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  1. Well I didn't interpret it as such since in the next paragraph he writes that Mahavira and Buddha were both strong warriors with strong bodies hence didn't physically die from the experience
  2. @Green Warrior I had blockages in my head. What removed it for me was actually a Vipassana retreat (body sweeping). Now, I don't know 100% what removed the blockage, but my guess is that I started focusing on the body as a whole, forcing to pay attention to the whole body for hours every day for several days. Prior I had done a lot of "Do Nothing" technique so my attention automatically was going towards my head area since the sensations was by far loudest there. So maybe try to sweep/scan the body, giving equal attention to it for awhile, and see if it helps? I got curious about chakras because of those blockages. I wasn't actually worried about the blockages though, I figured it was just a phase, and I have read a lot of people saying you do get those pressure thingies happening and eventually they will disappear. So yeah, I dunno exactly what is the right approach, but thought I'd share my experience and what helped me.
  3. Thanks! I will check that book out.
  4. You seem knowledgeable when it comes to chakras and how to work with them, and I have been growing more and more curious about working with the chakra system, but I don't want to explore it fully without a great deal of knowledge and how to work with it in a responsible and beneficial manner. Do you know any websites, articles, books etc. that gives a good overview on how to start?
  5. I am really fond of HoloSync. It has a variety of different levels (you always start from the Prologue level and work yourself up). I do one hour a day of Holosync then 1-2 hours of "regular" meditation, I think they compliment eachother well. There is definitely a different feeling when using binaural beats, this shit works, unless placebo is playing a huge role, and hey then it still works, right?
  6. You could definitely benefit from it. It all depends on you and what your priorities are. I hope you are doing ayahuasca at a good environment with people that knows the brew, especially since it is your first time doing a psychedelic. I would advice against doing ayahuasca if it's just gonna be a bunch of buddies doing a brew together in a living room or something. For that it'd be more wise with a medium dose of mushrooms. But anyway, go with the flow, try and learn as much as possible and accept whatever comes up and you can learn a thing or two that could for sure boost your progress at a retreat. My two cents.
  7. @Leo Gura Just out of curiosity what is your opinion on Goenka style Vipassana? I am going through a bit of confusion at the moment where I really resonate with the body sweeping technique after a Goenka retreat, still love the "Do Nothing" technique and I have also read through Shinzen's Vipassana system which is also really appealing to me. I have also read that the noting style is a better method for passing stream entry enlightenment, that sweeping can be a bit clunky for that. If you have time to share some opinion on that I'd really appreciate it.
  8. You are almost correct. Though I see you've made the classic mistake of interpreting it to weed when in fact 420 actually refers to 20th of April which was Hitler's birthday. He was actually the truest son of God so far, we just greatly misunderstood his true message of peace and harmony.
  9. I don't know the back story for this or anything. I am just saying just because it is on film doesn't mean there is "visible evidence" for the stuff. Just like Jurassic Park isn't visible evidence that dinosaurs exists. But again, I am open that this is possible. That phrase just caught my attention.
  10. How is there visible evidence for it? I am not saying I dismiss this, but the stuff would be pretty easy to fake.
  11. Thanks for your reply. Yeah I hear what you are saying. I know that my mind wants to drift off. I will simply have the mindset that I will do formal meditation 3 hours a day, whatever practice it is. Also most of my time I am trying to observe myself, and it is easier for me to have constant presence naturally for me during the day these days. It is a beautiful thing. Take care
  12. So I recently did a 10-day Vipassana retreat, and it was a truly amazing experience. One of the best of my life and I highly recommend it to all. So prior I had done 2 hours of "Do Nothing" a day with great results. The "Do Nothing" technique really works amazing for me. Then Vipassana started to resonate with me greatly during the retreat, I got a good flow and started to have amazing awareness throughout the whole body, many sensations and things happened that I have never happened before. So I thought to myself that Vipassana is my thing now, but as I got back and did the 2 hours of Vipassana a day, it has been hard to maintain a flow through the body, and a part of me longs for the "Do Nothing" technique again. During my last session just now I got really frustrated while meditating and decided to finish the meditation with the "Do Nothing" and it worked so effortlessly. So I guess I want some opinions about this. Could I combine the two practices, should I have patience with the Vipassana or should I do the "Do Nothing" which makes me meditate with the least resistance?
