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  1. Leo mentioned using an EEG meditation device in his latest video which compelled me to research them. It seems like Muse is the most popular one. Does anyone know if this is what Leo is using or have any personal experience with a device like this? Thoughts?
  2. That one appears to be about a model of pre-conventional, conventional, post-conventional, and transcendent morality. What I was looking for is more of a model of a person's view of reality or metaphysics that goes pre-rational (fundamentalist religious person), rational (atheist/scientist), and Trans-rational (Leo and 100 other teachers we all follow). I appreciate you replying though! I'll just let her listen to the excerpt on it from the "what is God" video.
  3. I know he addressed it a little in the recent "what is God" episode but I know he's discussed it in more detail in a past, or multiple, past episodes. Does anyone remember what one of those episodes might be? I was trying to explain it to my wife - the pre-rational and rational parts are easy, the transrational is less straight forward to explain. Thanks!
  4. I think he's achieved some level of enlightenment even if he won't claim it. I'd much prefer that over so many I see who ARE claiming "enlightenment" and don't appear to be. I believe he talked about enlightenment being a process, and that he's further along in that process than he was before he went to India, but that he's nowhere near the end of it.
  5. Yeah I listened to Megan Phelps Roper on both Joe Rogan and Sam Harris's shows. Her situation is a little different in that she was literally born into it though.
  6. I've never read any of it, I just know she's very popular amongst Libertarians.
  7. Since we're on the topic of cults right now I thought I'd mention this podcast series I listened to recently about one woman's indoctrination into, participation in, and escape from the cult NXIVM (Nexium). This is the cult that Allison Mack (actress from Smallville) was/is in and is now being prosecuted for sex trafficking and forced labor. It fits very nicely with Leo's latest video. I really enjoyed it. Maybe you will too. Original NYT article that broke the whole thing open Actual podcast link. Its season 1. You can also obviously get it anywhere you normally listen to podcasts, Itunes, Stitcher, etc.
  8. I tried it but could only stick to it strictly for about a month. It's not an easy diet to follow. Well, in some sense it's extremely easy, in another it's very difficult. I did see great benefit from it in the short term though. Can't speak to its long-term effects obviously though.
  9. I would say not this specific instance, but I can definitely think of other similar instances in which that did happen like stopping drinking every day & quitting benzos. I can also see points in my life where picking up good habits and being disciplined with them snowballed into even more good habits.
  10. I dipped Copenhagen for like 20yrs. I quit by chewing gum. Not even nicotine gum, just regular. Every time I felt I wanted a dip I put a piece of gum in my mouth. Simple as that. After a while I didn't need the gum as much until eventually I didn't need it at all.
  11. Do you follow Aubrey Marcus at all? He has a lot of good content revolving around open relationships because he's in one. He even released an "open relationship Field Manual" a while back. I tried to upload it for you here but the file size is too large. You can get it here though. The podcasts between him and his fiance are worthwhile too IMO.
  12. IMHO the way to get the most out of any psychedelic in a spiritual sense is to take it in nature. It's easier to realize your unity with everything when you're surrounded by trees, grass, dirt, wind, water, birds, squirrels, etc than if you're holed up in a cramped apartment.
  13. Tinder, bumble, etc...?
  14. Travel to many diverse and interesting countries/cultures.
  15. This won't be a popular suggestion on this forum but you can research success stories about curing IBS using the carnivore diet.