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  1. Once when I was in high school i overdosed on tramadol and vomited like 6 times on the day. Opioids have 0 interests.
  2. LSD is too alien and "dirty" to work on, anything too dopaminergic (LSD, other lysergamides, Weed, MDMA) will get me too high. There are also more pronounced side effects (tight jaw, feeling of having peed yourself, sometimes feeling of having sniffed steel due to vasoconstriction... 5-MeO-DMT is disgusting, not only is there a strong body load (especially nausea) but it is absolutely anxiety-provoking in high doses. It is good only for experiencing infinity. 5-MeO-MIPT looks somehow a bit like LSD, but more cold and brutal. 4 HO MET is almost perfect.
  3. You can say the same thing with everything. There are heavy metals and microplastics everywhere, and yet the situation is still manageable.
  4. Look at Ray Peat works, most of his work concerns the problem of serotonin. Fenclonine is used as a powerful way of reverse SSRI's induced sexual dysfunction and other issues.
  5. I can directly be "kind", it depends on the context
  6. I want to be kind but also effective and I don't want to do damagogy, I want to systematically get to the bottom of the problem, to "the cause of the causes of the causes" as Hypocrates said, and that always takes us to a place that is embarrassing for the ego (at its borders).
  7. There is no activity in itself that relates to a particular stage of consciousness. It's just insecurity, and possibly self-destructive tendencies.
  9. God imagines a 3d place where an avatar avoid some x things (pain) and gets closer to y other (pleasure). If you get closer to x, the avatar does a little comedy (yelling, getting agitated, etc.) God creates avatars here and there who can avoid comedy while feeling pain for whatever reason ("spiritual practices") Most avatars will play this little comedy. Meditation and other dissociative practices (even if it's still in duality) which allow the avatar to no longer act the part also prevent it from feeling pleasure. Most meditation practitioners actually lean more towards some form of depression. Most leaders of "eastern spirituality" are not very happy and ecstatic. (Not very politically correct).
  10. It's Christmas before time.
  11. Ahah. The more you talk about this story the more it exists, it's a dead end, you see ? It's a bit like the "dont think to a monkey" story. Btw, not only you have not wrote that your family was not happy for you and was hindering you in one way or another, but in fact you have wrote some strange things (ex : "I respect the way they live their life, but...") which tend to show that you are trying to intentionally put them in an enemy position. You seems play to the game of "the girl who is sabotaging herself because of the guilt to be privilegied in comparison to her parents and her dumb low consciousness origin place blahblahblahblahblah" or a persona more or less like that. There isn't really any relevant advice to give you, because the tacit goal here is to feed this character, your "legend". In fact, you are a Brazilian hottie expatriated in the United States and you do not seem to have any serious survival problems, family problems, etc. However you have a strong ego (it's not good or bad, it's a personality type), and you find yourself having a YouTube channel where you expose, somewhat hypomanically, your various loops of the mind and now it's your family guilt game. In any case, you are a character who likes intrigue , but perhaps meditation could help you detach yourself from this kind of story, tell yourself "well, ultimately there's no point wasting energy in there, it doesn't change anything...". Mea culpa if it could be more clear, I'm tired today.
  12. The more the metabolism is efficient, the more the breathing will be intense.
  13. You just will have hypoxia.
  14. I watched a bit the end. Actually Hamza is pretty right, and Chris seems resonate almost like someone who have a PPD. Like, he overestimates his abilities to manipulate a person and by extension underestimates a woman's abilities to see him "holistically". Except no, if you date/are in a relationship with a women "who is always in full makeup to hide that she is ugly" you probably already know that she does that...because she is ugly. If you are with her, it is because this is established and does not pose much of a problem. People are not devoid of neo-cortex lol. Afterwards obviously, it requires a certain degree of daily effort, but it's like anything and everything. If I spend my time masturbating and shooting heroin, there's no reason why I'd end up anywhere other than under a bridge.
  15. Hamza is the most insecure guy i've never seen on YouTube.
  16. I meant, you have assumed that "fix most of the main problems on the modern world would be actually easy" and explain your pov with some basic assumptions.
  17. Thank you, it's interesting. I've never did an ego death because I can't still stand 5 MeO, I did a big dosage one year ago (30/40mg, something like that) and it was horrible (just like him : Weed looks like LSD a bit.
  18. No offense but it looks like a fuzzy point of view who come from your imagination.
  19. That's your favorite one ? By THC you mean raw THC or cannabis ?
  20. Acetylcholine agonists, including all racetams and tobacco, turns me a bit "numb" and autistic, I hate that.
  21. No, it's not easy. For exemple the environmental causes : How to reduce the fossil energy without impacting people's life by knowing that alternatives are way more expensive, and by extension that we are in an inflation period where a big part if not most of people have actually already difficulties to feed themselves ? Please enlighten me.
  22. I know he did books about Salvia too, have you read them ? I have some x15 in my closet.
  23. We are a film, the ultimate and non-contingency truth.