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  1. Sure. Teachers and people in general have triggered my stuff a lot.
  2. Yep. Fancy experiences lose their glamour and eventually you grow weary to forcing things thru energy manipulation and psychs etc. And trust life to know what its doing better than you or authors of books you've read things are much more simple that way.
  3. Title is "can psychedelics blunt spiritual progress?'' not spiritual awareness. He is saying thay beliefs, ideas and garbage in general needs to be purged out of your system for clear awareness. Personally from my experience and people I know I couldnt agree more with him. After awakening and especially after energetic awakening purging process begins that made suffering undeniable and brought be down from non dual lala land.
  4. Leo, leo, leo, cant yo u see? Sometimes your words just hyptnotise me!
  5. I agree with what rounder sayd. The emphasis here on tons of pointless concepts and mental understanding leads to very unhealthy and unnecessarily complicated approach toward path and yourself. Like ego is a little weesel and your mission is to be clever and outsmart it..
  6. I could tell you the same thing. Lot of conversations here seems to be about one upping the latest poster with non dual copout and pretend you have clear view instead of doing any honest reflection on issue at hand. Like what did this comment from you contribute to this conversation? And why was it worth saying instead of walking the walk yourself?
  7. I think its very healthy to question this. There is extremely strong confirmation bias around 5meo in this forum and for Leo and others it would be a huge scary move to admit that it isnt as effective as assumed and can lead to shit ton of issues (not basing this only on Martin but to friends who has had horrible time after using it) . As far as I know Martin Ball was only one who was enlightened via 5meo use and honestly looks more likely that he was in weird, convincing psychedelic state instead.
  8. He is the king of 5MeO and written books about it. Leo interviewed him due this reason. He has done 5meo thousands of times and people assumed he is enlightened. Everyone is talking about him because he is still suffering greatly regardless.
  9. Maybe psychedelics dont provide lasting or actual enlightenment
  10. Sounds like confirmation bias