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  1. Hey there, I have always struggled with keeping money in the bank or keeping the income consistent. I work really hard, give my best output but things have not changes in the past 2 years. I feel I have a mental block that is causing this. Any tips/mental models to work through/journaling advice - anything at all on how to work on this would be very helpful!
  2. I am from India, so the amount is completely diff in perspective but I do know it is way underpriced. Eventually I will save enough to purchase it.
  3. @Butters this was very insightful thanks
  4. A request: My eyes are set on buying the life purpose course. Listening to Leo since one year, my life has changed completely. From the dirt I've come to the surface and want to soar above. The course albeit it's extreme value is something I cannot yet afford for some more months. Just giving it a shot. If an EMI is possible.
  5. @Vibroverse The only true answer
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone 😊
  7. @Kuba Powiertowski that's a really nice way to put it
  8. I am unable to wrap my head around it completely. All answers feel incomplete.
  9. @strangelooper but what for? is "doing" something a must? - to imagine (do) boredom and create us?
  10. Why would God create something out of boredom. What is boredom to God? Or is it all about just letting go of trying to understand why we are here?
  11. @Inliytened1 but a doubt i keep facing is why would god be "bored'??? isn't that a human low consciousness feature?
  12. @Mileyofpink seems like you are simply here to kill time and be mean
  13. @CoolDreamThanks i am aware of the meaninglessness but I am not depressed. if you cannot entertain anything other than your own opinion, you are more lost than anyone.
  14. @CoolDreamThanks just lost a person open to understand you.
  15. @CoolDreamThanks I am open to listening. Not debating. In the end, it is all meaningless... doesn't matter who is right