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  1. What I found useful to do was to write down all my stressful thoughts about a situation on paper, and then to contemplate each sentence one by one: is it true, how does believing that thought make me feel, and who would I be without that thought. This technique will heal you of all your negative emotions.
  2. But science is itself just a model and not really 'true', and contemplation reveals the absolute truth about it.
  3. I know that an enlightenment experience is a mystical experience. But why is there more than one type of mystical experience? Why does each psychedelic give you different mystical experiences? Is there a finite number of mystical experiences possible? Is there any other method of experiencing mystical experiences other than through psychedelics, concentration and breathing?
  4. So are there an infinite number of insights you can have.
  5. A while back Leo talked about how you can make reality feel magical again, and how you can experience things as if you're experiencing them for the first time. Does anyone know a practical method to achieve that. Any book referrals and website links are also appreciated.
  6. I have nearly the same problem, but with watching animes. What I do is, when I want to meditate but am too restless to mediate, I watch meditation episodes from Leo like 'dark side of meditation', 'meditation for beginners', or any other enlightenment related videos. Those take me out of that restless state and motivate me to meditate.
  7. Read 'six pillars of self-esteem' and take action on it. Really, any of Leo's 5/5 books on emotional mastery could fix 80% of the problems you're having, if not all. Which 5/5 books on emotional mastery have you read and taken action on. If you took action on even one, I doubt your problem would be that serious.
  8. How long did it take to become enlightened with strong sitting. How many hours.
  9. According to shinzen young (a zen master), strong determination sitting is the fastest way to enlightenment.
  10. When you can meditate at home for 10 hours in a row, because if you can't even do that then you can't pull off 10 days somewhere else
  11. Workshops and seminars is a big rip off in my opinion. You can learn more from just one book for 20 bucks. If I'm not mistaken, Rupert Spira wrote the book 'presence'.
  12. Okay, so how can I use that knowledge. Or is it just philosophy.
  13. What does that mean practically?
  14. @cetus56 @5driedgrams @Shin @nightrider1435 Leo's trip report on the mushrooms explains pretty well what it is that I want. He said that he went to the toilet and collected some dirt in his hand, and he saw so much beauty in it, that he said it was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen, and he prostrated to it. I want to know how I can live my whole life from that state.
  15. Will increasing your self-esteem make it harder for you to become enlightened?
  16. But self-esteem promotes 'a bigger ego' and 'a stronger sense of self'.
  17. @Toby⋯
  18. As I was researching maths, I came across an amazing mathematical formula that defies common sense: 1+2+3+4+...=-1/12 Does anyone have any metaphysical explanations for this formula. You certainly can't rationalise this! There's no way you could picture this in your head! Link to video:
  19. It's an accepted fact by mathematicians and physicists and is taught in universities. I think we have to assume the proof is correct.
  20. Can I use the work of Byron Katie for enlightenment?
  21. In my opinion, the harsh reality is that no matter how enlightened, holistic or systems thinkers we become, we will still appear primitive to people living 10,000 years in the future. I don't know, but it certainly seems that way.
  22. Leo said that he doesn't understand the turquoise stage at all!
  23. Check out her YouTube channel where she has videos of lots of clients she helps:
  24. This website is for you:
  25. Skip to 37:57 to hear a shocking story!!! 50 years of enlightenment work won't get you that far. Go to 50:43 to hear an even shocking story...