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  1. @NoSelfSelf Well, hopefully you now understand my message.
  2. @NoSelfSelf In the name of equality, he or anyone else should broaden their perspective and criticize both parties. If manipulation concerns him so much, why wouldn't he care about women's manipulations? If manipulation is 'so anti-spiritual,' why doesn't he mention women's manipulations at the same time? I personally do not care about anyone's manipulations in the world of dating. It's just a survival strategy for people who want to get better with the opposite sex. Dude is very neurotic when it comes to PUA's manipulations.
  3. @NoSelfSelf Being needy and desperate will never get you laid. It is a recipe for endless rejections. By your logic, women also manipulate all the time. One could argue that some women exploit the primitive parts of the male psyche by artificially making themselves more attractive, like getting fake breasts, injecting their asses and all that. I just don't see Leo making any videos about that.
  4. @NoSelfSelf Aight, where's the issue? Why would anyone create a one-and-a-half-hour video about such a topic? I thought he had way more valuable tasks back then that kept him busy. Also, dealing drugs is a criminal activity and therefore the outcome does not equal the desired goal. Getting laid isn't a crime as long as you don't force anyone.
  5. @Leo Gura Could you please clarify this? What do you mean by "all that is function of geograpy"?
  6. @Leo Gura Of course, I did take this into account. The only reason I started this topic is because the pills didn't have any effect on me. And of course, I did have extremely high expectations, but that's my problem I guess.
  7. @Francis777 I did this. It does have a very nasty and strong taste. The taste remained after I swallowed it for about 5 minutes
  8. @Leo Gura Yes, it came in official foil wrap packaging. However, there are three minor (like very small) differences between my package and the package showed in your nootropics video: 1. "Modafinil tablets IP" is written on my packages (Modalert 200mg). 2. My Modalert 200mg packages don't have that red line. 3. My Modalert packages have a following notation "M.L.: 374/DR/Mfg/2013. Also, the expiration date is written on the back of the package, which is 02/2025. Our armodafinil (Artvigil 150mg) packages appear to be identical, as far as I see.
  9. @mmKay Yes, caffeine has a small effect on me. Drinking coffee in the morning gives me that nice boost for the day.
  10. Yes, I checked the expiration date and it was fine. I took the first pill the next morning after the medication was delivered to my door. You're right, I shouldn't compare my results with Leos or anybody elses. However, people all over the world, especially in the biohacking community, praise Modafinil, and a lot of them say that one Armodafinil pill is "too powerful". And like I said earlier, yesterday morning I took one 150 mg Artvigil pill, and I literally felt nothing.
  11. I am working on getting an answer to the first question. Thank you for the anwser. And of course, I will chech my urine as well.
  12. Thank you for the info! I got 200 mg Modalert and received 150mg Artvigil as a free bonus. I basically have two options: I really do have a unique metabolism or the problem was in the product. Or both. To be honest, I'm getting jealous of you guys who get amazing results with Modafinil
  13. Yes, I did some school work, but no difference.
  14. I highly doubt that. Every other drug I've been taking in my life, prescribed included, has worked for me very well. Just like for most people. But again, you might be right. I'm just paranoid of being scammed and the pills I took weren't actually Modafinil.