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  1. Hey guys. I’ve experimented with psychedelics a fair bit. NN dmt trips were the most profound for me. Experienced non duality in a very extremely blissful way. Beyond description the experience. Anywho. Recently I’ve been reading the 5 meo trip reports on here. They motivated me to buy some. I got it yesterday and had my first trip. I smoked 20 mg. immediately I was gone. I was nothing. Nothingness. Crazy that, that is even possible. My question is this. How many of you like poop in your buttocks? I love it up my butt. Poopity up my boobooty.
  2. I dont see why enlightened being would make talking weird and not practical.
  3. Chakras storage karma. Thry however arent only things that does that. Your whole body does. Bodies beyond physical one does too. Kundalini tries to clear some of that but isnt very effective and only gets you so far. Also energy working on you isnt all that relevant. Perspective and surrendering to your dharma is. Opposite of this is to tell yourself you dont exist and ignore your karma and issues. To ignore are the lessons life is trying to teach you this way. To focus on flashy experiences such as energy manipulation practices and psychedelics.
  4. Energetic openings, bliss or mystical experiences are not enlightenment. Kundalini is just energy (very coarse aka not that advanced, I might add) working in your system, trying to push thru energetic blockages/karma. Its very chaotic energy and this is why it can lead to extreme experiences and uncontrollable movement (kriyas) etc etc. Practices like kriya yoga tends to manipulate these energys and might end up fucking up your system, especially if you do psychedelics too. Even not combined one or another might easily fuck you up on its own when you have kundalini. Doing them actually shows gross undersestimation of intelligence of these energys. Good luck.
  5. Thats not relevant to what I sayd. I sayd im not saying that his intentions are bad or that none of his stuff has any relevance. I think he was a good self developement teacher but think as a spuritual teacher he can do more harm than good. You do you doe.
  6. Honestly, from what ive seen here Leo is one of most apathetic, arrogant amd cockiest person in here. Seems like what he says is coming from pent up aggression, try hardness and escapism. Thats not to say his intentions isnt good.
  7. Oh no, Jesus provided opinion conflicting current circle jerk. How can we fit this in our box guys?
  8. Quite a lot I assume. This is what in talking about doe. Life is multi faced. Here most people seems to ignore all but one, limiting their own growth greatly and thinking they are coming from absolute perspective.
  9. Dude, go. And good luck. People here has talked about phenomena when crab is about to climb out of the bucket and other crabs trying to pull you back. I think stuff here can be quite blind and religious abd lacks great nuance. Go find your own path, life will teach you. You need no techniques.
  10. Instruction unclear, got dick stuck in toaster. Worked wonders doe! For a minute I tought that im gonna quit existing! Unfortunately there is some more of me to be burned by this spiritual fire, so this is how im gonna do all my meditations now! Thanks for the tip! (I lost mine haha)
  11. The level of ignorance here boggles my mind sometimes. Are you having sex right now? No! You are reading this post IN PRESENT MOMENT. YOU have never had sex, YOU have only been in present moment! Dont let the old devil ego pull its tricks on you. Mindfucks are the only type of sex enlightened beings views worth having! Haha. Little pun for us in the inner cirkle
  12. There is mind, but it exist within present moment, not YOU. LOVE EXISTS within in present ''MOMENT'', its the ''YOU'' that doesnt exist. Only present moment exists! You are PRESENT moment. Thats why people give PRESENTS in Christmas, you see? ITS JUST SELF GIVING PRESENTS TO SELF IN PRESENT MOMENT! Leo, can you make a video about this subject?
  13. Wait so present moment - stories = whole Therefore, present moment = stories + whole But if the whole is really whole, how can you add stories to it?
  14. Just saying, ''i''ve been following Leo since he invented consciousness. Havent talked a lot here, but as they say, silent ones are the most dangerous ones... Dangerously intelligent, you see? Edit. Just tl be clear, ''I'' am not a follower of Leo. I AM LEO! Leo is actually following me, himself, his OWN TAIL! How deep does the rabbit hole go?