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  1. You are delving into imagination (the mind) while I’m dismissing the imagination all together.
  2. Of course change is imaginary. Change only happens in the mind. The mind is the creator of illusions. Don’t trust anything it says!
  3. Pain is a thought, not a feeling. When I became enlightened in 2019, this was the major theme of my awakening: all of reality is created by thoughts. Behind thoughts, Nothing exists. And all physical sensations are part of the illusion. No exceptions. This I’m aware of right now.
  4. Of course you have to use fear to distract us from the truth. No other emotion can do it.
  5. I’m not saying it’s definitely true. But this is no longer a fringe conspiracy theory. It needs to be entertained.
  6. They are. The proof is that whenever you recognise pain, it’s in the past. You must “think” about pain before you feel it. I’m surprised that someone of your state of consciousness still thinks that babies experience something. Of course they don’t, only you do.
  7. Even if you become a vegan for the rest of your life, the number of animals killed won’t change.
  8. Thank you for sticking with us.
  9. Obviously children with serious mental health problems should effectively be locked up in a therapist’s office. If five different therapists all say that this child needs gender surgery for their mental health, only then should it be considered.
  10. You would’ve thought that everyone has a limit to how much drama they can handle in their lives. Trump always proves you wrong.
  11. Let me know when the audiobook comes out.
  12. Every stage above Blue contains blue within it. Hence people can talk about Religion and family all day and still be at late Orange. If they were truly in late blue to middle orange, they would look like China and Russia today.
  13. Donald Trump did give a speech telling other countries to protect their LGBT community. This is obviously late Orange (at least).
  14. @Emerald The fact that they’ve become so aware of stage Green is proof of how close they are to it. The right wing today is at the late stages of orange, ORANGE/green. Awareness and knowledge of a particular stage is proof that you are close to it.
  15. You would think that stage yellow and right wing are mutually exclusive, but these two individuals will prove you otherwise:
  16. @Leo Gura Are you going to discuss sourcing at all? I understand that there are legal barriers, but could you rephrase what you're saying so that we can get a hint of how to actually obtain them.
  17. Leo said in a 2016 video that he was writing a book. 7 years later we’re still waiting. He said he will start a tour in 2018, we’re still waiting. He said 3 years ago he will release a course, we’re still waiting.
  18. They’re doing it only because that’s what the audience wants, and they know it. When Fox News told the truth about the 2020 election, their ratings went off a cliff. In order to get their audience back, they started pushing election denialism. They are not misinforming their audience for the sake of it, they are telling the audience what they want to hear. It’s the same with the Republican elections. The voters rejected establishment republicans in 2016, and voted for Donald Trump. The toxicity is not coming from the top down, it’s coming from the bottom up.
  19. Many Marianne supporters aren’t going to vote for someone that beat her.