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  2. And the next question is, on what level and how deeply do they have to get it for it to count as success? But sure, fair point. I guess it can serve as an entry point for that one in a million student.
  3. But why try to cater to people who don’t yearn for Truth in the first place? Let them swim and drown in their orange juice. It is what they want. They are free to seek out Truth if they want but they simply are not inclined to do it. In this sense they are exercising their freedom every moment. And what’s up with strategy? Are we supposed to be missionaries of Truth now? Are we gonna knock on peoples doors handing out Non-Duality pamphlets? My assumption is that they will never get it. Only those who are ripe will ever get it and they are never normies. And that is 99% down to genetics. I once showed a video of Peter Ralston to a guy and told him, "Look this dude is really enlightened." And the guy said, "He looks insane." and that was the end of the conversation. Of course. And Ramana is a loonie in a diaper.
  4. I think the important thing being missed here is; The emphasis is erroneously put on intellectually and verbally explaining God. However, the true teaching is not verbal, nor intellectual. The true teaching lies in the embodiment of God. Without it, the words have no strength or power. ‘Who you are speaks so loud I cannot hear what you say’. That is why the guru himself IS the teaching. His presence IS the teaching. Trying to convince normies is a fools agenda. Those who are ripe will naturally discover the Truth. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
  5. I read energy, and that is what I experienced. But it doesn’t really matter. You’ve already won me over, I’ve enjoyed alot of your content. Just chill
  6. I don’t. If you want to call it solipsism, yes, when I stop imagining I am a body and become aware that I am Universal Consciousness, there are no others and the only thing that is actual is whatever is ‘percieved’ right there in the moment.
  7. Yes you can. You have to let go of that worry eventually. Let go of the need for people to understand. I see awakening people interviewed about reality all the time. They don’t stress out, arent’t trying to ‘get anywhere’. They relax and let God do the talking. ‘I listen to the questions and I listen to the answers’. This energy is so much more clear and powerful. Notice how defensive you are in this thread I’m not like that. This is an expectation you have put on yourself that stresses you out.
  8. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t a good performance. He came off as stressed out, talking too fast, lacking in spontaneity and trying a bit too hard. Ironically he himself came off as defensive right off the bat, assuming the listeners are too dense to understand anything, which they well might be, but it’s not a healthy/open space to come from. This disrupts his energy/presence/flow/authenticity. I understand there was little time. But instead of trying very hard, in a mechanical way, to compress all his stuff as much as possible, I think, ideally, he should let go, relax, and let the conversation simply go wherever it goes. Let go of the need for people to understand. The bird on the branch sings it song even when nobody’s listening. Energetically, it was too much about Leo, and too little about God. But I’m sure that all in all, this experience ends up being humbling. All in all, ‘getting out of his basement’, stepping on a new stage and interacting with humans, getting out of his comfort zone is good for his growth. I’m sure things will improve over time. *This is not at attack on Leo, just my observations/constructive criticism.
  9. Spiritual correctness != political correctness
  10. Recontexualize optimization
  11. You made the leap, congrats! That wasn’t too bad at all.
  12. Your larger body is Infinity. If you’re shooting for peace you’re going to have to surrender this planet. It was always just a hotel anyway, just like your body. All is impermanent. Go beyond.
  13. @Arcangelo Reading about it, you might be right. Got it from a ‘reputable’ source, but clearly it wasn’t. I don’t plan on taking anymore psychedelics though, so it won’t be an issue in the future.
  14. You fear loneliness/aloneness, so you go and ‘try’ to hang out with people you don’t really resonate with. In order to attract people on the same wavelength as you, you have to be authentic. The less needy you are, the more authentic you can be. The solution is spiritual work.
  15. Interesting. I had no idea LSD took such a toll on the body. It sent my cortisol through the roof. It also lasts inconveniently long imo. It wasn’t out of my system until 24 hours had passed, and it was impossible to fall asleep while it was still operating.
  16. No idea. I had to constantly move my limbs for them not to fall asleep. Imagine both arms and both legs falling asleep while on 300ug LSD. Not the best situation to find yourself in.
  17. I can attest to that, lol. Not only did it melt my reality into a fucking cartoon, but it made my limbs go numb, to the point where I came close to calling for help.
  18. As long as there is ego there in you, healthy or unhealthy, there will be suffering. To completely get rid of suffering, the sufferer must vanish.
  19. When you face boredom you touch the tip of the iceberg that is ego. That’s exactly what he did, ironically. When all is complete, why do anything?