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  1. I have my own path and spiritual goals, and a lot of figuring out to do. When it just comes to the issue of Enlightenment, I'm not sure exactly how to approach the practice. For me, the insights come and goes naturally. I don't know how much practice will affect the process, or whether practice itself is a mechanical process and the awakening just dawns on you. However, there must be a purely contemplative/mental way for the ego to more easily unfold than self-inquiry, because it seems like it falls under the hamster wheel. Is there a more gentle way for a person to deliberately release the fear-contractions so they can efficiently do the work that meditation and self-inquriy are supposed to do? I feel like those could be compared to staring at a brick wall and waiting for it to break or for yourself to break rather than simply yawning and taking a look out the window to see the sun.
  2. The ego is an idea. It is a self-generating, self-reflexive idea. It exists only to itself. The same thing holds true for Spirit. It is self-generating and creates its own essence in its own becoming. Spirit is a contraction of the self. Spirit perceives the idea of the ego just as much as the ego perceives something in its environment. The self of the ego is the reflection of the self-contraction of spirit. The process of Spirit perceiving the ego is the contraction process in effect. Spirit is perceiving ITSELF AS the ego. That's why when you are dying, your world is literally dying and crumbling. You ARE your own world, EVERYTHING. The second part about Spirit is a philosophical and occult truth, which is simply why I mention it. The first part is why so many people are stuck. It's like a hamster wheel. You just keep running on it until you get tired and you get off. That's what Enlightenment is. I know there's something I need to get back to, but I'll get back to it and fill in the gap.
  3. Thanks man! To be honest, I'm not sure what Enlightenment should feel like exactly. Some say it's simple. Others say that it's extremely earth-shattering. I feel like it's when your insights are engrained in your awareness for a long time, almost permanently. There are levels, but exactly what level is considered real enlightenment can be subjective depending on your background. Good luck to you too. <3
  4. Provide feedback and perspective.
  5. I'm not saying that I'm not attached to my body, because I still exist to me. So, I didn't say I'm a master.
  6. "I" am everything. I am not attached to the individualized ego because when I closed my eyes and tried to fix myself upon an "I", I felt so clearly and without any fanfare that the "I" does not really belong to me, but belongs to everything as the "I". It was like, "oh." I realized that I am as much the universe as I am the body and soul sitting before you here. Yes, there is a soul, but that's an occult topic. I feel like the boundaries of what we take the "I" is not just the body. Even as I'm typing this, I feel different, like my consciousness IS the field of all consciousness. That's what it means to be one. The consciousness that you have is not just your one embodied perspective, your consciousness is necessarily a consciousness of the all because there is no difference. This is so simple when the experience hit me. It was not as if I had an "experience", but simply a moving of my awareness. It happened so serenely and naturally that I was surprised, and this is the best I could communicate it. It was like a flower opening up suddenly and "here I am." @Leo Gura
  7. If you want, the answers can also be revealed to you elsewhere.
  8. Many of the older, more advanced members seem to have left. I get the impression that the higher you go in spirituality, the less you are willing or able to communicate properly what is going on with your processes. You are able to let life guide you. Most people here are focused on a certain level of realization, but what is the difference between the higher levels and the ones here. I.e, why have the older, more advanced members left? What is the difference in perspective and insight? How does the process feel different to those on a higher level? @Leo Gura I feel that there is a lot of insight missing here that is seldom shared.
  9. Everybody has different interpretations of the same experience, and they can be plausible based on how you define the inner and the outer worlds and on your particular vibration-perception. I would say though, that people who come into this field still have an objective-detached scientific worldview. You're plastering that onto spirituality, and defining your ontology based on a certain level of Enlightenment teachings that does not allow you to go deeper. Simple things like entity attachment shouldn't bother people in a field where high-level masters are having experiences that would literally blow people's minds away and send the wrath/power of God shivering through your soul. Again, compare this trivial truth with Leo's perceptions of Absolute Infinity (I'm not even saying that that is a high-level experience). Except, I don't think people would raise an uppity about that, or about the numerous Enlightenment experiences and the particular interpretation we have of them. Honestly, I would be curious to hear if @Leo Gura ever looked into it or did a clearing of negative energy.
  10. I think the first and the second statements are not mutually exclusive. Also, the first statement is not cause for incredulity, as spirits do exist in a sensible manner, just don't expect hard, physical evidence.
  11. I still have to clear them, but what's been happening is an attachment to negative thoughts and phobias. When people talk about psychic attack, it's their subconscious fears manifesting themselves as negative energy. Entities can also attempt to manipulate your subconscious into being more fearful and anxious in an irrational manner. It takes, again, high vibrations to force them out.
  12. Yes I did. I went online to find solutions, and gathered what I know from the website I linked and other synchronicities.
  13. It's not any more woo-woo than what we're exposed to on a daily basis.
  14. In one of his earlier, videos, Leo said that he had chronic fatigue issues. @Leo Gura In case anyone didn't know, entity and negative spirit attachment can cause fatigue issues, among other physical ailments. This comes from them draining your vital energy and attaching to your head. DMT, and the use of psychedelics can open holes in the aura. Holes in the aura leaves openings for negative entities to enter your etheric and astral body. Hence, be careful to cleanse your space and use psychedelics appropriately. I say this because the people here are not aware of the larger field of spirituality, and accept a more limited, almost secularized set of Enlightenment teachings. I also say this because there are many, many potential causes for even simple things such as fatigue, which can be a manifestation of a myriad of things such as lack of proper sunlight/imbalanced circadian rhythm, heavy metal exposure, etc. https://www.phoenixrisinghealing.com/negative-spirit-attachments I urge you. DO NOT simply dismiss the more new-age side of spirituality as mere quackery. The information on energy work, healing, working with spirit guides, astrology, and the understanding of the collective consciousness can be very valuable and life-saving. I guarantee you, you probably have a spirit attachment as most people are not aware they have them. Normal things such as anxiety, depression, lack of energy, irritability, mood flare-ups, and intrusive thoughts are very frequently caused by spirit attachment. Negative entities feed off negative moods, the most prevalent being fear and anxiety. They can also prevent you from connecting to your higher self, although most people aren't aware of how that even feels. Your higher self helps connect you to divine guidance. Negative entities also feed off of negative beliefs and thought patterns in your subconscious. They feed off of negative mental energy, sexual energy, and food from your stomach. They can also cause irritable bowel syndrome, digestive problems, and heart disease. DO NOT be afraid. You simply need to raise your vibration and investigate healing methods for reclaiming lost parts of the soul and for removal. We all lose parts of our soul due to traumatic experiences. We isolate those parts of ourselves to prevent more pain, and entities can steal them. You can also lose them at night when your dream body travels to other dimensions. Also, DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE ENTITY ATTACHMENTS BECAUSE YOU DON'T FEEL ANYTHING. Negative moods can become normalized over decades, and entities can hide in our aura because of energetic implants that mask them. Again, I highly, highly reccommend that anyone spiritual investigate how to remove entity attachments, because if you are a spiritual person involved with trying to raise the consciousness of the planet, you are probably already having an entity on you.
  15. I never said that wasn't true to an extent.