by clingy unspiritual mediocre guys, and being afraid to speak up or leave, getting a relationship shouldn't be a problem at all. @Preety_India i cant remove the namebox, somehow it was in my chatbox before i wrote this)
  18. Sure but that speed setting usually only goes down to 15 min, 1 min could be enough. Talking about washing machine settings on the actualized settings, ye Oh before you throw the machine away, machine does have have the benefit of not wrinkling the t shirts as much, though that it doesn't tend to look that bad or noticeable otherwise imo, and not sure how much wrinkle a washing machine also creates actually
  19. Yes, wringing out a bed sheet takes a lit strength, easily doable for most people. You get a little pain, so what, total machine based living also and total absence of any such work is more unhealthy and may lead to worse.
  20. Good one, yeah often you can reuse a plate or give it a quick rinse, also a pan and oil can often be used again, doesn't have to take much time at all while staying clean. No but really, this takes a minute, and doesn't need to boot up a whole machine and wait, be naturally active a bit. Washing clothes for 2 hours is almost a norm but it's truly absurd. And thinking about it even, that we all got a huge expensive machine for it is absurd as well, guess the taboo around being found dirty came in handy for the corps. @Carl-Richard you can redo the water, or use a shower head, but I use light ecological soap so no need.
  21. Fits easily in a normal bucket
  22. That's a sure way to delay your enlightenment by 15 years
  23. @Preety_India wrote some really good stuff. All the safety they to think about, all the future security as well. If a guy is without money, it's hard, he can get on with some help. If a woman becomes vulnerable, she can be helped too, but she has the chance to be a abused, in almost every developed country even still, that's no joke. _ As for attraction, learn deeper presence, only real way and then, meet them through social spaces. I think cold approach can work but can be hard, also depending on where you live. Even clubs are often extensions of social groups, often, but night life can work with the right chemistry sometimes. And that's the trick, love is magic, it happens by it's own accord most through spontaneous resonance, can't be forced ----especially when you get into spirituality and become less interested into short pleasure and authentic, you may become more attractive, but sex becomes less casual also. Or you want to go deep, and many people are hesitant for that., Especially instantly, but that's how you become. But that's also the way to be attractive. Yet it's abnormal too.. So relationships then become about going deep, are so from the beginning, else you just extend your own shit, so you also happen to only want a partner that can fit well. _ i still can crave easy sex (not that I am so enlightened but I am developed), but that's not possible to a casual woman 99% of the time, not appropriate. So it's funny, you may get more attractive, and then you don't want it anymore. Though or I still enjoy sexual encounters in dreams, a lot for years, it's basically the same, that's nice of God to help me out as this young guy. Or ye go to a hooker ? That's where sex also can happen without all the other stuff involved, but idk, and then you'll probably see such sex ain't worth much anyways, better to practice even then to just loving her without want, non even sexual perhaps, for much better result, truly, and the hurt they may have gone through as well. Not to mention the drama you can get yourself into! Emotionally attached etc. She gets hurt, her family, allegations possibly etc. That's kind of common too you know. As for virgin, who cares, a lot of people are virgins and especially when it comes to meaningful or relationship anyways, and all statusses have to be burned now or later.
  24. Honestly despite how generic it may sound this never gets boring to me, Connor is cool and the fact he has 2,4 mil subs is quite cool as well.