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  1. Interesting how Leo points out about the qualities of love and using an analogy to the elements, Earth, Water and Air ("Gaseous" was his literal term in the video). The only element missing was Fire which permeates all the elements. I wonder if Leo will vendure into more occult topics like the elements? Hope some others found this interesting!
  2. Hey guys, It has come to my attention recently that everything is limited by our own perspectives. Don't want to be polarizing here (just the simpliest example I can give), but essentially, my reality as a male and experiences I go through, are different (and sometimes drastically) than a female experience. Our observations as individuals and problem solving are limited and based on our current understanding of the reality we experience (still from a limited perspective). This goes back to the "using the same word in the definition". And a framework inside of a framework to describe the larger framework. I saw something on an IG post from another spiritual seeker that put this into perspective in the metaphysical sense. Even our conception and experience of enlightenment is limited (and not pure/it's incorrect), because it's filtered by the brain. No matter how many trips, etc, the understanding you have, is still not it because it's been limited by your brain (your perspective) in this time/space. I could not agree more. Would love to explore further.
  3. I haven't heard the entire new video, but I will say that I believe that by saying "meditation vs yoga" misses the point of these exercises. A hammer is good at nailing nails, a wrench is good at tightening bolts. Both are great tools. Meditation is one way, yoga is another way to the end goal. Yoga will alter your consciousness if done correctly, in a way, meditation will do this as well.
  4. There has to be more to this story here. Why would you associate with someone who moves you to that degree of anger? Saying, I'm sorry, and then going right back into a destructive environment? Doesn't make sense, maybe give some clarification?
  5. Probably too inflammatory to users.
  6. I have a degree. Honestly, it's instant credibility for job positions. You can learn anything from books, go to a thrift store and see how many old textbooks are there (even medicine). The sad part is, that knowledge is no less relevant today than it was at that time, so people are getting ripped off for college textbooks. I wouldn't recommend dropping out but you can still make it without that piece of paper. Is it going to be easy? It's not easy WITH the paper. I had a conversation with some coworkers a few days ago (management position levels) and we concluded that if you learn coding, start an online project, commit it to github, and display it to possible employers, you can land a software engineering or a good IT job. Passion and deep understanding/internalization outweighs people with degrees who want to collect checks.
  7. I have the tops of my feet tattooed, left half unfinished sleeve from the wrist to elbow, left calf/shin sleeve. I have a corp job, my only advice, don't get anything you can't cover up right now, especially at age 19. You have a long working career ahead of you, and tattoos are becoming more accepted in the work environments. Just make sure you don't lock the doors before even opening them. And since you've had a possible skin cancer scare, it will make detection of skin abnormalities more difficult. Some things to keep in mind.
  8. From my experience, people get blinded by love even with proof. Again, it's up to you if you want to try, but it might back fire on you. She may end up thinking you are jealous (which, I'm sure he will play that card), and she may end up resenting you until their relationship ends and she'll then be asking "what was I thinking/why didn't you warn me/ etc". Tough situation.
  9. Simply put: You don't want to hurt his feelings by breaking up with him. No one wants to hurt anyone in a situation like this. You aren't feeling it and now you have a very difficult choice to make.
  10. When you say you are still dealing with it, do you have a child together or something? Are you guys still in contact? Because if you don't have a child together, why stay in contact? From my experience, you can try to warn someone but you cannot control them (by warning them, you are attempting to control). They have to make the decision for themselves.
  11. I would approach this from a different angle. Two things, 1.) Let go of the desire to master illustration 2.) Do you think famous artists considered themselves as masters? I strongly doubt Leonardo Da Vinci considered himself a master of drawing or art, even though his paintings sell for millions. A life purpose isn't something you master and then move on from. You work on it until you are lying on your deathbed. Perhaps get comfortable with the work, rather than the outcome of "mastering" the purpose. Continue to find new teachers, classes, instructors, and fellow artists.
  12. How to Have Mystical Experience: A Research-Based Guide Found this link, thought I would share. Enjoy, be safe, responsible, and learn from the experiences.
  13. Let me refine my answer a little more.. If you get to the point where you are contemplating your "inner demons", that's when it's important (imo) to find a psychotherapist. You could go on and start to contemplate what is truth? Not capital T - Truth, but simply the truth. Who's telling "the truth"? That's how my brain works.
  14. Imo, that's why I highly recommend psychotherapy to basically anyone on this path. You attempt to peel back layers, but you are still observing your life through your biases and beliefs about yourself. So the conclusions you reach may still be diluted.
  15. I mean, what do you mean by over take human intelligence? Computers can already calculate faster, play GO better, etc.. the intelligence piece, I think computers already have it down. Memory and regurgitating facts? They definitely do that very well. I also think Elon is on to a good point about underestimating where we are, where we came from with AI. And no one seems to be caring about the possible pitfalls of creating a Terminator but Elon. It is something humanity should take seriously in my opinion if AI reaches the traditional sense of "conscious" (I think therefore I am). Right now, I think the AI implemented is either chat bots, kiosk help, or Siri (or similar). Natural Language Processing. I worked for a company that used AI to monitor call center phone calls and determine if they were fraud. Fascinating stuff. Eventually, it will be integrated so seamlessly, we won't even notice. Thinking realistically though, I don't think this won't happen in our lifetime due to politics. We will have some cool stuff in the future, for sure!