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  1. I only came across this info recently so I thought I'd share since many here are in their child bearing years.
  2. I don't blame you for not watching it all, it's long. And I don't blame you for brushing it off as baseless. Every "let's critique Leo" video I've ever tried to watch has been exactly that. This one hit me differently. But I'm a nobody.
  3. Hey Leo, I don't know if you watched the whole video or not but my take was that the guy was really just trying to offer constructive criticism on your communication method. Specifically, the order in which you talk about talk about things. I'm in no way saying he's right, I simply don't feel advanced enough to have the right to an opinion. But I thought while watching that just like with you and Curt, a conversation between you and this guy Tyler would be an enjoyable experience for me and the average viewer.
  4. I agree. I had the same experience as the OP. Very valuable conversation!
  5. Again just to be clear, this is not me in the video. I did notice he misrepresented your claims on that particular issue but I still felt like he had some valuable input. Although half of your discussion with curt was over my head and half of this guy's commentary on y'alls discussion is over my head, so I'm not the best judge, which I why I posted it here, for the people who do understand. Curt posted this in the stories/comments (or whatever their called) of his channel is how I found it.
  6. I've heard of Bashar through the Aaron Abke and Brian Scott YouTube channels but I'm not that familiar with his/its teachings. I am fairly familiar with the LL Research channelings though, Ra, Q'uo, and the Law of One. I've found a lot of value in their teachings.
  7. I got the J&J in March. Felt a little crummy for about 24hrs. The weirdest side effect I had was insomnia for about 2wks after the shot. My mom had this same side effect from the J&J though. My wife got the Moderna in January (nurse) and she felt bad for a day after each shot but didn't have the insomnia. My step dad took the J&J on the same day as me and had zero side effects. Alternatively, my neighbor who is a type 1 diabetic and in his 60's had a bad reaction, had to go to the hospital, and his Dr told him not to risk taking the 2nd dose.
  8. No, it's not me in the video. Didn't mean to imply that.
  9. I thought some of you might enjoy this commentary on the TOE Leo and Curt interview. I did.
  10. Are you familiar with the Law of One? Or any of the channelings from LL Research for that matter? If so, do you have any opinions on how that ties into your framework? If not, it sounds like something you might be interested in.
  11. I'm glad this thread lead you to explore it! No, I definitely like the Aaron Abke material on it better personally, but that doesn't mean you'd be the same. Try them both lol. I don't know how I've made it this in life for without hearing about this material before now!
  12. I listened to Leo's summary on the book list. It sounds like it might have been recorded a few years ago before he started to give as much credence to the paranormal as he does now. Still enjoyed it though. Working my way through the Gaia playlist now. It's blowing my mind how many huge questions this ties together into one cohesive narrative!
  13. Thank you all for the replies! I didn't realize there's a Law of One summary on the book list, I haven't browsed that in a while, definitely going to listen to Leo's take! Also this Gaia awakens playlist looks rad!
  14. So I've just discovered The Law of One because a friend of mine turned me on to Aaron Abke. The actual text is extremely hard for me to understand but Aaron's videos on it basically explain everything about everything and it aligns so perfectly with Leo's teachings and frankly just "rings true" to me. Anyone else into it? Good resources? Has Leo ever commented on it specifically?
  15. The show Yellowstone is heavily stage red. One might normally associate cowboys with stage blue, and there are a lot of blue elements in the show as well, but in many ways its akin to a mob movie/show where violence is always the answer, power is all that matters, trample anyone who gets in your way by any means necessary, etc.