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  1. sometimes you have to do the crap in order to make time for the things you love try and make a life where you do the things you enjoy more often
  2. I haven't had very long term pain but just short bursts of intense pain. Resisting to it just makes it worse , accepting and surrendering it in the present moment makes it much better. Read or listen to the power of now: You would think that escaping the pain is the way to go but i found going INTO the pain actually reduces it more
  3. The whole video is great But from 16 Mins Answers your question (about the movie Half way through)
  4. watch as many of these Left eye videos as you can: He compiles the works of:
  5. It depends on the company but in my experience they definitely are but you need to ASK for what you want and explain how it will benifit all
  6. watch this 3 times and REALLY LISTEN to Ram Dass
  7. @Mason Riggle That's amazing , thank you so much. Sometimes I think I shoot too high , then I get into a dark night and need to ground myself. Thanks again
  8. So I just had a MIND BLOWING AMAZING Mushroom Trip, I realized that I was God all along , I am literally love itself, as Alan Watts said, I am it, and for the first time ever, I felt it. I felt like I know the secret: Love. It was love all along <3 As amazing as this felt , I felt the best I have ever felt in my entire life. However, now I don't how to word this: Do other people exist ? What are my family ? Are they beings equivalent to me ? Are they me? Are we all souls walking each other home on this plane called Life / Lila ? I love everyone, But what is behind other people ? Is there a paradox that I am missing ? When I have fun with friends or a loving meal with my family, is there anyone loving it with me ? Is this the cost of enlightenment? , Is it right that God would feel lonely on Earth ? If I die , do my family still live on Earth ? Is there beings that still go on this Journey after me ? Is reincarnation real? I would LOVE ADVICE , Thanks so much
  9. Hi , I just had a very similar realization to what you had. However , I'm having a hard time integrating weather or not other people are real. I seen myself as love and I know everything is love. What are other people? , at one level they are me (love) I just don't get it. I love my family so much but I don't know how to proceed now, And advice would be massively appreciated
  10. Work hard , THEN , Relax and enjoy your shows, You deserve it and it will recharge your brain, Just earn it first and there should be no guilt We came here to have fun aswell , ENJOY IT
  11. Do you have any examples / names of people that say it's worth it ? Awesome post by the way , thanks
  12. There are 2 phrases, I know you heard this one before: Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water I can't find the exact time stamp but Shinzen Young sums it up the best way I ever heard: After enlightenment: Live to serve in love. (But also Live to serve in love right now <3 ) (TLDR: DO BOTH ) 2 Must watch Videos +
  13. Watch this , I think it's REALLY applicable
  14. best video I ever seen on this topic: