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  1. Thanks for sharing. The meathead in me loves Jocko and Rogan. I have to fight pretty hard to maintain a balance between influences like them and lets say.....softer influences.
  2. This sounds a lot like the advice given in nonviolent communication by Marshall Rosenberg. Have you read that by chance?
  3. You want something like this. I wear earplugs and then put these on top of them. search "ear muff" instead of "headphones"
  4. I got 13% blue, 13% orange, 6% green, 33% yellow and 33% turquoise. Unfortunately this isn't an honest assessment because I'm already aware of spiral dynamics and know to some degree what answers will land me a higher score. I WANT to think these are my honest answers, but would they be if I hadn't watched Leo's videos and read Spiral Dynamics? Probably not. Then again, I guess it's possible that this material has changed the core "me" to some degree. After all, one of the criteria for stage yellow is recognizing the other stages.
  5. I'm a Peterson fan generally speaking and I liked that, she makes a lot of very valid points. I'd never heard of her before. Thanks for posting!
  6. None. This wasn't the case for a while and I'm embarrassed of how far I've regressed.
  7. I watched this full episode the other day. I actually thought about posting it here because a lot of the topics Firas hits are common themes on this forum but didn't think anyone would actually watch it. Firas was doing a pretty good job of trying to argue Rogan out of strict rationality but my only concern is that he's doing it with a more of a religious motive than a truth motive. If you watch some other videos with him like the one I post below he presents a lot of these same arguments but with a lot more justifying of his religion mixed into them.
  8. I got to visit Germany last summer for the first time. It was my first time to Europe at all actually. We stayed in Goch and then Baiersbronn before also visiting Switzerland, Italy, and Amsterdam. What I saw of Germany seemed pretty cool, although expensive. Hiking in the Black Forest was nice.
  9. Yeah that's the second draw for me aside from the people there. All the outdoor activities. And yeah I was eyeing suburbs of Denver and/or Colorado Springs areas. I spent a summer in Colorado springs once and loved it. We camped for a week up there during May and it reminded me how great it is. I've never spent a winter there though so 6 months of snow might change my mind about how awesome it is, I don't know.
  10. Yeah that would be ideal. I just have no desire to live in a huge city. I could possibly move to a small town outside of a city like that though. Yeah if I moved to a stereotypical progressive area like Seattle or San Francisco or something I'm sure you're right, I'd get annoyed with it all in a hurry. I remember you saying you lived in Ft Worth for a while. I'm about an hour north of there on the OK border. I moved here from a much smaller town in OK which is where my whole family is from. This town is better than where I grew up, no doubt about that, but it's still not ideal. Austin is actually second after CO on my list of possibilities. It would be much easier from an employment and cost of living standpoint, it just doesn't have the mountains. Where you at? The town I grew up in is pretty bad too. Population 300 in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma.
  11. I understand the progression of the stages but I'm not aware of any yellow dominant areas in the US. If you are, fill me in! I think as far as pinning a label on an entire state, some blend of orange/green is about as good as I'm going to find in the US. Your last line is good advice but easier said than done, and if I didn't have a kid that's probably exactly what I'd convince myself was the best course of action. There are a lot of valuable things I could learn by living elsewhere too though, especially considering I've lived in a blue dominant area my entire 36yrs on this planet. " racism, homophobia, small mindedness, and religious fanaticism." -- this is exactly what I'd like to keep my daughter from having to grow up around. It's starting already with the constant Jesus talk from her friends and cousins and she's only 6. You're right that most people here are "nice". People in Colorado are nice too though. Even nicer on the whole IMO. Also I think I see how they came to think the way they do already though because I was basically one of them until I was about 30. I wasn't different like you growing up, I was just a part of the herd. Thank you for chiming in Emerald, you always give such good advice on here! *This post sounds as if I'm just arguing for what I want to hear but that's not the case. I don't actually want to move. Moving to a place where you don't know anyone is scary and it will pretty much devastate my savings. I'm just trying to see it more objectively I guess by using you guy's eyes too.
  12. I'll keep it short. I live in TX, my entire immediate and extended family and basically everyone I come into contact with in daily life (aside from my wife) leans heavily toward blue. I don't want being surrounded by, shall we say, "less sophisticated" people to hold back my potential upward progress and I don't want them influencing my young daughter with their nonsense any more than they already have. I've considered moving to Colorado in the past for several reasons, one of which is that the people there tend to skew more toward green and I feel they'll be a better influence on myself and my daughter. The things keeping me from pulling the trigger are A) money. It's a lot more expensive to live in CO than it is in TX. Also my job is somewhat geographically dependent and it will be difficult for me to start over in a new area. and B) moving to a place where I have no family support structure- i.e. no baby sitters, no family cookouts, no Sunday afternoons swimming at my parents house, taking my daughter away from her cousins and grandparents who she loves very much, etc. Or, I can stay here and act as a speck of orange/green/yellow in the hopes of pulling others upward, but I've found this effort to be less than fruitful so far. What would you sages do given my simplistic description? Are any of you in similar situations and debating a move? Or have you already made a similar move from a blue dominant area to a more orange/green area?
  13. Inner engineering is not a step by step guide but it DOES provide a lot of useful info if you plan to give Yoga an honest effort. You can find guided tutorials like this online if it helps any, although I assume you're already well aware of this
  14. I recently read Sadhguru's book's Inner Engineering and Midnight With the Mystic and enjoyed them both. He motivated me to take Yoga more seriously.
  15. Born in July and breastfed until I was 6 months or so and have bad pollen allergies. I've never found anything that helps besides managing the symptoms with antihistamines, cough syrup, etc, which I hate taking. Last year it got so bad that I got a sinus infection which turned into an ear infection which eventually ruptured my eardrum. Not fun.