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  1. The easiest way to trigger a 'guru' is to tell him he's not awake Allright, enough for today.
  2. This is a forum concerned about growth is it not? If your human self turns into a narcissistic monster I'd say you are regressing growth wise. That's what I'm alluding to.
  3. I rely on that which is Absolute. Which turns out is myself. Beyond direct. It's sad to see what you've turned into, honestly. You used to be likeable. (Inb4 "I don't care about being liked, I'm God") You especially point out me and Conscilience. Why? It's because you're threatened. And we are two of only a handful or dozen or so of users of this forum that is developed and disillusioned enough to spot and point out your blindspots. Most people here are newbies who just kiss your ass and take on whatever you say as some absolute authority and are stuck mentally masturbating about it back and forth ad infinitum Not exactly a good environment for your growth. Hopefully your life experiences outside this forum will provide you the lessons needed to break out of this trap you've fallen into.
  4. I don't rely on Ralston or anyone to tell me what is true. I'm conscious enough to see that Leo is fooling himself
  5. Funny how you say that. Because he would be the first person to tell you how delusional you are. You don't even know what the Absolute is. You still don't understand what he tried to tell you when you interviewed him years ago. You are not awake. Still chasing states and pussy.
  6. Actually, when all illusions are dropped, what you will discover is that it is limitless. You will know it with absolute certainty. How so? Because you are it. It will be known, but not by the mind. It will be known simply because it is. This is false, as it is simply a matter of knowing oneself. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, the Truth can be known. Not by the mind, but simply because you are the Truth. This is how sages are able to speak from such clarity. All that is required for Truth to become obvious is the removal of ignorance, of false knowledge. Whatever you explore will be relative matters. The Absolute is beyond 'realms'. In the relative universe and in the human domain of course there are always new things to explore. This is all a matter of self-knowledge, of identity, which you fail to realize. I know what I am. And that is enough.
  7. He's just exploring relative states, which is really no different than exploring landscapes or the body of a woman. Which is fine, but it has nothing to do with Self-knowledge or peace, happiness and wholeness and contentment, which is ultimately what everyone is after whether they realize it or not. Oh, no no. No-self sounds dry, but it is only in the absense of the separate self that God and Oneness becomes apparent. It's all the same.
  8. But the whole notion of 'conscious of' is ultimately erroneous and dualistic. What follows after a realization of our true unbound nature is simply the gradual falling away of residual ignorance - thoughts and feelings on behalf of a separate self - until there is nothing left. When next to nothing is left and even localized awareness has dissolved, I call that complete Realization/sagehood.
  9. That is a common word used to point to Infinity. Tat tvam asi. Of course words don't capture Infinity, never said they did. Infinity is also just a word. I will repeat myself; it cannot grow or expand. If it could it would have to have edges, limits. It is already infinite. You simply don't realize yet what infinite entails. We are this infinity. The formless doesn't grow or expand. It just is that - infinite - boom! Expansion/growth are timebound concepts. Infinity is Eternity, which is not some long duration of time. It has always existed. No beginning, no end. It is the eternal, still, NOW. So simple, but forever elusive to the mind.
  10. This is completely misconcieved. Infinity is already infinite. It doesn't get any more infinite. It doesn't grow or expand. It is already there. Already That. Ralston tried to tell you years ago.
  11. This is true in the relative domain only. On the Absolute level, there is nothing new. Explore the relative as much as you'd like, but the Absolute Truth will always remain the same. What I am referring to is not a thought system. It is not on the level of thought at all. Nor is it on the level of time, space, dimensions, states, levels, what have you.
  12. The irony is that it is you who aren't conscious of what Truth is. Or what Absolute means. @Consilience laid it out for you in this thread. It has nothing to do with Buddhism or any tradition or lineage. It is what every earnest Truth seeker will come to discover regardless of the path they take. The Truth is the Truth is the Truth. It has always been the same Truth. You are not going to discover anything other than what all the sages throughout history have done before. I'm sorry if this breaks your heart. But that is how it is, was and always will be. You can't explain what you don't understand yourself. Go back to the drawing board.
  13. It's incredible how he's missed the most simple, basic, fundamental fact after all these years. The only fact. Really goes to show the limitations of psychedelics. Oh, how the mind wanders...
  14. @Leo Gura Behold the condescension.. You're really just striving to maintain your separate identity by trying to be special at this point. You fear being nobody, Leo. And you're going to have to eat a big humble pie at some point if you are to pull yourself out of the hole you've dug for yourself (and are leading others into). You are in for a rude awakening. It's gonna be painful. You have been warned. Much love