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  1. Then find your life purpose for yourself.
  2. Very simple. Because I like my partner and don’t really want to spend time with other girls. After some time you become invested The relationship is just what follows from that. Also I like deep connections.
  3. Spend as much as possible on learning new skills, network opportunities and your business in general with an abundance mindset.
  4. Sounds good! You could look into James Cameron's Avatar. He has a similar LP I think. What first came to mind reading your post is that, if visual arts is not something you enjoy you can always partner up with someone who does. So you could focus on writing and building a team. If you want to earn money in the beginning instead of working at, let's say, a restaurant. You could find ways to sell your services to industries like animal shelters, permanent culture, plant based food etc. There are may businesses who work with animals in some way who could benefit from strong storytelling in their marketing. And also make sure your LP doesn't rely only on ending suffering for others. Find something that is inherently meaningful to you, that doesn't rely on outside motivation.
  5. Awareness truly is great
  6. Look up "Nice Guy" behaviour. You have such a deep craving for approval, that you rather suck it all up than risking to make someone angry or not like you. There is an underlying fear that you won't get approval and that you won't be safe.
  7. I don't know why you are here. Is it to feel good or is it to learn? I'm here because I learned tons of stuff, immeasurable value. And a women's perspective is always welcomed from me, especially because it is so rare here. This place is for Self-Actualization, Self-Improvement. Take what seems valuable to you and leave the rest out. You know that anyone can create an account here. Would you listen to what any random person says to you? You have to learn how to filter the bullshit from the gold. And whenever you notice any problem. This is a clue. A clue to turn your attention inside. You are not a victim. This forum is not the problem, misogyny is not the problem. Words on a screen are not a problem. The problem is somewhere inside you! Your level of development, your emotional development, your way of thinking and perceiving the world. Maybe you took what a random internet user said to important, maybe you are not deeply sure about your beliefs, maybe you write in a way that trigger other people, maybe you a have an underlying emotion that you haven't looked at for a while and it materialises in different ways in your life or maybe you are not seeing reality for what it is. The general message from this thread applies to anything. https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/34866-to-all-struggling-males-stop-playing-victim/
  8. You have the responsibility to distance yourself from such people. You can agree with them or use Nonviolent Communication to deal with it in the moment, when you did not distance yourself enough. Also if that happenes often and with different people, it could be that you carry anger in yourself. Which in turn triggers anger from others.
  9. Yes, you get the seal: highly attractive.
  10. @Michael569 Is it also a conspiracy, because I've heard that it's unhealthy numerous times in the past. For I think the same reasons, Omega 3.
  11. Whats with coconut oil?
  12. Be very aware of your thoughts, images running through your head. And the way in which you perceive reality. That is the only one in power.
  13. That show is full of explanations. But it's also full of unanswered questions. In the end the viewer is creating the meaning, like with all art. Does it even matter what the artist wanted the meaning to be like? Do we want to restrict the meaning of art to only what the artists head in mind?
  14. Awareness alone is a super power. You can be so aware of your thoughts and images processes, that you can become a master of your mind. Imagine what this leads to. Never seeing yourself as a victim anymore - check, being happy and in a flow state easily - check, can make yourself to do anything that you want, eating salad, working out, working on your life purpose - check, loving yourself - check, loving other people - check, spreading love and good vibes to everyone around you - check, having everything you ever wanted, money, fulfilling relationship, peace, spiritual awakenings - check, being magick - check, feeling motivated and inspired whenever you want - check. ❤️
  15. I would introduce myself as God and ask if that changes anything
  16. I think, with two friends who find each other attractive. One female, the other male, both heterosexual. It is just a matter of time something can/will happen. That is just nature. How you create and design your relationship around that is what you have to decide together with your partner.
  17. If I am serious about a girl that won't change after sex. The same when I am not that serious. The problem for girls is, that guys are very focused on sex and you have to try to figure out his interest beyond sex. If you know you are on the same page and chemistry is there, there is no harm in having sex early. Having sex is just another step in the getting to know each other phase. Also if a guy has low self-esteem he might devalue a girl that sleeps with him, because of what he thinks about his own value.
  18. In general the vibe after sex is different and more chill. But that depends on her and your expectations and the expectations you set. The laws of physics don't change after the world championship or after you landed a kickflip.
  19. And hire people to build out its processing power and then get solar panels for power. Thats how the singularity will happen.
  20. That is not the reason. Stop being a victim. You can change your country, if you really want to. You are giving away your power by making this choice to feel like a victim. ❤️
  21. What you mean is speciesism. It's bullshit. You can love every species on this planet the same.
  22. Haha, she introduced you to spending money on experience. Introduce her to invest money in assets. Set up some investment plans together with her. You can start low, maybe she will enjoy it? When she invests money in assets she can't spend it anymore on experiences. Win win.
  23. Yep, as others already said, distance is very important. Also be aware of your own thoughts and beliefs. When you grow up in a household full of negativity and victim thinking it's very likely that you have incoporated those as well. So be really alert of your mind. This "your mind" is the only thing you should really worry about, its the only enemy. In that regard, your mother can help you. When you notice she becomes negative, ask yourself where in your live have you been negative in the same way in the last days/weeks.
  24. This. Sometimes doing the approaches and everything isnt cutting it. Thats when you have to dig deeper. You have to work through all the childhood trauma. Sedona Method is perfect for this. Start by releasing your neediness.