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  1. All our lives we've been told animal fats are dangerous and should be avoided. I'm curious as to if this is really true. People on the internet say so many different things and you can kind of get lost in the science. I think disease and illness stem from processed food and things that you can't find naturally. Many indigenous and primal cultures live on whole foods and nutrient-dense food that have animal fat. My dad from Ghana said he grew up eating wild game, fish, root vegetables, fruit, and tallow from the animals. He never got fat or had any health problems growing up. But I will say he has been modernized with a western diet now lol. From my own experience, I feel my best when eating a lot of animal fat along with carbs and protein all from whole and real foods. Anyways I'm just curious to see what real people think and not youtube gurus.
  2. @PurpleTree Yeah I eat them everyday
  3. Thanks for responding @Michael569 ! I went vegan for about a year and a half and got a vitamin b12 deficiency. I added animal products back into my diet and got my b12 way up to 2000. I don't eat breakfast but when I do eat between 12 and 8p.m. I make sure I eat enough. I find it easier to start my day without breakfast and since I'm so exhausted in the morning. For my first meal, I'll have ground beef, eggs, bone broth, beef heart or liver, and butter and for my second meal I'll have either lamb or ground beef, avocado, garlic, onion, sauerkraut, and kefir. Foods that I avoid are all grains, dairy (except butter and kefir that I make), legumes, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and basically all carbs. Food that I eat are red meat (lamb and beef), organs avocado, eggs, butter, tallow, lard, ghee, bacon, kefir, sauerkraut, cucumbers, garlic, and onion. i'd love to know what changes you suggest I should make to my diet. I have no been checked for hypercholesterolaemia. I do eat a lot of red meat though. My LDL was 157, my HDL was 90, and my non-HDL was 169. The panel did not include ApoB. My blood sugar/glucose was 82. My TSH was 0.67. And my total testosterone was 433 which surprised me because that's pretty low. As for traumatic experiences of course I have trauma and wounds but nothing crazy like sexual abuse or molestation. I grew up in a stable home with a big family and I would play with my friends and brothers outside. My environment is pretty calm and as for toxic as in chemicals I have no idea but I do my best to have natural beauty products and cleaning products as well and organic food and distilled water. It could definitely be a biological issue, I make it a goal to get outside for atleast an hour everyday whether that be walking, riding a bike, or playing basketball. I think i've been in a dark night of the soul for the last 3 years but I'm sick of using that as an excuse as to why I feel like dogshit.. I went from playing sports at a really high level, having close friends,and being positive to losing myself completel . With my fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, etc it's hard to create a purpose or vision. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks for listening.
  4. I have been struggling with bad fatigue, depression, anxiety, Suicidal thoughts unmotivation, headaches, low libido & irritability. I'm 19 and all these symptoms have all showed up in about the last 3 years and keep getting worse. I have no medical history, live a healthy lifestyle (sleep, exercise, etc) & I eat a clean keto/carnivore diet (which has helped tremendously). I have gone to naturopathic doctors and western doctors but they haven't really worked. I got bloodwork done and the doctor said it looked good for whatever that's worth (even though my cholesterol was high LOL). I'd be grateful if anyone has some advice or wisdom from going through something like this. I know I'll figure it all out in the end but I just got to keep moving forwards. Thank you!