  13. So your advice for people having sensations on their third chakra is to put a paste on it to cool it down, otherwise it will BURN YOUR BRAIN? That is the advice you are putting out there for people wondering what their sensations in that area mean? Just making sure I got this right.
  14. Do you literally believe in everything you read and then recite it as "truth"? Can you give a valuable source of that it will burn the brain if you don't cool it down?
  15. I am assuming this post is directed to the poster I quoted? Because I agree with you. You can easily get pure stuff from reliable sources if you are thorough in your research.
  16. What are your experiences then?
  17. Obviously that is possible to do if you plan well enough. So what is your question? You want confirmation that it is possible to do? Well it is. Do you really want to do it though, or is it just a form of escape from your fears? I read in another thread you made that you were worried people would record and embarrass you for going to the gym, maybe you should face what that is all about instead of thinking you can escape to the woods or whatever and somehow all those demons will just vanish. Just my two cents.
  18. Counting your breath, both in "1", out "2" etc, and then in and out as "1" , has worked really well for me personally. And I get what @Azrael is saying that it may not purge a lot of shit or make you inquire about the nature of your self, but as a pure concentration practice/workout it works great. I do inquiry separately.
  19. Yeah, I've heard plugging it is very effective. Thought about doing that in the future, because it is pretty vile to snort, also swells up your nose.
  20. lol. I've only snorted it though. I've heard smoking it is nice as well, albeit short duration. But yeah, it's pretty powerful stuff.
  21. Nah, I don't think I'd call you crazy. A lot of people probably would though. I was wondering because it is very interesting to me and if you want to share your experiences in the future I'd appreciate it. As for 5-meo-dmt, it will happen eventually. I have done a bunch of psychedelics, still not 5-meo-dmt though. I have had a number of ego death experiences on a substance called DPT (Dipropyltryptamine). It is chemically really close to n,n-DMT but (as far as we know) does not exist in nature. There is a christian group based in Manhattan called Temple of the True Inner Light ( that uses a bunch of psychedelics in their rituals, and they have chosen this one as their eucharist. Now, if I had to guess it is probably because they've had a Christian belief prior to taking DPT and it has enhanced and convinced them further. Because DPT has a very holy feel to it, together with being utterly fucking crazy and bizarre. It is by far the most sinister substance I have ever tried. It has a really occult and mystical presence to it, while at the same time being utterly beautiful. It really feels like something other takes you over completely, and when you are not completely one with everything it feels like some entity has gotten hold of you. I remember on my last trip (some weeks ago) I was very horny, like you often get on tryptamines, but whenever I saw humans naked they were extremely primitive. Like really dirty and low functioning animals. But it didn't feel like I (as in body-mind) saw that shit, it felt like I saw it from something way more advanced than "me". It was extremely powerful this feeling. And days after I was really confused. I started thinking in terms that DPT maybe does not exist on this planet but it is likely it exists somewhere else in the universe and who knows what can communicate through it. That's not saying I believe it is like that, but who knows. Now for the more "beneficial" aspects, I could play around a lot with just being (I went in and out from complete loss of self to a more loose state where I could choose), not being localized in this body but simply everywhere. What I am trying to say here is that I don't know shit about anything. I am aware that DPT is very convincing and that it can lead you astray if you choose to believe in all the visions you have, but I also can't simply dismiss those strong feelings and simply say they are false either. And in your video about intuition you said something like that intuition comes from in this sorta "spooky and mystical place/way", for some reason that caught my attention. So if you choose to elaborate on stuff like that, you'd at least have a listener with an open mind in me (and a lot of others, I am sure).
  22. @Leo Gura Can you elaborate on what you mean by paranormal phenomena and your experiences regarding it? Upcoming video perhaps?
  23. Well what you have heard is only theories, you should keep that in mind. It is also not proven that DMT exists in the pineal gland in human beings. They have found it in rodents, so I'd say it is very likely it exists in us, but still not a proven fact.