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  1. Travel to many diverse and interesting countries/cultures.
  2. This won't be a popular suggestion on this forum but you can research success stories about curing IBS using the carnivore diet.
  3. This is coming from a guy with very little knowledge of your culture so forgive me if some of these suggestions are not possible, dangerous, idiotic, etc, based on your surroundings. Stop participating in religious activities. Focus more on developing yourself and your future and less on the good of the collective. Become as scientifically literate as possible. Focus on financial gain rather than gain in an imaginary afterlife. Try to get a girlfriend and/or make friends who are moving into stage orange. Actively try to be mindful when blue values are popping up in your mind/actions and question their source and legitimacy. Possibly move to an area with more orange like your capital city perhaps or even a richer country. Lastly, don't get yourself killed trying to push the boundaries too hard.
  4. I find it to be a massive benefit at times in my life and a distraction at others. The key is to be in tune with why you're using it and make sure it's having the desired effects, not just decide it's "good" and now use it every day mindlessly, or "bad" and disavow it altogether.
  5. Dont know if this has been mentioned already but cooking your food in a cast iron Skillet will transfer some iron into your food and therefore into your body.
  6. Non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg
  7. They're original purpose was to lend money. If you're really curious about it I recommend a book called the ascent of money by Niall Ferguson.
  8. I've been doing intermittent fasting aka time restricted feeding for about 3-4yrs now with a 16/8 window. My fasted blood glucose is now usually in the 60's. Only problem is I don't know what it was before I stared the "diet". I do it for health purposes but also just because it saves time cooking, eating, and cleaning. Also I find that eating breakfast makes me groggy in the morning which is not exactly ideal, so my first meal isn't until around 1pm.
  9. I can personally testify to this. I'm sure it has everything to do with the foods I removed and not the ones I'm eating, but I've basically eaten 5 foods for the past 6wks; beef, eggs, chicken, almond butter, and coconut oil, and it's drastically reduced my insomnia, acne, joint pain, gas/bloating, and also anxiety but to a lesser degree than the others. I'm slowly starting to work other foods in now. I started with green beans and they flared the insomnia up again big time so they're back out. I've been incorporating some pumpkin seeds recently and seem to be doing fine with them.
  10. This seems like the kind of thing that would have already been posted here but I searched and didn't find it. This is a Zen master who has some affiliation with Ken WIlber discussing Jordan Peterson, the Shadow, and spiral dymanics with Rebel Wisdom. If it's already been posted before a Mod or Leo can delete this. I just thought it was fitting material for this section.
  11. All the insights we had and agreements we made still ring true/wise, but I'd be lying if I said we were able to follow through with every one of them 100% of the time, especially around parenting. It's not easy to erase or override years of conditioning, it takes constant effort. Things are still drastically improved between us though, and like I said we didn't even have any obvious relationship problems to work on going into the experience. We just feel more in love, more open, more trusting, more forgiving, etc. We were on some kind of love-high for the first week or so following. That's faded now but some of the good habits we started during it seem to have stuck. Considering it was a single experience I'm very impressed. I have more and we will be doing it again in the future! Maybe once every 2-3 months as long as I can stay stocked up
  12. I made this thread a few weeks ago about mine and my wife's first experience with it. To be clear, it was her first experience with it altogether and my first in about 18yrs, but I took it maybe 6-8 times before this when I was in highschool.
  13. Sorry I just now saw this. We never had any ill effects beyond what you'd get from a very VERY poor night's sleep. Just a kind of weak, groggy feeling for 2 days or so afterward.
  14. Cubensis is the most common type of mushroom and is what I'd recommend you get. 4-aco-dmt is not a mushroom but rather a synthetic white powder. "Users report that the subjective effects of 4-AcO-DMT are extremely similar to those of psilocybin mushrooms. Like psilocybin, 4-AcO-DMT is theorized to act as a prodrug to psilocin, which may account for this similarity." This is my experience with it as well. It's very similar to, although not exactly like mushrooms.
  15. I don't have any answers but I can relate to the experience. I went to an Aubrey Marcus Love Retreat last spring and several of the exercises involved prolonged, unbroken eye contact with other participants of the opposite sex and I had some pretty strange feelings from it. Like overwhelming empathy and love for no discernable reason. My wife was there with me too and had a similar experience from it.