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  1. That's a beautiful perspective Hojo. Do you think that infinite understanding means infinite empathy? From a certain perspective, being is the highest level of understanding, and empathy is a low-resolution simulaton of being the other. So if GOD has infinite empathy, he has an infinite resolution simulation of the being that experienced the suffering. Can you have a complete understanding without the accompanying experience? @HojoCan you explain what you mean by soul imagination land? That's a cool idea.
  2. I recently had a very deep insight into the mind of GOD that I wanted to share. In spiritual circles we speak often about GOD being equivalent to infinite Love, Forgiveness, Understanding, Intelligence. But we often forget that there is a perfect balance of these "positive" absolute attributes with an infinity of negative relative attributes. That is to say, thinking exclusively from the absolute perspective denies the reality of all relative attributes such as suffering. The desire to live in endless bliss from the perspective of God denies the reality of the relative side of God's creation and undermines the validity of the relative domain. Almost like an escape. What I have come to intuit is that GOD's infinite intelligence is a pre-condition, but perhaps not his wisdom - because wisdom is context-bound. So where did his infinite wisdom come from? We learn through suffering - perhaps so does GOD. However unlike us, GOD through the infinity of his mental simulations (eg, your life right now) has experienced all possible happenings, including all sufferings. - every possible physical torture, - every possible break-up - every possible injustice, from being a gazelle eaten alive by lions, to being burned at the stake - the deepest levels of emotional torment - feeling the most excruciating powerlessness in the state of insanity - the pains of infinite self-delusion - and since GOD is infinitely solitary, infinite loneliness He has infinite wisdom because he has suffered every pain, and learned every lesson from every possible perspective, an infinite number of times, for eternity. And while this suffering is unending and eternal, he experiences them all instantaneously and absolutely. GOD endures infinite suffering just to see you smile - and GOD allows you to suffer because, so much as it hurts him equally, he knows that it's required for his creation to become strong and capable. This is why GOD's love is fatherly; it's structured and forgiving, but he allows us to make mistakes. GOD's infinite wisdom was earned through incalculable torment - and learning this I cried and cried. Because just like the strong father suffers and weathers the storm of his responsibilities for his children's happiness, so does GOD for us, infinitely, eternally ... and in his infinite Love, he understands our selfishness and doesn't even require our gratitude. Amazing. I'm keen to hear your thoughts on this perspective!
  3. I have learned a lot through all these responses. It really reminds me that while there is an ABSOLUTE tier of understanding, discounting the tiers of abstraction beneath the absolute is shooting yourself in the foot. There is truth at all levels of abstraction & self-development. When you are at a low state of consciousness, your petty ego delusions are true (for you) and discounting them in favour of an absolute perspective doesn't solve these troubles -- it's just a distraction. Acknowledging self-delusion as a measure of self contradiction snuffs out the will to distract oneself in this way. Eg. Seeing all perspectives as false, or true, or neither, is an attempt to speak from the absolute perspective while imposing relative values upon it. It's really a mind-game.
  4. This is gold - this is going in my notebook. Much love.
  5. Does this hint that a self-contradictory perspective is self contradictory because it isn't ONE, but many perspectives all fighting for dominance? Eg. one's perspective on their physical attractiveness may come into conflict with their experience with (perspective on) women. In this case it's not a perspective but many that as a whole are self contradictory. Then following, the only self consistent perspective is one that is all-encompassing, because it is in conflict with no other perspectives. And this would be.... pure actuality?
  6. What is falsehood if everything is absolute in its relativity? Falsehood is a function of language and without it just exists perspectives in pure "isness". I suppose that's true - not all perspectives are equal or equivalent. But they can only have an objective value attribution if they're measured against some ABSOLUTE standard. Thereby all perspectives are equally correct, no? Delusion being false belief is a nice definition, I like that. Perhaps all belief is delusion.
  7. I think appeals to logical shorthand isn't the right approach on these topics. Leo is genuinely JESUS 2.0 but the 10 dimensional version.
  8. Thinking about delusion and relativity, as well as perspectives, a question popped into my mind... How is delusion possible if all perspectives are equal? If: delusion is the situation where one's model of things does not line up with the actuality of things, and the actuality of things is perspectival and ultimately relative then delusion must be impossible. Given this how can we work towards truth at all? In this scenario even falsehood is true because it is and that's the only requirement for a perspective to be valid. Hmm.
  9. Wow thanks all for all the thoughtful responses! Really there is no such thing as perfection here, the best we can do is be conscious of what our body is telling us ... while avoiding the obvious poisons.
  10. I just finished watching @Leo Gura's video on heavy metal detoxing - thank you for saving so many people Leo. It really scared me to learn that I have almost every symptom, and to a crippling degree, of heavy-metal toxicity. I've been really cleaning up my diet for the past year; I stopped drinking cow's milk for fear that the cow's hormones were being passed into the liquid I stopped eating all non-fish meats for fear that their drugs and hormones were in the flesh I drink only fresh spring water, but I'm concerned that the plastic bottles they're sold in fill the water with microplastics I'm afraid of eating vegetables and fruits because even the organic options are either GMO or taste like pesticide I've essentially just been eating wild Alaskan pollock and spinach; my reasoning being that if anything, wild fish wouldn't be pumped full of toxins and hormones. Now learning that sea food should be avoided due to their heavy metal content, I feel backed into a corner. What CAN we eat? What isn't poison? I know there is certainly a spectrum of toxicity; eg a cheesecake is probably a lot worse for our bodies than a GMO apple, but when we're trying to be our best, surely there is a completely healthy plan for avoiding all toxins. Very keen to hear new opinions on this! Thanks