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  1. Your not a big fan of yoga i assume
  2. I know that's why I said I will start a self inquiry habit! If I do Neti Neti and combine it with strong determination sitting I will definitely get enlightened within 3 years at most. Once I'm enlightened I'm no longer orange!
  3. In middle school I made friends with 'not good people' and since they used to smoke weed I started smoking it as well
  4. I'm in the colour orange of the psychological model and cannot go to green until I REALISE that materialism does not lead to happiness. Until then I have to keep pursuing success, but in the mean time I've set up a self inquiry habit and hopefully one day it'll make me realise I'm asleep
  5. You just sit for one hour and don't move, you can keep your eyes open ? btw I started weed when I was 12 up until 27...
  6. Well I'm not going to lie to myself but deep down I still feel that materialism leads to happiness although I do believe when you say that there's no point of materialism for happiness. I guess I have to realise it myself and not blindly follow anyone.
  7. And then I realise that I'm the ball and the goalpost at the same time, I guess that would help me score more goals in the next match and become enlightened ? killing two birds with one stone
  8. No it's not. I watched the 'understanding awareness' episode and he didn't mention anything about enlightenment, and I watched 'benefits of enlightenment' and he never mentioned anything about awareness
  9. I used to smoke weed up to my late 20s when I quit. It's been two years now and all of the brain damage caused by the weed is completely gone because instead of doing normal meditation I used strong determination sitting which brings in the benefits of meditation as quickly as possible. Don't worry, just do strong determination sitting every day for a year and you won't even know you've ever smoked. ?
  10. Playing soccer with my friends ? i wonder if I could meditate whilst playing soccer at the same time
  11. Ok but you get the point enlightenment is not the 'be all and end all' its a good quality to have but you should first persue your needs first and awareness can help you with that a lot. Also with awareness you'll be extremely happy and fulfilled when your eating the flavour of the food will be 'orders of magnitude' more tasteful than if you were just enlightened. You will be happy no matter what is happening because awareness increases your senses so much that you could even enjoy staring at a cupboard. In my opinion that beats 'truth with a capital T' or whatever...
  12. I tried it for like a week but i didn't get any enlightenment experience so I quit
  13. Looks like you overestimate enlightenment. Shinzen Young is an extremely enlightened person and watching his videos there's nothing supernatural about him he doesn't look that happy.
  14. i watched the Neti Neti episode because it's more new. Enlightenment is quite cool but if you spend your entire life fighting the ego, you won't be satisfied when your in your deathbed and looking over what you did with your entire life.
  15. You have to be independent of the good or bad opinions of others
  16. If you want to get the benefits of meditation as quickly as possible you should use strong determination sitting, it's also the fastest way possible to enlightenment. That new meditation technique is for beginners who don't like meditation that much it's a lot easier.
  17. Watch 'meditations on steroids' you'll know just how great he is he is a westerner he is a zen master!
  18. Isn't shinzen Young this zen master who was enlightened for fourth years he's definitely better than Leo so he must be right. He said that most zen masters use strong determination sitting to get enlightened.
  19. Which kind of meditation do you use
  20. Didn't you say that strong determination sitting is the fastest way to enlightenment
  21. Martial art is a distraction from truth. i think