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  1. Hey all, Around two and a half years back I was very much into becoming enlightened. I was following multiple teachers like Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti and Sadhguru. I had had positive experiences with taking psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms and LSD before I got into spirituality. After I got into spirituality I sought after mystical experiences on psychedelics, I added N,N-DMT to the psychedelics I would occasionally take. I found Leo and through him Martin Ball who confirmed my notion that psychedelics can act as a shortcut to enlightenment. I was desperate to become enlightened and did not want to meditate for decades to enter a non-dual state of consciousness. I read Martin Ball's books, believed that he was in fact enlightened and decided to follow his advice and do 5meo. My experience on 5meo was painful, weird and not at all the way Martin Ball or Leo said it would be. There was not really a release of any kind. I did feel loads of energy rush through my body and I also shaked and moved a lot but there was nothing good or nice about the experience. It was generally very uncomfortable to do it. I had a strong conviction that the drug was effective as I was quite invested in that belief system I had taken up so I did not really question it for a while. If I would have to guess now I think I vaporized the drug on about 10 different occasions over the course of half a year and did a high dosage on most of them. I also took other psychedelics like mushrooms, LSD, MDMA and regular DMT from time to time during this period. The physical, mental and emotional repercussions of my psychedelic use were enormous during and after this period. I had a fairly normal and okay life before I started doing this which became seriously broken. I will sum up the major issues that I faced during the initial 6 months of drug use and the period of 1.5 years of recovery that followed: I had stomach that would constantly be extremely painful, I would constantly produce too much saliva, I would twitch and make weird movements all day long, I could not eat normally anymore, my sense of smell and taste went away, my vision became bad, I was not able to interact with other people in a normal manner anymore and my brain felt like it did not work properly. I experienced tremendous amounts of pain and suffering. In the beginning I thought that it was normal, Martin had said that this would happen. It did not ever make me feel like my ego was going away though and eventually I realized that I messed up. The road to recovery has been long and painful but things are looking okay now. I am sharing my story because I feel like it makes sense to. Cheers
  2. I agree with what rounder sayd. The emphasis here on tons of pointless concepts and mental understanding leads to very unhealthy and unnecessarily complicated approach toward path and yourself. Like ego is a little weesel and your mission is to be clever and outsmart it..
  3. I could tell you the same thing. Lot of conversations here seems to be about one upping the latest poster with non dual copout and pretend you have clear view instead of doing any honest reflection on issue at hand. Like what did this comment from you contribute to this conversation? And why was it worth saying instead of walking the walk yourself?
  4. I think its very healthy to question this. There is extremely strong confirmation bias around 5meo in this forum and for Leo and others it would be a huge scary move to admit that it isnt as effective as assumed and can lead to shit ton of issues (not basing this only on Martin but to friends who has had horrible time after using it) . As far as I know Martin Ball was only one who was enlightened via 5meo use and honestly looks more likely that he was in weird, convincing psychedelic state instead.
  5. He is the king of 5MeO and written books about it. Leo interviewed him due this reason. He has done 5meo thousands of times and people assumed he is enlightened. Everyone is talking about him because he is still suffering greatly regardless.
  6. Maybe psychedelics dont provide lasting or actual enlightenment
  7. Honestly this sounds more like nondual stage. Never heard of people who arent into spirituality denying their suffering or issues like non dual weirdos. Or calling their existence heaven.
  8. I dont see why enlightened being would make talking weird and not practical.
  9. Energetic openings, bliss or mystical experiences are not enlightenment. Kundalini is just energy (very coarse aka not that advanced, I might add) working in your system, trying to push thru energetic blockages/karma. Its very chaotic energy and this is why it can lead to extreme experiences and uncontrollable movement (kriyas) etc etc. Practices like kriya yoga tends to manipulate these energys and might end up fucking up your system, especially if you do psychedelics too. Even not combined one or another might easily fuck you up on its own when you have kundalini. Doing them actually shows gross undersestimation of intelligence of these energys. Good luck.