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  1. Have you watched this video? I'm not telling you to stop chasing psychokinesis, but it's a good idea to first detach yourself from it, then to pursue it. That way, you won't really be dependent on the outcome, and you'll feel the same whether it succeeded or failed.
  2. Is it possible to break through to the being level of insights to get relative truth answers.
  3. All of your suffering comes from your mind. Nothing from reality. Get a piece of paper, and write down all of your problems and who's to blame, then for each sentence ask yourself: is it true. And by true I mean literally happening in the world. So think of the situation in each sentence, and strip it of all meanings, beliefs and thoughts, and then ask if that person/situation is really to blame. If you do all that, I guarantee you that all of your suffering will turn into happiness and joy. Good luck.
  4. And how is that answering my question?
  5. @cirkussmile so is that a yes
  6. All of the stress you have comes from the thoughts you have about your mother, and not about your mother herself. I invite you to write down everything you hate about your mother, and to ask yourself whether each one is actually literally true (and by that I mean your either seeing it or hearing it). You'll be surprised at how much of the problems that you thought came from your mother is actually coming from your thoughts. By the way, any meanings you have of a situation is mind-created, so is not actually happening. For example, if your mother calls you stupid, the truth is she didn't actually call you 'stupid' (brainless)! If you actually meditate on it, youll notice that what actually happened is that she made the sound 'stupid', and that's it! The rest is your mind projecting beliefs and meanings about how she called you brainless and so on. Recall every situation where your mother made you feel uncomfortable, and strip all meanings and thoughts off the situation. After a while of doing that, you'll notice that there's nothing your mother can do to make you feel uncomfortable. Good luck ?
  7. No, it wouldn't. The world in your head would be a better place if people were medicated or had glasses, not the real world. Notice the fact that all you have of the image of somebody not wearing glasses whilst driving is just sight. Your thoughts about good and bad aren't actually happening! Start to be conscious of the fact that when you look at a person driving without medication/glasses, what you are literally seeing and hearing is all that is true. Your thoughts and meanings about the situation is not true, because it's happening in your head. So, would the world be a better place with the medication? No, because you are not actually experiencing that. It's just beliefs and thoughts in your head.
  8. Leo mentioned in the past that you can make your life flow, with no resistance or fighting with yourself. How can I achieve that? What practical steps can I take?
  9. Just do some research on it in YouTube
  10. So according to various enlightenment teachers, developing a curiosity to find your true self is very important. However, even as I'm doing self inquiry, I'm not really that interested in what my true nature could be. I'm only pursuing enlightenment for its benefits, not because I'm curious of what I am. So how can I make myself curious about what my true nature could be. Note: the only reason I want to develop curiosity for my true nature is because I want to make my self inquiry more effective.
  11. This is what you get with deep enlightenment. You can make reality feel magical for you again. This should motivate you to work towards enlightenment!
  12. it's part of the ego defence mechanism. It wants you to think you got rid of it whilst it's still there. But, paradoxically, the ego does not exist at all! It's an illusion. This is a great topic to contemplate on. You could get some earth-shattering insights.
  13. No. We fear the death of our identity.
  14. The truth is hard to swallow.
  15. If you get a lot of enlightenment experiences, and then you stop identifying with the body
  16. @Uberverse not having a sense of humour is a sign of neurosis, which is what enlightenment gets rid of.
  17. Hey, Just last week I started to do self-inquiry, specifically the Neti Neti technique. One week on, and already I feel like quitting, because it's too much work. The reason I hate myself for this, is because I tried to start this habit exactly this time last year, and I quit one week after. I would like to know how I can motivate myself to successfully start this habit, and to keep it for the next several years. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  18. @texter there are tons of books on emotional mastery in Leo's book list which will give you far more results than therapy. Check it out!
  19. @kieranperez it sounds to me that you haven't mastered your emotions yet. In most people's cases, this should be set as a top priority. There are many ways to master your emotions and to be happy, and I will share one with you. this website will have all the information you need for this technique.
  20. @texter 'she shouldn't commit suicide, is that true?' 'It's in her best interests to not commit suicide, can I really know that?' Contemplate these questions. They will change the way you feel about this situation. Note: I'm not saying that it's in her best interests to commit suicide, but if you contemplate these questions, you will get some amazing insights.
  21. How did some people like Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie become enlightened instantly when they didn't even know what enlightenment was. Are there any factors which influenced that instant realisation, or is it just a miracle? Is there anything we can do to increase the likelihood of that happening to us.
  22. If you become enlightened, will you have attained all of absolute truth. If not, then why, and what more needs to be done to grasp all of absolute truth.