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  1. Simply put: You don't want to hurt his feelings by breaking up with him. No one wants to hurt anyone in a situation like this. You aren't feeling it and now you have a very difficult choice to make.
  2. When you say you are still dealing with it, do you have a child together or something? Are you guys still in contact? Because if you don't have a child together, why stay in contact? From my experience, you can try to warn someone but you cannot control them (by warning them, you are attempting to control). They have to make the decision for themselves.
  3. I would approach this from a different angle. Two things, 1.) Let go of the desire to master illustration 2.) Do you think famous artists considered themselves as masters? I strongly doubt Leonardo Da Vinci considered himself a master of drawing or art, even though his paintings sell for millions. A life purpose isn't something you master and then move on from. You work on it until you are lying on your deathbed. Perhaps get comfortable with the work, rather than the outcome of "mastering" the purpose. Continue to find new teachers, classes, instructors, and fellow artists.
  4. How to Have Mystical Experience: A Research-Based Guide Found this link, thought I would share. Enjoy, be safe, responsible, and learn from the experiences.
  5. Let me refine my answer a little more.. If you get to the point where you are contemplating your "inner demons", that's when it's important (imo) to find a psychotherapist. You could go on and start to contemplate what is truth? Not capital T - Truth, but simply the truth. Who's telling "the truth"? That's how my brain works.
  6. Imo, that's why I highly recommend psychotherapy to basically anyone on this path. You attempt to peel back layers, but you are still observing your life through your biases and beliefs about yourself. So the conclusions you reach may still be diluted.
  7. I mean, what do you mean by over take human intelligence? Computers can already calculate faster, play GO better, etc.. the intelligence piece, I think computers already have it down. Memory and regurgitating facts? They definitely do that very well. I also think Elon is on to a good point about underestimating where we are, where we came from with AI. And no one seems to be caring about the possible pitfalls of creating a Terminator but Elon. It is something humanity should take seriously in my opinion if AI reaches the traditional sense of "conscious" (I think therefore I am). Right now, I think the AI implemented is either chat bots, kiosk help, or Siri (or similar). Natural Language Processing. I worked for a company that used AI to monitor call center phone calls and determine if they were fraud. Fascinating stuff. Eventually, it will be integrated so seamlessly, we won't even notice. Thinking realistically though, I don't think this won't happen in our lifetime due to politics. We will have some cool stuff in the future, for sure!
  8. I'm not sure there's any reason not to make them other than allergies?
  9. Nothing to fear. I don't know if it will ever be 100% human-like, as emotions are going to be hard to replicate. Are they crying because they think that's when humans cry or because the robot is legitimately sad? Are the robots doing XYZ because they feel a certain way or because social ques tell them what to say? Fascinating watch below. They certainly are developing personalities..
  10. It's legitimate in the same way meditation is legitimate. Some will try meditation once for 5 mins and be like "This shit is for the birds." Others will understand that meditation will take lots of time, practice, and internal process observation. NLP is very similar in that it relies on hypnosis (sometimes self-induced, others with by a person, really you always allow yourself always to be hypnotized), but it aims at changing your unconscious motivations for whatever your goals are. If you goal is to lose weight, it may take more than 1 NLP session to achieve that. Looking at other factors like diet, exercise, were you in trance during the session, etc.. Before you spend money on something like this, and you already have an apprehension for it, research research. Youtube, maybe buy an inexpensive book on it.
  11. Do what you will. To directly answer your question, in America, legal action can be taken depending on what you do/don't do. If I told my kid not to leave my house, and he took a car (I'd always get the title in my name), I'd report it stolen IF the situation escalated that far. Tons of assumptions made here. It's ok to question, but I don't believe self actualization is about not respecting your parent's requests. Obeying your parent's shouldn't be about fearing the outcome (a healthy relationship). The lesson is that there are real consequences for actions in the future (good and bad). That's why parent's take away things, ground you, etc.. The idea is suppose to translate to other areas of life, like business. Right now, you start a business and over time the reward for your actions now is financial Independence (positive). That's the "penalty", a possible positive outcome. Or, if I assult someone, jail time (negative). The penalties are later in life, like applying for jobs and you got petty theft on your record from 5 years ago. Not accusing you, just starting an example. Broader concept is simply karma. You have a strong will, make sure you are directing it in CONSTRUCTIVE ways, not destructive.
  12. How are you going to do #2 and when. Goals without deadlines never get done. Don't need specifics, just commenting.
  13. What you are asking for is a recipe for disaster. Just take whatever your dad wants you to do. If you try to get out of listening to him, you're asking to worsen your relationship and possibly put yourself in legal trouble at very young age.. this is NOT SMART. Unless you want to jeopardize your future opportunities. If you still live with them, obey them. Once you move out, do your thing. Even if you are 18 but still live there, obey them. What is so important at that library that you can't find online? The lottery numbers?
  14. Maybe, maybe not (probably so, if I had to guess). What I'm saying is that she's sending you a message via mixed signals. You just not taking the hints. If you said you liked her, but she didn't reciprocate, she's not going to flat out reject you. Generally, they will send you soft rejections and it's up to you to read the signs and put 2 and 2 together. Sounds like you on the right track mentioned above.
  15. Pornography has corrupted our vision of what sex is suppose to be like from a man's perspective. It's suppose to be wild crazy, noises, blah blah blah.. it's definitely not like that all of the time. Sounds like his expectations are off. Sadly, I agree to the above.. probably going to be a wedge in the relationship.