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  1. Interested. I have one of these also
  2. Valid point. here is an interesting article https://www.spiritpharmacist.com/blog/is-mdma-neurotoxic
  3. Anyone find during the "reactivation" times, epiphanies occur at a very rapid rate. Dynamics I have been contemplating for years all of sudden I am making connections on what they mean.
  4. 2nd this *except Lsa, I have no personal experience
  5. May I ask your reasons for using a facilitator? I personally only use one if i'm seeking "psyche challenging dosages".
  6. * AM journeys with a empty stomach * Am journeys so I can stare at nature during the come down. * having my hands & feet touching bare skin. I feel as one & a safe container. * setting an intention before journey * mediation beforehand * 7.83 or 528 mhz during but on very low. * morning of journey all is focused on only the journey...nothing else * comfortable clothes * eye mask & ear plugs in case of distractions. * videotaping the journey *blurting out words to aid in memory recall later * ROA/ vape pen * mid range dosages. 10-15mg
  7. been debunked.....mdma is not neurotoxic. also heard it from huberman
  8. 80mg of Synthetic 5-meo-dmt in one day. Isnt there a case to be wary of serotonin syndrome?
  9. Lions mane can increase neurogenesis https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24266378/
  10. @max duewel or......you purge on AYA from the biological process that happens when a massive amount of serotonin thats released form the 1 or #2 source of your serotonin receptors. the intestinal tract/stomach. "Things that make you go HHHMMMMMM" "Conventional functions of 5-HT in the gut involving intrinsic reflexes include stimulation of propulsive and segmentation motility patterns, epithelial secretion, and vasodilation. Activation of extrinsic vagal and spinal afferent fibers results in slowed gastric emptying, pancreatic secretion, satiation, pain and discomfort, as well as nausea and VOMITING."
  11. Agreed!
  12. You stated you did 4 journeys. Am I correct to assume you did 20 mgs of 5meo in TOTAL??