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  1. I just rewatch an old movie ๐Ÿฟ and it was so funny. I only remember something from 2007 but this movie, is 2003. My parents used to watch it before. (In 2007 my parent watch it too but this one, is older) I don't remember it anymore. Just so little. *I'm rewatching old movies and dramas.
  2. I want to buy a drone and a camera now.
  3. Wouldn't it be embarrassing though? I would go to my favorite retail store. It would be easier if I was in a different state. There are a lot more retail store everywhere (that I'm used to) and I could use public transport. (I couldn't here)
  4. I feel like I wanna work any work (like a retail) and buy the things that I wanted. And then can start traveling and making videos. ....
  5. But I just wasn't able to do that anymore, back then. Especially when they switch to everything computer than hand drawn in my third year. I find that hard.
  6. I couldn't drive. Barely able to drive. Need to practice again. Even though I have a driver's license.
  7. This thing? I wouldn't need it then~ because I don't call anyone anyway. I'm living with my fam so it's not like I had to call them.
  8. I am dependent on my father. I don't want a child so I won't be having a husband anytime soon.
  9. @Schizophonia I'm not an average person in a third world country.
  10. Am I really bad? For not having work? Can I get work easily? I never applied and never tried. I don't know how to start. I don't wanna leave my state.
  11. My morning 6:23AM
  12. Im lacking Maslow's hierarchy of needs. How do I get there without anyone with me? I've started to felt or be comfortable being me. But it's not my greatest life. Sometimes I wish there's just people to bring me out *everywhere* to the park or traveling together in the local area. I'm tired of just not being able to go anywhere. I also wanna go to the gym. Right now, I only depended on my parents. And they only bring me to grocery shopping. Nothing more. That's only it. And they are not travelling. I'm still young. But have to live like an old people's lifestyle. I want to travel and explore. Going out a lot. But couldn't. How can I change this? I'm even physically not well because my movements are limited/restricted. So my bodies hurt whenever I woke up. I want to be active and athletic. But nobody to bring me to this lifestyle. All my siblings are not with me. Those who can drive and not. What can I do? โค๏ธ I'm not reproducing any child. While my sister had when she was young. Now I even loss with my mom as she got married when she's 27. I don't have a good movement/mobility so this needs aren't met. ๐Ÿ”ฅOrange , I'm not employed. I don't have my own place/house. Just staying with my parents. But if they died this house will be ours. It is just ours. So unless I went to a different country I don't see why I should find another place. We could stay together for long. ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’› Love and belonging. This is what I'm lacking since I was young. I'm lacking at this one. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’š I think I had esteem since I was young. Though. I have always been good at taking videos and pictures since I was young and I'm doing what I love. With people /relatives who are far from me (but we meet once a year). That's only it. But I had a happy childhood. That's what I remember. With my camera. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’ฆSelf actualization I think I failed at this one because degree are too hard for me. And I don't have external support to teache me extra when I need help in my studies. I don't know . But I was just not doing well. Towards the end. On my third year. So I stop. Instead of looking for help or taking extra outside classes. (It had to be paid and I don't think my mom wants it back then). And I've lost tons of footage that could be the greatest thing in my film making journey because of my broken tools. Camera and SD cards. And my hard disk are broken /bad. Except one. A really old one by Toshiba. It was the only thing that never had any problems. So I love Toshiba. A Japanese brand. I had two other brands that could barely even be used. I can't remember exactly the brand but I've lost a lot. WD passport and the other I can't remember. So idk. It's such a pity. Really. So here's my Maslow's going. How do you think I could improve in this?
  13. I can't wait to work in my own country. I have stayed in this state for 18years and have graduated from high school for 9years but never work and never make money. The ones I did is just a group project in university (it's like a trial. Not serious but I did make some money selling something. As a group) so it wasn't truly me. And as a kid, I got a lot of money during Eid. That's the only money that I got. I never work. How can I work now? I have a few ideas but I don't know. I want to work with people. Under somebody. Not on my own. But I don't know how. I remember a friend during my foundation studies, she says something about making their own money, instead of relying on your parents. And she bought her first shoes with her first money that she got on her own. By working a rando job. Not depending on her parents. Now she had become successful? Idk. But she had graduated . I feel like she is doing well. Mature well. And grow up. While I didn't. That's what I think.. and even back then, she had already being able to make her own online transaction. While I couldn't. I always depended on my mom. And my mom bought me everything. To my phone bills. A handbag from China. Everything is done by/through my mom. When I was young. I wasn't independent . It was only recently that I made my own online transaction. At 27.
  14. Part II Wow. Just seeing my life passing. This is so... it reminds me of much. I wish I took more and never stop (but the apps that I'm using no longer produce such setting. Four pictures in one vid. I changed the music. Background music.
  15. Idk since I am stuck in inaction now I really feel like I wanna take a loan.