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  1. @Leo Gura So what you are saying is I am imagining you completely. There is no your POV and my POV existing simultaniously and overlapping eachother. Because if there were Leo's POV I would have to be aware of it since I am God, and therefore absolutely omniscient. All you are is a sophisticated character I have dreamed up doing all this deep work that is helping me become aware of what I am?
  2. Lol. Hope the Isha kool-aid was yummy
  3. @Galyna Lol the 2008 financial crisis is childs play compared to the consequences of this. Not even in the same ball park. People seem to have an idea that we will close down society and when it is safe to go out we will carry on business as usual. We will likely see a collapse of the whole economical system. It has happened before and now it is happening again. Old structures are wiped out and better structures will be built. Without Order nothing can exist, without Chaos nothing can evolve Civilization is so frail that it can't handle a lockdown for more than a couple of months. We need something better.
  4. @The Blind Sage You watch your fucking tone (love you too btw)
  5. @Arnold666 You disagree that I don't need to calm prana without having "bad experiences"? Same goes for tons of other people btw. Well alrighty then, buddy.
  6. @Preety_India Thank you Stay safe too
  7. Sweden is following UK's example, while our neighbours Norway and Denmark have closed the borders and schools. Let's see how this plays out. My gut is saying it is probably not the best tactic to keep schools and borders open right now. People hoarding food like crazy. This shows how frail civilization is and how unprepared we are for stuff like this.
  8. DPT + Bach = Words cannot describe. I did that combo for years. I can imagine an artist like Wagner could have profound effects as well. Listening to true artists can really have amazinh effects and is very underrated as a spiritual practice. I like to walk and listen to Bach and let the music flow through the body. It has healing qualities, no doubt about it.
  9. @Arnold666 Who told you this? That guy from the Kriya Yoga thread? And now you are parroting it as a fact? You don't HAVE to calm the prana. If that's what you gotta do then great, do that. I function great on high prana and I "surely" haven't had any bad experiences. I just know how to balance it, after alot of trial and error. Just because one school says you have to calm prana doesn't mean it is a fact across the board. There are householder paths for yoga focused more on the energy aspects as well. Very sophisticated ones that has withstood the test of time.
  10. @sunny33 It sure is. Look at the threads Leo recently locked and you will see how incredibly sneaky the ego is Lots of "prophets" on the forum.
  11. *sniff sniff* smells like shit in here
  12. Nothing wrong with it, if that's what you feel is right then do it. Then when you have exhausted your desires and start to figure out that no object or person can make you fulfilled you will start figuring out that nothing can make you truly feel complete except oneness.
  13. @Preety_India Have a good day as well
  14. People label a physical or verbal attack as black magick? And no people have very different opinions on what black magick is. Some say it is when you change the material. Some say it is whenever you influence someone's will. So a love spell would be considered a form of black magick or even trying to take on someone's negativity, under that paradigm. Some say it only when you make an attack. So it's a bit more abstract than comparing it to an object like a table.
  15. @Preety_India What are my serious accusations? A majority of my energy practices are from the occult, so please don't make assumptions. You are misunderstanding what I am saying. Let's make 2 examples; 1) If you get triggered and decide to want to get revenge on someone by writing something mean with the intention to hurt another, this proving to be the final catalyst of that person taking their own life or damaging others, or 2) by you putting a curse on someone making them lose their appetite for 3 days not causing a whole lot of damage in the bigger picture. According to you the latter is "black magick" and abuse of spiritual powers while the former is just verbal attack or whatever. Why do you make a distinction between the two acts? The former example does way more damage, but is less severe because it doesn't fall under the umbrella of "black magick" according to you? I am saying it is all Magick (if you want to use that word). It is all spiritual. We are all energy. A "physical", "mental" or "magickal" attack - It's all the same.
  16. @Preety_India I don't use the terms white and black. That is what I am saying. Just because there are authors that do doesn't make it "facts". There are plenty of occultists that do not label magick as "black" or "white". So check your "facts" "Black magick" doesn't mean anything. If you assault someone, physically, mentally or through a curse it is still the same type of mechanism. And you just choose to label the latter as "black magick"
  17. Also @Mods - OP is clearly offended by some users here and hints at wanting to do damage to try and make scare. Read some threads and you will see. Though don't actually own up to it and hides it in a "joke". Is that behaviour tolerated on a forum like this?
  18. And what is "black magic" according to you? Interfering with someone's will? You (not you personally, but you know what I mean) do that everyday on the forum and in your life. If you type a passive aggressive post in order to "teach" someone a lesson because you got irritated you perform an act of "black magic". I don't think you, me, or frankly anyone on the forum is beyond that. No matter how holy you want to present yourself. There is no distinction between "black" and "white" magic. It is a distinction you make according to how you think people should behave. Obviously the world would be a better place if everyone was peaceful and cool. But if at some times you want to inflict any sort of pain in others and sometimes do, even very lightly, you are a "black magician". And if you deny that you want others to feel hurt or "owned" at times then you are a liar.
  19. Or Truth. Keep your eyes open for my "The Truth about Truth thread"
  20. @Mongu9719 Just throwing an idea out there. There is a book called Tantric Kali by Daniel Odier. There are some visualisation techniques that are very violent in that book. Where you visualize your abusers slashed or whatever you like. There is no limit on how violent these visualisations can be. But it is also a visualisation of getting closer to forgiveness as your abusers were very likely abused themselves and there are were no other ways for them to find relief or a conscious way of dealing with their trauma, they just recycle what happened to them. As weird and fucked up as that may sound. There is no shame in feeling angry. You have every right to feel that way and you shouldn't feel like you are supposed to supress those feelings. So maybe the techniques in that book are worth a try if "regular" meditation doesn't do anything good right now?
  21. @okulele That looks very nice indeed. Will probably buy that one, thanks for sharing
  22. See how woke I am! I can write a lot of heart smileys too ❤❤ The more niceness you plaster into your messages the more awake you obviously are! Have a great day my dear friends!! ❤❤❤ Remember, there are no you so quit doing everything. Hell Leo should even close down the forum because it doesn't exist! I am gonna go down some beers now because that's how free and radical I am! Ps ❤❤❤
  23. "Tibetan yoga" is Tantrik Yoga basically. Both Vajrayana and Tantrik Shaivism have very similar techniques when it comes to Yoga, just small differences in detail. You see it comes from the same spiritual movement, namely Tantra. The well known Tummo meditation comes from the Tibetan form. The Shaiva form is slightly different in that you apply some mantras in the 3 power centres. But it has the same goal of merging the upper kundalini with the lower kundalini in the dantian to make it shoot up. So they are practically the same. And that goes for alot of the yoga techniques and the philosophy and art as well. Kriya Yoga likely sprung from the Tantrik movement.