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  1. I think that weed addiction is totally legit and is a problem but in the grand scheme of things is pretty damn mild and shouldn't warrant someone feeling like they HAVE to quit it. It should be used to the same frequency of any other psychedelic in my eyes. (Say no more than once per fortnight.) And I won't lie it feels like people in this forum view weed negatively just because its possibly habit forming quality, but glorify traditional psychedelics despite having WAY more risk to mental health. Bad trips can fuck people up badly let's not forget, sometimes it's better people have some experience with weed FIRST.
  2. It's mostly due to the fact that it can be habit forming, but if you can use it with discipline and respect then the benefits can be immense, I think it works best as a tool for integrating prior psychedelic experiences if you combine the effects with yoga/meditation.
  3. Yes - this is honestly one of my favourite parts of my LSD experiences, embrace it. Same thing happened on my one and only MDMA experience. Meditation totally has enhanced it too for me.
  4. benzos are fine as a trip killer, just know that that is what you're taking
  5. God's loneliness is the exact reason behind duality existing in the first place.
  6. breathing
  7. Kriya yoga definitely seems more advanced so a healthy mind is best for it, maybe just mindfulness in the mean time would be better.
  8. Agree with @Serotoninluv - edibles do give a psychedelic feel that I reckon is perfect for a beginner, I find exploring the meditative space under the influence is quite fascinating and insightful and this is after my LSD and mushroom trips. Best to gain experience that way. There's no rush with any of this, the more study, contemplation, meditation and patience one has through this process the better - NO RUSH, enjoy the journey. I think with experience you'll realise such fears aren't necessary but simply a healthy respect for the power of these substances.
  9. I wouldn't say it's an absolute requirement but if you can find a legit one then abso-fucken-lutely
  10. I have to admit you make a lot of good points here - definitely nothing he's done so far is not useful to some degree in my eyes, but certainly moving forward we should see more meditations/contemplations and practical advice to help embodiment of the insights.
  11. Shame we can't criticise this religion without fear for our own lives, not all religions are created equal in their wisdom even if the source is pure - but i agree, look for the good and ditch the rest, wisdom can be found in everything if you look close enough.
  12. @Toan Put a strong nicotine patch on your arm right before bed and you will have the most insane dreams ever - "like renting an action movie for dreams"
  13. never tried it for enlightenment purposes, but they are amazing - great once you get used to it that is, amazing for introspection, being creative, increasing compassion and relaxation and just recharging. That's awesome that you've been offered to work there
  14. I find it most psychedelic in its edible form, terence mckenna has discussed the psychedelic potential of cannabis in this form in the below video. Combined with meditative practices has given me experiences on par with many of my previous experiences on LSD and psilocybin so it's not to be underestimated
  15. @Leo Gura I definitely think his audience would be open to your work so probably just busy as you said, he's talked about DMT and 5 Meo multiple times before (including with Mike Tyson WTF) and he's following you on twitter (again wtf aha)
  16. this is all way beyond me, boy am i ignorant
  17. Try a high dose edible next time - you will not regret it, goes much deeper than smoked
  18. get out of your mind and into your life - steven c hayes peace is every step - thich nhat hanh dont forget meditation and exercise!
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5duR5NA_H8 "Tennyson - Face the Night" Phenomenal song that imbues you with inspiration and positivity, perfect for a trip in nature
  20. Shrooms are also far too confusing and deluding for me, which is why i prefer LSD and MDMA due to the clarity of mind they have
  21. @Leo Gura Not sure if you already said this, but will there be a DPT video coming out soon?