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  1. @Lucasxp64 TikTok logged out my account and I forgot the password. This happened just now 🙁 I did put my Gmail account there and my phone number (now I've changed it) but it says that it didn't have it. Because I create a new account with that email. So that email haven't been used for my previous TikTok account that I forgot it's password. Idk. Because since last year, I don't have any other Gmail account. That is my one and only. I just miss my private videos on TikTok. Memories. I didn't set that account to private but I hv a lot of videos that are private in it. I tried to search for that account since tonight but it didn't appear. When other times it appears just fine. Even my comments from that account on other videos couldn't be found. I try to search my comments that received many likes. Because I want to click on my profile, but couldn't find it. It all went missing .. I thought I write everything since last year behind a book but I didn't. I think my life is over . It's tiring. That account would be 1 year + Do you think my account was hacked? It can no longer be found. And my comment across the platform can no longer be traced.
  2. My family stole my things including my diaries. I'd rather not call them "my fam" ... Cuz it wasn't my parents . (But who knows ? It could be them (too) ). It was my siblings. My older sister and my younger brother. My first eldest sister and my youngest brother aren't home during that time. They live away from home. So it wasn't them. A sister whom I went to university together with and my youngest bro whom im closest to. So what should I do? It could be my dad. My mom , or them.
  3. She didn't take care of the house. She let thieves in when I'm not at the house. Or maybe the thieves are already in.
  4. You know when I have no one supporting me on my back? When my father had betrayed me. I had to do it by myself. Not even my mother. She didn't do anything when I told her that my things are missing. Instead she's trying to blame it to myself. I don't even know if it was her. Doing it.
  5. These are like my previous diary , same brand. But the others, are no longer available. Are no longer being made. 2012 etc. : /
  6. I just bought a new diaries , like this one , Recently, but I have nothing much left to write. So I only wrote a little. I have a lot of digital diaries, since 2014. In my phone, but I also write sometimes. So there's a book for it still. Right now, even one of my phone was stolen , so the diaries in that time frame are gone. My broken phones are still with me so I could still read my old diaries there. Though one of my phone I had forgotten the password. I had forgotten a lot of password after a month they put me in the hospital.
  7. No. I just see a transgender man and a transgender woman.
  8. It's gay. If you listen to their voice it wasn't quite like a woman. A trans woman can have a male voice with testosterone but a trans man couldn't have a female's voice.
  9. I bought something from Temu for the first time. Ever. I wish to buy something that is until $275 things that I don't need but just to try out something from Temu , but I spent only a little.
  10. Childhood movie .
  11. The recent meteor in Portugal reminds me of this movie : A movie that I watch when I was young. (2000)
  12. Chancellor ft Taeyeon - Angel.
  13. I can buy a new one but I am at an age where I no longer writes. That's why my previous writings are precious. Because it is my work all those years. I can no longer write when I'm old. It's not something that I do. I stop at 2018. I guess.
  14. It still remains a mystery.
  15. All of these songs reminds me of a timeframe.
  16. I'm thinking if it's time I leave everything behind. And with what I've known and learned ..
  17. I may have lost my track. I may have lost everything. But these songs aren't lost. It reminds of back then. Of each timeline. Reminding me of an era. Released on June 2014 : October 2020 : These are what I'm listening to back then.
  18. My other "recent" diary looks like this : I bought it with my first sister when we went to a museum with her friends one day. I write a lot in it because it has no lines. So you could imagine a free flow writing in it. Compact. I think I use it until 2018. I may have bought it in 2015 OR 2016. Idk.
  19. I've always write in my diaries , that this is the eighteen year old me writing to my older self. Sixteen years old, seventeen years old, etc. .... This is so sad, that I can't read her words.
  20. Before I look for these books, I looked up online to see if there's anything like it left, even just a picture . Like an embossed flowery notebook, or something pretty, like mine. But couldn't find it. It was meant to last for my next generations when I have it. I know it will no longer be sold in the future. I wanna keep my diaries until when I'm old. This is what I found in my searching just now, before I went to my sister's room : It's similar... But not quite like it. It's not the same production same brand. Similar quality. And my writings....